Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Long weekend!

I had a real good long weekend and I hope you did too! Friday night we went to honkey tonk happy hour to view the band my dear friend Hayley is having at her wedding, then had a nice birthday dinner for her.

Then slept a lot in the cool AC. It was 90 degrees out this weekend!
We went to a BBQ and out to brunch but the only day I have pictures of is Monday.

Andrew's family came out to spend the day with us in the big city! (from the suburbs). It was a really great day that ended with starting Season 2 of The Killing!!! Have you watched this? It's on AMC after Mad Men. We just started season 2 so no spoilers! But season one is on the instant Netflix if you are interested. It's about...... A killing. Hehe.
But seriously. Pretty good summer watching!

Photo dump from my weekend on my iPhone

Tyler on the other end of my see-saw
Me and the sister in laws.
Andrew- Mid flip at the jungle gym!
Sweet face Tyler
Andrew prepping.
Chai- hiding from random fireworks - under the bed.
Neighborhood little park
Mason hanging.. LOOK AT THAT FACE.
This is a HORCHATA Milk Shake and the other is a NUTELLA Milk Shake.. uh huh.. Best thing i ever tasted.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Back to the Future

Tom Wilson, BIFF from Back to the Future gets asked a lot of questions. So he wrote a card that he can give out that answers them all.

smart, and helpful. ;)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Friday


The sun is shining and my work week is coming to a close.. That deserves a HAPPY FRIDAY post!  I walked to work today, so i have a 2 mile walk home.  Gotta get in my cardio some how, because  the gym has become annoying lately......   ;)

I want to share this hilarious video with you to help you start off you weekend right! 

Click on this for a good laugh:  It's Will Ferrell on Jimmy Fallon last night.

- I tried to post the actual video but i couldn't figure it out, so you gotta click to enjoy the hi-larious-ness.

I love Will Ferrell, and he's on SNL this weekend.  I have a real exciting weekend going on ya'll.  Hope yours is extra fun!

In other news, one of my nearest and dearest is in labor RIGHT NOW!!!  Her water broke this morning and her contractions are in full effect.  Can't wait to hear the news!  It's her second baby and her second BOY!  EEEPP... congrats Jess!!! We love you!!

This is her yesterday, just texting me an updated belly pic, with her adorable son Jackson! Little did she know, TODAY WOULD BE THE DAY!! (she's 2/3 weeks early).


Friday, May 4, 2012


So shocked over here.
RIP MCA.  So much talent gone way to soon.

Music has really lost a pioneer today.  My childhood would not be the same without these guys.

Rest In Peace.

***UPDATE:  A friend of mine from high school posted this as her status update on Facebook.  I couldn't have said it better myself:

"My teenaged heart is broken and my adult heart is weakened and feeble. Adam Yauch, aka MCA, was an artistic inspiration. The epitome of cool, the embodiment of musical excellence. I find myself welling up I tears for a man I have never met, but have had such a profound impact on my being that I feel like we have always been besties. Rock that mic in the skies above and keep droppin the celestial science."
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