Thursday, September 29, 2011

ET Phone Home

So since Andrew got a new job, we have been able to spend the weekends together.!! This is a new thing in the Chobot household- he used to work retail, meaning- EVERY weekend and EVERY holiday.  I am happy to tell you Andrew and I are spending Christmas together for the first time in..umm.... 11 years?  We booked our ticket to Dallas for Christmas and i'm super excited for him to be spending the holidays with the Thomas' in Texas!

I got a little off track there, let's get back to the subject of this post.... ET PHONE HOME...

So, the other Saturday, (cause he has the weekends off, see how i got off track?)
Andrew woke up made me coffee, and breakfast (lots and lots of bacon), and we layed around all day watching....

You guessed it: ET!! Of course like all the other kids in my generation- we all saw this movie when it came out.  And we were all mesmorized.  Now i really dont think i have seen it since.

Watching ET as an adult was-...   well..  still mesmorizing, and heartbreaking!
I mean.. (SPOILER ALERT).... why did ET have to die?!?!?  How sad was it when Eliot was crying over him... (as i am sobbing on my couch).. THEN!!  He comes back to life!!  OMG, the suspense.  This movie broke my 30 something (ahem) year old heart.  I hope the kids these days watch ET and can know what a magical story it is.  Oh man, cute little baby heartbreaking Drew Barrymore.  And when they are riding their bikes running away from the cops trying to get ET back to his ship- and them they start to FLY through the air..... and the music get's faster and louder and more intense....  phew.!

Take a look at this trailer below..
And, if you happen to run across it on the tv, cuddle up and give it a go!
The kid inside you will thank you.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Blog

So i have been trying to decide what this blog is about. Most of the blogs i follow have a special focus.... fashion, mommy blogging, recipies.. I love all those things, but i'm not that fashionable and i don't have kids (but i LOVE reading about yours!!)  and let's face it, i'm not that adventurous in the kitchen.

So i was talking to a friend last night about my blog  and she said ooooh!  I could totally picture your blog being about reviewing movies!!  I was like... well... yeah, i love movies and giving my 2 cents, but i don't really want to only write about that.  Right?

Then i thought... you know what, this is my blog and i can write about whatever the heck i wanna!  I know for sure that like 4/5 of my friends read it, besides that- I'm sure it's random folk that just might happen to run across my blog when they google... let's say.. TV  hahaha.

Today, i would like to talk about GLEE!  Yep.. GLEE!  Are you surprised?
I have no words for last night's performance from Darrin Criss.  I mean good lord this guy is a star.  Please see for yourself.. i mean.. if you want and if you like musicals... and if you like tv shows about musicals singing a musical.   My mind has been blown.
Until next time, when i blog about ......  my dog? My weekend?  My arm hurting?  My new boots that are a little too big?  ok... awesome. thanks for reading.
now, please enjoy the music:

**side note...this video below might not work - click here if you would like ..or if below link fails- click on the link that says "watch on you tube"

Monday, September 26, 2011

Million Dollar Quartet

I have seen a lot of musicals in my day. But this one.... this one was so amazing! I represent an actor who works at Million Dollar Quartet as an usher, and i was able to get 2 free tickets to see it.  Andrew and i rushed to get there friday after work, and pulled up right on time.  She saved two extra seats for us FRONT ROW CENTER. Oh my goodness. it was awesome. 

Back story, a few summers ago (time flies!!!) Andrew and i flew to Nashville, TN and rented a car and drove to Graceland then to Memphis where we visited Sun Records.  (amongst other things).  We have been dying to see this show since our trip to Tennessee,  but it's pretty pricey- so i jumped at these awesome free tickets!

Sun Records is where Million Dollar Quartet came to life.  On Dec. 4 1956- The recordings were of an impromptu jam session between Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, and Johnny Cash.
If you like any of those guys, i highly suggest this show if and when it comes to a theatre near you. 
Here are some pics i took of our trip to Sun Studios:

Sun Studios, in Memphis
sample of a Sun Record

A pic i took of the picture hanging in the studio of the infamous night.

These actors i saw were brilliant- the guy that played Jerry Lee Lewis played that piano like he WAS Jerry Lee Lewis.  The guy that played Elvis.. looked JUST LIKE HIM.  creepy. Elvis was in the building. 


Ps.  I am real happy it's fall here in Chi-town.  I bought a Groupon for a Haunted House, and my friends and i are planning our 2nd annual trip to go apple picking in the Apple Orchards. 
You know what you can get an apple orchard besides apples?  PUMPKIN DONUTS.


Friday, September 16, 2011

The Emmy's

Happy Friday!
I love award shows.. did you know?  It's true i do.  know what i love just as much as award shows?  TV!!  (read: last 2/3 posts.. haha, sorry!)

So... This is Sunday is the Emmy's with host Jane Lynch, how great will she be!?!? When i worked at Ford Models, her niece was my intern- this was before Glee... and now said intern is working on the set of Glee with her uber famous aunt Jane Lynch.  love her.

So with the academy awards I am normally very good at predicting the winners- but for some reason not so much with the Emmy's.  Turns out, i don't watch a lot of the dramas!

Here are my predictions for the Emmy's this Sunday:

Here goes...... (with the main ones), i should prob get back to work eventually.. haha (shh)

Best Series, Drama
Boardwalk Empire -     Will WIN
Dexter -                         best show on tv.. should win
Friday Night Lights-     never seen, heard it's great.
Mad Men -                    love, won last year... don't think it will again.
Game of Thrones  -      never seen, heard it's amazing and a must see
The Good Wife. -           never seen, no desire to see.

Best Series, Comedy
The Big Bang Theory -  Never seen, dont care

30 Rock-                         Love this show, of course!  Dont think it'll win

Glee-                                My favorite show!!   Should and MIGHT win

The Office-                     Won't win.. but i can't wait to see who's replacing Michael Scott!

Modern Family-              Will WIN!!

Parks and Recreation-   Andrew and I just watch all seasons this summer, love this show

Best Actor, Drama
Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire-    Will WIN
Michael C. Hall, Dexter-                        Should WIN
Hugh Laurie, House-                            Never Seen House, one day i will. 
Jon Hamm, Mad Men-                           Love Jon Hamm, i just feel like Mad Man season was       so long ago!  would not be mad if he won though.. love.
Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights-    Don't watch
Timothy Olyphant, Justified-                Never heard of this show or that man.

Best Actress, Drama
Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights-     Never Seen
Elizabeth Moss, Mad Men-                      Winner- only because, it's the only show I watch, and she's good.
Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order-           Never Seen
Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife-       Never Seen... might win?
Mireille Enos, The Killing-                       Never Seen
Kathy Bates, Harry's Law-                      Never seen, love her though!

Best Actor, Comedy
Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock-                           Love, might win
Jim Parsons, The Big Bang Theory-       Won last year, i don't watch this show.. so who knows
Steve Carell, The Office-                          I am gonna get this wrong, but i am gonna say WINNER, because it was his last season.... no one is more awesomley uncomfortable to watch then Steve
Louis CK, Louie-                                      Don't watch this, but i do love this guy
Johnny Galecki, The Big Bang Theory-   i don't like this guy
Matt LeBlanc, Episodes-                          Horray for Joey!  I want to watch this show...

Best Actress, Comdey
Tina Fey, 30 Rock-                            Love her
Laura Linney, The Big C-                 Lover her a whole bunch. Might Win
Amy Poehler, Parks and Rec-          Love her.- so great in this role
Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie-                 Lover her too... Winner?
Martha Plimpton, Raising Hope-     oh man, love her too- don't watch this show and i am kicking myself, gonna catch up when it's on netflix or something.
Melissa McCarthy, Mike & Molly-   Dont watch.

Skipping best supporting actor & actresses in a drama.. cause i don't watch enough of them

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy Seriers
Eric Stonestreet, Modern Family-             He won last year.. deserved
Chris Colfer, Glee-                                     He won the year before, deserved. Didn't do much this past season though...  he's amazing
Jon Cyer, Two and Half Men-                     Don't watch
Ty Burrell, Modern Family-                       Love this guy- hope he wins
Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Modern Family-     Just as awesome
Ed O'Niell, Modern Family-                       I'm gonna call him the Winner, don't think he's won yet for this show.

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy Series
Jane Lynch, Glee                               Won last year, and hosting.. dont know if she'll win again
Kristen Wiig, SNL                             Love that she is nominated, the best thing about SNL- i wish she would win.. deserves it. 
Sofia Vergara, Modern Family-      Winner.  amazing
Jane Krakowski, 30 Rock-               love her, wont' win
Julie Bowen, Modern Family-         good, but Sofia is better
Betty White, Hot in Cleveland-       She is SO FUNNY on this show.

That's all i'll do.. it's lunch time!   Thanks for playing, i'll see if my predictions are correct.  I'll either be drinking wine at a friends house, or alone in my house with popcorn.. (and prob. wine too, who am i kidding).

Happy Emmy Weekend!!  xoxo

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


FALL TV HAS BEGUN.. i am gonna watch this tonight: "Up All Night"

or at least DVR it, cause i have girls night.  Horray for Will Arnet, Christina Applegate and Mya Rudolph.  Put those three on a tv show... you know i am watching.

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bloggers Block/ TV!

**warning**  the lamest post ever - i've had bloggers block....

Yeah, sorry i have been MIA.. turns out when you get back from a tropical mexico vacation, you are REALLY TIRED (and get writers  bloggers block)- ahem..  I have been trying to get to bed early and just trying to relax.

 I finished books one and two of the Hunger Games Series... just started book three....
You guys should really give it a go, if you are looking for a fun read that gives you crazy dreams.

Besides that, i have been watching lots and lots of tv.  oh and PINNING things on Pinterest.. I am obsessed people.

Wanna know what i have been watching? (told you.. lamest...)

1.  True Blood-  good lord did ya'll see this season.. first of all-- best season so far, and the best season finale ever! That is all i will say to avoid any spoiler alerts....... SO GOOD.  - well a few years ago Dexter had a real good one.. but this trumped it!

2.  Entourage-  I have been watching this show since the beginning- i love it so.. i have to say i do not think they wrapped up the entire series very well at all.  I didn't go for it.. way too cheesy...I sure do hope they make a movie out of this so i can get my closure. Series finale did not do it for me.

3.  The House Wives of Beverly Hills-  it's true i am sorry. I can't get enough.  if it's any consolation- it's the only one I watch!

4.  Sons of Anarchy- it's back on!  Hip Hip hooray. i love this show so much

5.  Breaking Bad-  oh lord is it good. i have waited so long for this show to come back.  Andrew and i watched all seasons a few summers ago.  (every sumer we try to watch a whole series of something new)

6.  which brings me to #6- we are working on The Wire in between all this real time TV.  - thank goodness for DVR.

7.  Bachelor Pad.  shhhh.. don't tell -- it's over too now.. (andrew is very happy about that).

8.  Project Runway- i love it so.

- i think this is it for now. Parenthood started tonight, and i still haven't watched it yet.. i am waiting for Andrew to get home, its ONE of the shows he actually watches with me.

I am really looking forward for all  fall tv to start.. good things those summer shows are over! i don't know how i would fit in more shows.  But i am a pro and tv is my job. I am REAL good at my job... (ahem).

Also on Sunday is the Emmy's!  Perhaps i'll do an Emmy post.  Look at me... getting' rid of my bloggers block... already getting ideas for new blogs...  Phew!  I feel better.

Here's a hilarious picture that Holly and I took in Mexico on my Photo Booth.. The picture didn't work that well, but we laughed... and laughed.... and laughed...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am back from Mexico- and it was so amazing.  I got home on Monday night at 11pm, and i haven't stopped since. Work has been so busy!  I posted some samples of our photos up on facebook. I wanted to do a whole post dedicated to our Mexico trip.  Hopefully i can get to it this weekend.  It was really a wonderful trip, I had such a lovely time.

We took some photos from one of the hotel photographers on the beach- and  one of the lovely bridesmaids Lindsay paid for it, as apart of her wedding present to Holly.  So sweet.  Here is a sample.

Of course if we are facebook friends, which we prob. are cause i know all of you... haha, (hi friends!) - then you saw these on facebook.

Oh man, i wish i were back there right now!! 

PS.  If you notice my bathing suit... i have it on my pinterest  and i have been trying to find it everywhere!  I finally find it.. 80% off at Macy's, and i love it.  Here is what it looks like on my pinterest page.

It's fall here, and i am secretly real glad about it. 

Chat Soon!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Week

Hi, Remember when i said my week was gonna be slow?  It was anything but! We were so busy this week at work, they were packing in everything  before this holiday!  Thanks for all the internet suggestions, but i have barely even had time to read your blogs!

My friend Adair suggested I read all of Dan Savages columns at
She loves Dan Savage, and i love her, so i need to finally check him out !  Looks like i'll have time today...

So have you guys been tracking this little rumbling in the Gulf of Mexico?  Guess where i am going tomorrow at 5:40am?? MEXICO!  (Holly's bachelorette party has approached!) Please say a little weather prayer that we all make it there and back safe and sound.  I am coming from Chicago, and my other friends are flying from Dallas- my biggest fear is having one of our flights canceled, or delayed and I'll be stuck in Mexico ALONE!!  -- THINK GOOD THOUGHTS.. .THINK GOOD THOUGHTS...
I wanna get to Mexico to see my bff and drink margaritas!  Look at this veil i got her...

Sorry for the bluriness- but yes, those are penis' on the vail.  You gotta do that for a bachelorette party right?  Don't tell holly. haha.

So yesterday was Andrew's last day of work at his old job- that he had been at for 6 1/2 years!  Me and one of his co-workers threw him a surprise and had people show up at a bar to toast him!  It was great, he was very surprised- i told him i was going to a girl's night.  hehe.  His friend got him a cake:

Awesome, Sad Mac cake.  I'm so eager to hear how is first day of work is going!  He's not texting me back!
We are having a little date night tonight before my trip. I am making him lasagna!  (his favorite)- his birthday is on Sunday, so i thought i'd make something real nice.

Hope you all had a great week, can't wait to report back next week with my beautiful, SUNNY, awesome, Mexico pictures!  (THINK GOOD THOUGHTS)

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