Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Photo Session

In Dallas, my sister bought a Groupon at JC Penny- So we decided to jump in on the action to use some of the pictures for our Christmas Cards.  I hope by now those of you that will be receiving our cards have gotten them already.. I love a good surprise!

Here are some extra good ones worthy of blog posting.
JC Penny = not to shabby!


Taken with my extra horrible camera phone... Santa? I need a new phone for xmas!

Happy Holidays everyone! 

Monday, December 9, 2013

I think you might get your looks from your mom?

Over Thanksgiving my parents brought out a big box of my baby photos....  When Layne was born lots of people said she looked like Andrew, but lately it's been like looking in a mirror!

See for yourself....

I mean......

And a few more of me..  

Chillin at White Rock Lake


this one- not so much... i had a CRAZY shaped head! 

Then one of Layne and Simone (my niece) - but really, my sister and I. ;)

Love you Layner Bee! 

Thanksgiving in Dallas 2013

The Chobot's went to Dallas for Thanksgiving this year!  It's quite time we started to switch up the holidays with our families- so since Layne was in Dallas last Christmas we made the switch.
This is my first time being home for Thanksgiving since HIGH SCHOOL!  That being said- it will also be the first Christmas I don't go to Dallas for the first time EVER!  Sniff, sniff... Momma is growing up...

So here is a photo dump from Dallas. Of course I didn't take nearly enough pictures and my phone broke half way through the trip so I am back on a iphone 4 with a pretty bad camera.  Enough excuses on my lack of blogging- here we go!

Thanksgiving Day:

Waiting for the food!

Aunt Holly came over to visit on her birthday

It was Julian's Birthday too and he just loved "baby"

Apples to Apples - back in play!

Cousin Play date

Then we went to Klyde Warren Park on a beautiful Friday Afternoon and ate our hearts out at all the food trucks.  I had the most amazing fish and chips EVER from a food truck.

Matching leggins and toms :)

Fun, with Aunt Holly

Then we crashed a birthday party that Cortney invited us too, our friend Kelly & Jack's 3 year old son.  Of course I didn't get ANY pictures of actual adults at the park- just layne...  Sorry!  Love you gals!!

Note to self: don't wear tights to the park. 
 Holly's birthday dinner!  I got sick with a cold that night- so I wasn't too much fun and didn't last long. Sorry Holly! Dinner was great though-  We went to H&G Supply Company (stands for Hunters and Gatherers)  Good, fresh organic food.

Dinner! Then we went to the Truck yard, a cool awesome bar.
Then Andrew and I went to good ole White Rock Lake on our last day there to check out the sunset.  Always so pretty.

Thank you Dallas it was great, and I am already missing your weather and the live in babysitters we had in Nana and Papa.  

Sunday, November 3, 2013

First official Halloween!

Last halloween I was in the throws of newborn baby land, and I didn't leave the house much AT ALL. So this halloween, I wanted to play and even the rain wasn't going to stop me!  
Andrew's mom, bought Layne a halloween costume last year after Halloween when it was like 75% off. Score!  So this little lady bug has been hanging in her room for a year, WAITING for this day. 

My friend Amanda  told me about a meetup on the app about a street that closes and hands out great candy and she suggested we should go.

(The group is called CHEERS for Mom's!)  I highly suggest it as a new mom in Chicago. 

Here was the description of the meet up.

Last year fellow Cheers member, Melissa, let our group know about the amazingly fun trick or treating that her street, N. Fremont St., does for Halloween and my family and I decided to partake in the fun with some fellow Cheers friends and their families. We were oh so delighted with the fun and festive time we had and are determined to make it a family holiday tradition. We'd love to repeat the experience by having some Cheers mamas (dads/SO's are welcome to come too!) join us this year too! 
N. Fremont Street is closed to traffic on Halloween from Willow St. to Armitage Ave. (yay!). Melissa's neighbors get really creative with their decorations, and the kids love it. Last year, people came from all over to trick or treat and show off their costumes. The best thing is its family friendly and you don't have to knock on any doors...everyone sits out on the street ready to give out treats to the little ones (and big kids too!). We'll meet up at my house (which is at the corner of Willow and bissell) first then we'll leave promptly at 4:45p and walk the block to Fremont together, we'll go up the east side of the street first, then will cross and go down the west of the street, making sure to stop by to say Hi to Melissa and her cute kiddos before we go down the rest of street!  
I would love for us to stick together as a group as much as possible, and so thus why I have set a cap for this event, if this event fills up fast, feel free to duplicate the event and get another group of friends to meet up and go with you.

So we went!  And another mama friend of mine from my Mom's group (Heidi and her sweet baby Sophie)  didn't have plans so they came too!  We braved the rainy/ fall night and headed over (to a strangers house) ha!  
We got there and had a mini play date while we waited for everyone to arrive. Here is Layne on the car ride there.  I couldn't help myself, poor girl looked TOO CUTE!  (poor girl, because she couldn't really see with the hood on.) 

And here she is at the play date:

And us :)

I tried to match her little outfit :)

Here are Amanda and Cruz: Day of the dead and a baby skeleton...

And Heidi and Sophie - Baby Owl and a Flapper! 

Here is Layne and I by the awesomely decorated fence:

Andrew had to work a little late so he met us there after he got off.  I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of him with Layne.  

By that time, mama had a glass of wine in her hand and a full bag of candy!  That's right, this street gave the adults wine while they trick or treated!  (we unfortunately found the "wine" house at the end) but it was good! 

Here is my loot ! I mean.. Layne's Loot.....  but let's get serious, she will get none of it and doesn't know what it is. But she did put her cute little hand in bowls and pick out her own candy at a few of the houses.   

this is minus all of the kit kats. I took those out immediately and put them in the fridge.  Kit Kats cold is the way to go! 

I got this little gem while getting Layne ready for a bath...  Behind the scenes if you will:

Lookit that little booty!  

Happy Halloween folks!  Having this much candy around the house is not a good thing, but it was a great time and such a fun memory. 


12 Months!

  12 Months!!

Welp friends, we made it!  My baby turned one!  I am only a few weeks late writing this monthly update, but better late than never. 

Here are some of the things we did this month - from my iphone pictures. 

We had LOTS and lots of play dates:

Mom's Group Gals, Park date

Mom's Group- at the Zoo! 

Layne and Cruz

Olivia, Cruz & Layne

Cruz & Layne at Costco. 

We went Apple Picking! Every year my friends and I go apple picking, and we wanted to make sure we continued that tradition even with things being drastically different after loosing our friend.  So this year we went with her kids and her mom & step father.  
The girls had a great time as did Layne in her first pumpkin patch! 

Selfie on the mini kids train.. uh huh.. i stuffed myself in there ;)

Grace, Layne & Nyla and Papa Steve driving the truck

Layne & Dada

The pumpkin patch picture that i just HAD to get 

With Grace & Nyla and Layne's eye's closed. 

Love this shot. 

Hung around the house and just stood and climbed all over everything.  She's still not walking yet, but we are almost there.  

Pretend - walking Chai


Scooting around on the Y Bike


Layne and i have matching tights and i am jealous of her coat and shoes. 

Climbing and shooting me teenage looks. (Like Cortney mentioned on instagram) ha!

After the birthday party we headed back to our house and opened so many generous gifts.  


Girls Gone wild

And probably the best video ever.. Layne saying HOLA.... over and over and over.  I love it so ...

Mama had a Moms Night Out with my mom's group.  What started with BYOB sushi, ended with dancing at a bar till 1am.  Mom's needed a night out !! 

Beginning of the night.....

The end of the night.. ha! 

At 12 months Layne is:  
So happy and sweet. 

Becoming more and more rambunctious 

At play dates - steals toys from other babies and cries when i make her give them back.. we are learning.  ;)

Will bring me books at all time from all over the house for me to read to her. And I'll say to her, go get mama another book- and she will crawl right over and bring me books.  Doesn't seem too exciting, but she understands what's going on, and that is nuts! 

Standing alone, and cruising all over the house, and walking with the Y bike, but hasn't taken a step yet.  I am in NO hurry for this.  Can i get one of those back packs with a leash when she starts walking? Or are those frowned upon? ;)

Still nursing with no signs of stopping. 

Sleeps about 13 hours through the night total, with random wake ups every now and then.  On a good night she goes to bed at 7:30pm.. wakes up anywhere between 4-5am, then back down after nursing and up for the day between 8:30- 9:30am.  Thank you Layne, for being a good sleeper.  THANK YOU!  I'll take it for as long as I can get it. Because imagine once you can stand up and walk out of your own bed, Mama won't be as lucky.   Update:  after writing this post she woke up every 2-3 hours that night.  (Teething... Who knows) 
Now I finally know... Never gloat about her being a good sleeper, because when I do... I always jinx it.  

She is Chatty Cathy- just talks and talks and talks.. She knows who mama and Dada and Chai Chai are. Says so many words. 

Thanks for playing in the 12 month updates! I will still try to update often even though my monthly photo sessions are finished.  

I made a photo collage from Walgreens of the 12 month photos and it turned out great.  TEAR!!

The difference between 1, 2 and 3 is Crazy! My little peanut grew up so fast!

Next up toddler years.... right?  No lie, I googled...."my baby is one, now what?"  ha!  There are so many rules and books and apps and things for the baby's 1st year, but after that... what do you do?  

So far so good. Fingers crossed this mama just figures it out.  With help from all my momma friends and family before me, I know I'll figure it out.  Thank god I have such an awesome little girl to continue on this journey with me.  We love you Layne ! Happy 12 months!  


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