Friday, February 24, 2012

Where have I been?

Watching this:

I have watched ALL seasons of Friday Night Lights in the past few weeks on instant Netflix.  I am currently on the last season.  Uh huh... i have not been doing anything else.  It's SO GOOD.. HOW DID I WAIT SO LONG? I love Texas.

This Sunday are the Academy Awards!  I would give my predictions on here, but there is money involved and i don't wanna loose the Oscar Pool!  haha.

Happy Oscar Weekend!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Hi Friends, this past Sat. night one of my very favorite ladies got herself engaged!  I don't want to break the news, but i am guessing those of you who read this..

 a.)  Already know


 b.) don't know her.

So.. I am telling my blog and posting photos!!

Her fiancĂ© Steve called me up last week asking me to get the girls together on Sat. night.  He was planning on proposing at her house then he would make up an excuse to stop at his house before their "dinner reservations".... and we would all be there!  Doubly Whammy Surprise!!

It worked out great!  Our friend Nick got over to Steve's early and he let all the guest in, Hayley and Steve arrived and the celebration began!

Congrats Steve and Hayley, love you guys!!

Jess brought the cake- it says Congrats Katz! - Steve's last name.

waiting for the love birds to arrive.



I handed off the camera to give hugs


The Happy Couple

this is a horrible picture of me, and I can't believe i'm posting it on the interweb


They really couldn't have found a better match for each other.  

YAY Weddings!!!  xoxo

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Book club

One of my favorite ladies lives here with me in the chi town. She's working over at the blue man group..(Monica.. Remember you saw her!!). Her and her blue man group friends decided to start a book club! And I got an invite!.... The book? Mindy Kaling's book!!! Remember... I got it for Xmas?!?!  The friend?  Alison!

So yeah I went! It was great, because you know .. I have lots of opinions about things- but especially this book.

**********Spoiler alert

Did you know Mindy Kaling and her friend wrote the Broadway hit Matt and Ben?!? It was a show off Broadway, kind of a spoof response to Matt Damon and Ben Affleck being struggling actors then writing a movie and winning an Oscar!

Awesome. I was in college when that show became famous and I remember thinking ... Damn them! What a great idea!!! Then ole Mindy shows up on the office as head writer and executive producer and I find this out in her book?!? It's cool. I'm real glad for her! Haha. But really the book was great and hilarious and what a fun discussion for a Tuesday night. And I know... Book club.... Nerd alert!!! And I felt that for a bit.. Then a few glasses of wine in. Book club was great!

Ps: did I mention Alison hosted and she is the best hostess/cook/house decorator/ ever! If she were my wife, i'd maker her cook for me every night

Pps. I ate almost all of the shrimp she made! Thank goodness she loves me

Photos to follow

Alison on the right, and her co worker- and in that little blue bowl- the best fried shrimp ever!
The book
These were my pinterest eggs i made for the Super Bowl party- they were a hit!  (out of order again)
the spread
 Sangria.. YUM   

Saturday, February 4, 2012

This Saturday

Today, I loved living in Chicago. Andrew and I went to brunch, drank mimosas then got on the bus and headed downtown.

Since September, Andrew has had weekends off, and it's been really awesome but we tend to sleep in late and sit around all day and do nothing. Which, don't get me wrong... IS awesome.

But, I thought its time we start doing something with our weekend days! So.. Today we did. We went to the Museum of Contemporary art! It was pretty empty in there but it was really great to be downtown and see a little art. After we left  we wandered into a few shops (i mean.. we WERE downtown)...we got back on the bus.... where I sat next to a real smelly homeless lady (not awesome). Then got off and stopped at the grocery store and bought fixings for dinner and then walked home....

So... Dinner... a few days ago I pinned on pinterest stuffed peppers...and I was going to make them last week when I had the girls over for girls night... (yay top chef!!! My guy is still in!!) - more on that in another post. ....

Got off track there... Stuffed peppers! I decided I needed to give them a practice round on my husband so we decided to make them tonight!  We used this recipe  from All - but used ground turkey and brown rice.

It was a real good Saturday ! The peppers are in the oven as I type and Andrew did most of the work so.... I can't really say I made them. Ha! I watched diligently with my glass of wine. That's something right?!?

Here are some photos of my day via my cell phone and my ole favorite instagram.  And of course they are out of order again because i am blogging from my phone.  dang!

Cut, washed and ready to go
When andrew took over....
My new game changer rice cooker *(thanks Margo and Heather)  and the meat.....
pre-cooked stuffed peppers - then we threw them in the oven!
at the MCA
At the MCA, they were setting up for a real fancy party..i asked one of the caterers.."how does one get invited to a party like this?" - He had no idea. .. the set up was amazing.
More Art
At brunch- all set for V-Day
Coffee, Mimosa, Bloody Mary... the essential breakfast.

So that's my day.. Hope your was good too!  I am sure the peppers will be good.. but they are STILL in the oven... ooops.. didn't realize they need to be in there an hour.  dang.

And tomorrow going to a friend's house for a super bowl party!  GO GIANTS!   Andrew's parents and sister and aunts and cousins are all at the game.  It's gonna be a good one.  And i am making deviled eggs that look like footballs!  Thanks Pinterest!...   i'll make sure to post them tomorrow.

Happy Weekend!
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