Friday, December 30, 2011

Holiday Movies

Hola! I have been Bored OUT OF MY MIND- at work this week.  I honestly think i am the ONLY person in my industry in all of Chicago that is working this week. I have been sitting here for 3 days..... looking at Pinterest, watching the Wonder years on Instant Netflix (currently on season 5).... and just watching that dang clock tick.  (and of course facebook)

I have also been reading blogs and trying to come up with some blog entries for myself.  I thought of one!  Holiday movies!  I decided to post my top holiday movies that i have seen over and over and over and are pretty much a must watch for me around this time of year.

In no particular order:  (im sure i am forgetting some) 

1.)  White Christmas

Such a classic, i have this movie memorize because a.) i own it and b.) i have seen it over 150 thousand times. c) i grew up on it. - oh and did you know i love musicals? ;)

2.)  ELF

I love sweet Will Farrell in this. And i fell in love with Zooey's D.'s voice in the bathroom scene singing "baby it's cold outside"  which has since become my most favorite Christmas song.

3.)  A Christmas Story

"You'll shoot your eye out"  - so many good quotes come from this classic movie.

4.)  Holiday Inn

Again, my dorky loves for musicals shine through on this class movie.  Have you seen it? i highly suggested in.  A tradition in my house.

5.)  National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.


6.)  Home Alone

Gotta love this one.  I grew up thinking that Mauchly (sp) Culkin and i were gonna get married, (we are the same age).  haha, not so much anymore- but growing up i loved this one and it's still great to see it - year after year.  and did you know the bad guy on the right (not Joe Peshi) is the narrator voice on the Wonder Years?  Kevin's inner monolgue.  It's true!  Daniel Stern is the guys name. (thanks IMDB)!

I think those are the main one's!  Am i missing any on your list?  What's your favorites?
Andrew loves the Muppet's Christmas Carol and i watched it for the first time this year... i think it could get added on to this list as an Honorable Mention.

Ps.  Did you know that Ross from Friends is on the wonder years as one of Karen's (kevin's sister) love interest?  Re- watching the Wonder Years has been very nostalgic for me- bringing back so many child hood memories.  Sweet Kevin and Winnie.  love it.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year!

Look what i found on the interweb....This is awesome!
For New Years eve, i'm going to a party!! How bout you?
Happy New Year!
Love, Zooey & Joseph Gordan Levitt.

Holidays: thru my iPhone

Nadine, Hayley and Steve- I'm back in Chicago in this pic!  I can't get these in order for some reason when i blog from my phone..  So, below are my out of order holidays thus far.
Thomas' Christmas Tree- 10 footer!
Me and ole married Holly
Back in Chi-town again- Sushi dinner with good friends!
Simone and Julian
From L- R,  Chico (laying on Andrew), Andrew, Me, Julian, Simone
My view from the couch I was sitting on for days...
Mr. and Mrs. Scholz
Chico Thomas
Adiar, Me & Andrew... HI ADAIR!! LOVE YOU!!
I Should just caption this: TROUBLE! - OJ, Omar, Andrew and Dion- Brothers & lots of SHOTS
Simone and Julian - being adorable.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Eat, drink and be merry

Hey friends! The holidays are approaching rapidly and I'll still feel like its September! Don't know why.... But there is no snow on the ground, it's not very cold (guess ill take it)! Either way I am starring at the clock at work and awaiting the 5:30 bell! (there is not really a bell).
Tonight we are rushing home, eating dinner, packing!! And heading to the burbs to drop my sweet Chai off for the holidays. I wish she could come to Texas!! But the trip is once again too quick, and shoot, I bet it cost a lot of money to travel with a doggie.
I feel like I blinked and this tear was over.... Just like I am gonna blink and I'll be sitting right back here... At my desk... Sigh- but again, I'm thankful to have a job!!!! (keep repeating that).

Here are some photos of recent times. Happy holidays my friends! If you want to be friends in Dallas- let's make it happen!! Xoxo

Fancy Dinner for Andrew's office Xmas Party.. YUMMERS
My sweet friend Sara's going/ away Birthday- she is moving to San Fran. love you Sara! (also picture: Kristen)
Another view of the food.
The Xmas work party
The ONE Day it has snowed so far this year.  This was taking on. 12/17
Our Xmas Card this year!! 
Behind the scenes of the card... she was terrified.
SOME of the candy/ goodies i have received at work and been EATING non stop

Saturday, December 17, 2011

one more time...

cause it's amazing.

Friday, December 16, 2011


My new nephew! And the first grandson for my parents.

This is Julian Mateo Crutchfield.  He was born on Mon. 12/5.  I forgot to tell my blog about it! haha.  My sister is home now and they are both doing great.  She had an emergency C-Section and it was a little scary there for a while, but all turned out OK!  Long story super short.. His cord was blocking his exit!  So they had to get to the ER immedietley! It was pretty scary for everyone that was there, but my sister said.. all the fear went away when she held the little guy.
One thing i thought was strange, she said that they strapped her arms down for the surgery!!! Is that normal?  Don't know... but the outcome is good, that's all we can hope for.

Here's some photos i stole off the ole facebook from my brother in law's page. (i'm getting a little too good at that)...

so CUTE RIGHT?!?!  I can't to smell his little head..  and give this one below (my niece Simone) a big ole hug and a squeeze.. Horray for the holidays!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


So this past weekend we had our 2nd Annual Chobot Holiday Parteee!
I scheduled the party pretty early in December so there would be no conflicts.  And it was a success! Everyone brought a dish to share and some drinks to drink.
Check out all the photos below.. i'll try to explain as i go.

ps. I never meant for this blog to turn into a photo journal, i promise one day i'll get my inspiration back and write some more- or not.. you know.. whateves!  ;)

Oh!  One thing about having a party at your house.... LEFTOVERS.  There are these brownies in the kitchen that are calling my name.

Did i tell you joined a gym?  i haven't gone this week...

On to the pictures forrealz...  (i gotta go watch glee).

The perks of being married to an art teacher: Custom made Missletoes!

The group- playing some Trivia Pursuit

Colie, Hayley and Me

Me and Alison on FaceTime with Holly!  (i heart the iPhone 4!)

So- this is the ONE picture i have of my xmas outfit.  Red tights, Black dress, green cardigan- all Forever 21.  I'll have to re-wear my outfit this holiday season, cause the dress was pretty cute if i do say so myself!

The PART-EE  (note the yule-log on the tv)

Andrew decorating our custom made snowflakes.  THANKS PINTEREST!

Ham (in the foil) Broccoli salad and rolls- ready!

Alison came over early to help me cook!

Do you notice this is a different camera?  (this one is worse)


Andrew's snow flakes- looks a bit like a mask.

Happy Holidays friends! I am so lucky to have such a great group of friends that want to come to my house and eat, drink and be merry. 

xoxo  now....  I'm ready for my trip back to Dallas for actual xmas.  

Dear- work, please don't suck and take forever..
Yours truly: 

Friday, December 9, 2011

Old Love

I was reading through one of the many blogs i read... and clicked on a link that led me to a blog that has taken over my afternoon.

It's called... OLD LOVE (as my subject implies) Sorry I am not sharing any of my old loves on here today.  haha.

If you love, celebrity & gossip and Hollywood new and old.  Then you will love this blog.  Cause as you all know.. I am pretty much obsessed with those things.

This blog shows photos of "Old Loves"  that once were. 
here are just a few that blew my mind!  Well.. not so dramatic-like, but you know... i suppose i might have gasped!

My Indie movie dream right here- who knew they dated?!?!  Jason Shwartzman and Zooey Deshanel. love this.. now that she's single I hoping for her and Joseph Gordan Levitt to get together in real life..... i know i know.! haha

Another Shocker:

Ad Rock (beastie boys) and Molly Ringwald!??!  This blew my 1990's mind!! LOVE
It's a good little time waster that blog, check it out!

Happy weekend friends.  I'm hosting a little holiday get together tomorrow. I am real excited!  I'm making a ham!  and Broccoli Salad, and puppy chow!  I'll take lots of photos and report back.  I even got on the pinterest and attempted to be crafty by making my own snowflakes!  Photos to come next week.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Top Chef Challenge!

Ok, so.. my friends and i get together every Wednesday night for girls night, but when Top Chef is on, we watch it!  We have been watching it for many seasons, but this year... we came up with a CHALLENGE!! (Side note)  My friend Hayley's Boyfriend's family plays this game with the show Survivor, so she mentioned it to us... YES PLEASE..

The Rules. 
There are 8 of us.. and when we started (a few episodes in)  There were 16 contestants left.  So each of us, (my lady friends) got 2 chefs each.   Our names were picked at random and that made the order in which we choose our chefs.

-bullock (jess)
-chabby (me)
So we sent emails back and forth to eachother all day and into the night (and sometimes early in the mornig!)  picking our choices.  We started this on a Tuesday- so it had to be done by Wednesday evening. Then once we got to the end, we reveresed the order.  (you still with me?)  It's a little hard to type i realize, much easier to explain.  But anywho..   
Then.. week by week we watch and see who get's kicked off the show, and that person is out.  
BUT there is a twist this year in the ole Top Chef!!  Not only is it based in TEXAS!! - they are going to San Antonio, Dallas, and Austin (really switching cities on us!)  There is also a LAST CHANCE KITCHEN!!  ~ cue the dramatic music~   So there is a chef that was kicked off the week before in the "Last Chance Kitchen"  and the one that got kicked off the show every week, has to challenge the last man standing!!!  DRAMA!!  
So... it's a bit of a twist, cause the person that gets kicked off the show- still has a chance!   the Last Chance kitchen is only shown on and available to watch online after the episode ends.
SOOOOooooOOoooo: in the end there is one CHEF and one LADY (me or my friends) standing.. and that person wins.... (drum roll)   A WOODEN Cutting board with their names etched in!!!  Cute right?  Then we do it again next year and the year after and rinse off that cutting board and pass it on.

Ok here is which lady friend picked which top chef.   
(FRIENDS! I stole your photos off of your facebook pages, hope you don't mind it's for a great cause: my blog!)

Val has:

Richie (VOTED OFF)
Chuy (In the last chance Kitchen)

Beverly Kim

Paul (totally killing it!)

Sarah (from Chitown!)

Chris Jones (Chicago)
Tylor Boring (real name)


AND ME!  (very happy so far with my choices)
Chris Crary
Edward Lee

So that's it! So far Val (sorry Val) is out.. both her guys got kicked off the show and voted into the last chance kitchen then got the boot out of there by Chuy- who is now the reining champ in there.   I'll keep ya'll posted, Week by week on who get's kicked off, cause it's fun!

Going tonight to Val's house to watch!  Wish me luck!! 
I WANNA WIN!!    did i mention i love games?  
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