Thursday, March 31, 2011

Winter Blues

Guess what?  It's still cold here.  It might snow tomorrow.  i'm wearing my winter coat, uggs, hat, gloves still.... I am reading all these blogs and can't fathom other people in other states wearing tshirts and shorts and flip flops, cute summer dresses, being OUTSIDE, havin fun, frolickin' in the sun.... SIGH....
when i look at the weekly weather on my phone:
I get this: 
(i know my phone needs chargin')
You guys see those snowflakes tomorrow....and the rain.......(boooo-hooo) but at least the sun is shining and there's gotta be an end to all of this madness i call winter..... 50 degrees on Saturday?!?!?!  I'm wearin' my bathin suit!!!  JK!! wouldn't want to do that to anyone....

On a brighter note- Andrew is comin home today and we are going on a dinner date! Me and the dogs missed that guy.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Song of the Day

It's been a while since i have LOVED a new song.  This is Paul Simon's new song, and i do in fact love it.  Paul Simon is one of my all time favorites, so of course i would.
But i hope you enjoy it.  He is going on tour, and i wish, and dream of being rich enough to go see him in concert.  I have entered a coupla contests to win tickets to no avail.  I'll keep ya posted if i win!  I'll be real happy. Anywho, hope you are lovin' this song as much as my inner hippie does.

Band: Paul Simon
Song: The Afterlife

Im ready for my girls night tonight!  it's at my house, cause my husband is outta town- PART-EEE !! (jk babe, if you are actually reading this).  (he still hasn't read it). haha
But i'm real excited, i am making an asian stir-fry with pot stickers and edamame for an app.  with LOTS of WINE!!  And we are watching the finale of Top Chef all stars- GO RICHARD!
side note: if Richard doesn't win this, i am banning top chef forever.
Ok, i kid, i kid, that would be too hard. BUT i will be real sad for him.....

adios mi amigos!

Monday, March 28, 2011

We have a guest!

Hi friends,  my husband is out of town and i have a new man takin' his place....  Meet Buddy!  My friends Colie and Grant drove to Florida for their family vacation and i am watching this little guy.  I love him, he is super cuddly and so sweet.  Not to mention it makes my Chai a little more cuddly- she gets real jealous....

Buddy Simon

Chai, meet Buddy your new roomy!

Below is my attempt at a Photo Shoot:

Chai, obviously learned her poses from her mother.

Buddy's good side

I lost em'
 I am having lots of fun with these two, they are really keepin' me company.  Andrew went to California today for work. He's on Apple's main campus in Cupertino California learning smart apple things...... he's havin' fun in the sun......... while i..... well, while i cuddle with these two.  He's been gone a day and i am ready for him to come back to me, safe and sound (with a water bottle with the apple logo on it for me).... Im easy people.  Altho i am lookin' forward to a night alone on a queen size bed...and i'm watchin' Sex and the City!  I'm gonna go make some popcorn.

Adios! xo

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mixin' it up

Hey Ya'll look at me!  I redesigned my blog!  I wish there were more options.... JK- there are SO MANY.  It's very hard to decide how i want my blog to look.....jeez, decisions, decisions.
I think i might just have to change it up every now and then.  That's how i roll- changin' things up from time to time.  Keeps me busy!

We are not having our weekly girls night this week, so i am going to test myself to see if I can go to yoga every night this week (with no drinking)  So far so good- two nights down!  Not that i am huge lush, but i do enjoy a glass of wine with dinner every now and then....

This past weekend we celebrated my friend Val's birthday- all my girl friends (that live in Chicago) from my Girls Trip- were able to come.  We went to Val's house, drank wine and beer and ordered in Asian food, and played games!  It was real fun.  My friend Colie made a Cheese Cake from scratch- OMG when i get the recipe i will share it... (if she let's me.. HI COLIE!!!)
From left to right:  Colie, Jess, ME and Hayley snuggled up on the couch- MID catch phrase game. :)

let's call this one FACE!!!  Left to Right:  ME, Mary, Colie, and Val- the birthday girl.  

 Sorry for the blurriness on the last picture- lets assume this is towards the end of the night and we were a couple in...  Nights like this make me feel so happy and lucky that I have such amazing friends.  lots of love !

Monday, March 21, 2011

Song of the day

Dang, i love XRT
They play songs like this one.  I remember where I was when Jeff Buckley died.  i was with Kathleen Barron Sutter  (Hi Kathleen if you are reading!??)  - We were at Cafe Brazil in Deep Ellum when we heard the news- or maybe we heard the news and went there to drink coffee and be sad.  Such dramatic little teens we were.  Anywho.. this song just played on the radio and took me back to those days. Oh how i love it so... 

Band:  Jeff Buckley
Song: Last Goodbye

Happy Monday! 

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Happy Saturday!  I went running today for the first time since.... probably....mmmm... a long ass time.  I love running outside, but dontcha know its been winter here forever!!  Today was one of the first saturdays it's been bareable  (49 degrees) and like i have mentioned before 5k season is here!  My first 5k is April 23, i gotta sign up- and start practicing.
So today i went for it.!  I did good, i ran a whole mile without stopping.. then my dang ear phones kept falling outta my ears.  I swear i have mis-shapen earlobes.  I need the ones that really stick in there, none if this resting in the ear business.. needless to say there was a lot of running and stopping to put those little suckers back in there.
So i kept running, then ran into the bank then to walgreens, then to gas station to get a drink.. all in all (walking and stopping) i went about 3.89 miles! Yippie!
I got a fancy new app (for free!) that helped me in the process and tracked my run.. it's call iMapMyRUN
and it had over a 1000 reviews. hey, can't go wrong with that.   im a sucker for reviews.

on Thursday it was St. Patricks day, and it was close to 70 degrees!  So after work i took Chai to the dog park.

Here is a pic of me at the dog park and my GREEN shades so no strangers would pinch me!

and here is Chai Runnin' home.   She's a runner too!!

She was pooped after that run/ walk/ jog/ dog park play...

Horray for Spring! Even Chicago is now feeling it.

Oh, and check out the moon tonight.. it's supposed to be the biggest full moon in years. "SUPER MOON"

read about it here

Here is a great image from that link....
So look up at the moon tonight!!
xoxo jtc

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Paddy's Day Song

with love from a true Irish lass

Band: Sinead O'Connor
Song:  Emperor's New Clothes

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This and That

hi friends, not much happenin' on my front... wake up go to work, go to yoga, go home, walk chai, eat dinner, watch tv, go to sleep and do it all again.   Good news is- tomorrow it's gonna be 60 degrees!!  Oh and it's St. Paddy's day actual... so the drunkers will be out in full effect. (annoying news)

This past weekend my friend Hayley and I drove out to Wisconsin to look for our annual Girls Trip house.. and we found it!!  Check it out here
looks good right?  There's a POOL!! and a POOL TABLE!! and a BAR... omg, i can't wait till summer.

Last night i finally got some of my pictures loaded up to my new MAC-  here are some excerpts from the holidays.  Enjoy:
 Here is my sweet baby niece Simone- she is learning about baby Jesus... omg. so cute

Here she is with her sassy self- she is gonna be trouble.

Here are me and my lovely friends.. a few drinks in....
Andrew and I on New Years Eve
Andrew and i making a ham at our first annual Holiday Potluck!
me and Alison!

Me & Hayley, and CHAI!! 
Our FIRST Christmas Tree !

Super late post for the holidays- but hey, i got em up there!  If you want to see more go here
There is a lot.  (some not so cute).. you've been warned.
Happy Wednesday Ya'll. 
xoxo jtc

Friday, March 11, 2011

Song of the DAY

Dudes, it's friday.  this day is seriously creepin'.  Just heard my jam on the radio- got me dancin' and rememberin' this video- (see below and click the word  "HERE")

Did ya'll ever see it?  This awesome song- mixed with old 80's movies.. OMG, my dream come true.  Enjoy- one of my most favorite songs...
this song is on my 5k mix- when i am running and this comes on- there's a spring in my step... i love it so.

Happy friday friends!

CLICK - HERE to listen and see the goodness....

BAND:  Phoenix
SONG:  Lisztomania **brat pack mash up

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I am in love with a new app i just got for my iphone.  It's called-  instagram
You can take a picture and re- do it with many different filters and then post it on the site.  You "follow" people like on facebook and they can see the pictures you took and you can see theirs.  You can "like" their photos and make a comment- it's super fun!  I hope that you all go out and get this app so we can follow each other- but in the mean time- here are some of the recent photos i added to instagram (who needs facebook anymore)  JK!!  i do love posting more on here and instagram that i have lately on facebook, but don't get me wrong- i will forever be obsessed with facebook.
my photos:  
me: taking a photo of the photo booth.... naturally.

A picture of the kitchen in one of the best burger and beer joints in Chicago, Revolution Brewery
Me and my sweet friend Hayley (after we knocked a couple back) xo

Here's me. I didn't take it- but i added the filter :)

my street while walking my dog Chai

And last but not least- my sweet Chai in the bathtub- needless to say she was not happy. haha love her!

Happy Wednesday ya'll- i am going out for sushi tonight for my other sweet friend Mary's birthday!  Sushi and wine Wednesday as i like to call it.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Song of the night

Band:  Broken Bells
Song:  The High Road

James Mercer from the Shins (aka- one of my all time favorite bands) and Danger Mouse.  James Mercer's voice kills me.  I love it.. When this first came out... i thought.. did the Shins come out with a new album, and i didn't know!?!?  Alas, this is what happened.. a side project that i love so much.

Also, i am procrastinating getting to sleep. You see- my husband works for apple- And he came home with a new Mac Book Pro for us to take to Europe...... no, we do not have the money for this little gem i am trying out for the first time right now- but he got a really good deal- and my old mac was breathing it's last breath running on 6/7 years.. and you have to keep it plugged in at all times!! (That is really hard to take on airplanes)  I of course- had buyers remorse and got nervous about this purchase... (on the credit card with 6 mos interest free).  But it's real fun look what i can do:
Yeah- this is pretty amazing.. I think we will keep our new MacBook Pro.  Good Night ya'll.  Chat soon.

Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Friday, I'm in Love with Bikram Yoga

This song really did just play on the radio!  Yippie!  It's friday and I am in love with that.
This week has been a doozy for me.  I took Monday off- which was really nice because it made the week go by so much faster but.. it's JUST NOW, FINALLY Friday!??!!?  I guess i'll take it....
So yeah, i have been in this funk all week-(depressed/ moody/ crying for no reason- NO I'm not preggo...NOW)   Monday and Tuesday skipped yoga- because i thought being at home and eating a yummy home made dinner would make me feel better- Wed. & Thurs (and will today) went to yoga- and it really amazes me, how much better i feel after. JUST for going.

So today ends my 2 month groupon for unlimited yoga at  Bikram Yoga College of India- Chicago
Since going 2 months ago (for 3-4 times a week) I can already tell the difference in my body. No i didn't loose tons of weight (or barely any for that matter) but i do feel stronger.  Wanna feel my bicep?  My muscles are more defined and i can do poses that i couldn't do two months ago.
like this one:  Akward Pose 3 is it's name:

I know it looks super easy- but i haven't really used those thigh muscels since my dancin' days in college.  It burned like a mother to go down like that.  NOW-- i can do it.. BUT, i cannot get back up.. haha.. i'll get there (reason #1 to give all my money to the studio and pay for classes).
Reason #2  - Toe Stand:

I can't imagine ever being able to do this posture.  Lots of people don't even attempt it.  They just stand there in the position before while the skinny, strong yogis go down like this all focused and intense.  I dream of the day i can do this one.  But when i go down.. (i can get down there).. i cannot get my balance.  My gut is in the way then i just fall over every time.  Yesterday in class i completely fell over sat- down went to get a drink a water.. sweet yoga teacher in her serene voice... "Jessica- now is not the time to get a drink of water".....  OOPS!
This is one i can do:
Standing Head to Knee pose:  

there is another step after this though... head down- body down basically hugging that leg.  I can't do that yet.. but my teacher yesterday (same one that scolded me about drinking water during a posture)  said.. "great job jessica"  in class!  While i was doing this pose.  yay!!

That's the thing i love about Bikram yoga.  It's the same 26 poses for 90 minutes... and everyone has room to improve on all of them.. It really is like a practice- practice makes perfect.  I never thought i'd be able to do this (and love it!)  but here i am... i am doing this and i just want to get better at it (and get my body more toned).  This blog post might just be for me to talk myself into justifying the money it's gonna cost to continue the practice.. but i am gonna do it.  I hope that i continue to grow, and get stronger and my love for it doesn't fade away.
In april begins running 5ks season....  hmmm.. i haven't run since.....hmmmm.....  cross that bridge when i get there.
Here is one of my favorite poses:
Dead Body Pose:

(and yes, the classes are that full and the people are half dressed)-- it's 105 degrees in there, it's hot and you sweat like crazy- literally you walk out of this class completely soaked head to toe.      But anyway this dead body pose is the transition pose from standing to laying down.  You get to be in this position for two minutes.  It's very nice to be completely quiet and relaxed for 2 whole minutes in your day.  I highly suggest it if you can do it.  Just peace and quiet.  a little bit of meditation if you will-  totally worth the sanity we need in life.  love it.
Happy friday friends.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Song of the day

Song of the day...for the melancholy day that i am having...
I heard Pete Yorn- "Strange Condition" on the radio- googled it to find the link, but then ran across another one of my favorite songs from this album  below....

Pete Yorn's album: Music for the Morning After

Band: Pete Yorn

Song: Life on a Chain

next song is the original one i heard on the radio:

Band:  Pete Yorn
Song:  Strange Condition
i couldn't find a good link for this one-  the beginning of the song is something else- then it goes into the goodness.. 

This album brings me back,  i remember being in a CD Store in 2001, and i picked up this CD because i thought the guy on the cover was cute.. haha.   years later still lovin' the album..... it summer yet?
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