Saturday, January 28, 2012


 Today Andrew, Chai and I took a cold, windy walk to The Bleeding Heart Bakery that is conveniently   located at the very end of our block. 

 We got a cake ball and a coffee. 

Just a nice little Saturday.

Pictures taken with my iPhone and then made awesome on my Instagram app.  Follow me on Instagram- it's real fun!  my name is:  Luft24

Friday, January 27, 2012

A Good Read

Happy Friday Friends. 

Just a quick post to talk about BOOKS and such.... What are you reading?  It's winter, I want to be cold and hunkered down with hot soup (or hot coffee) and a good book!

I just finished this:

By: Mindy Kaling from the Office.  (didn't meant to cut that out of the photo).  I got this book for Christmas from my father in law.. how awesome is he!?!?  Every year he gives every kid (im a kid in this scenerio)  a BOOK!  And boy have i caught on, cause this year- i knew what i wanted, and i requested this little gem above.  It's a very fast read and oh so funny.  I have always loved her on the office and wondered how she got so fancy to be one of the head writers of the show and Executive Producer - (these are things i wonder about)...
But she answers all questions, and will make you laugh while doing so! You like Tina Fey's Bossy Pants right?  This is up there with that.  I promise. 

So once i closed that book, i immediately got on the.......

"Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" train.  I know i am late to this game, but i really didn't have any interest till now.  I wanna see that movie!! But i gotta finish the book before i do.  When i was home for Christmas- Holly gave me her copy of the book because she was not interested in reading "so much jargon"  - I understand... it is a lot of "jargon" at the beginning of the book- but oh boy.... does it get good after you get through the first... hmmm 90-100 pages... THEN the story gets going.  I'm currently on page 110- so i have a lot to go.  But i am very much looking forward to gettin' cozy and diving into this book this weekend.

Before those books, i finally finished the Hunger Game Trilogy.... Hello!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT MOVIE!!!  Let's watch the trailer shall we?

EEEEEP!!! So exciting!!!

PS.  I realized i forgot to write my predictions for the Golden Globes on my little blog- like i did last year.  I would have been right on a lot of them, dang!   But don't you worry, i am gonna get my ducks in order for my Oscar predictions.  I have to do some catch up on some of the movies, so i'll report back.  It's the little things folks.

PPS.  Last night i finally finished the Wonder Years Series... 6 seasons... of Kevin and Winnie.  SIGH.. sad it's over.  Thinking of what to watch on the ole Instant Netflix next.  Andrew and i have been obsessed with it.  We've watch... Portlandia.  and The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret  both so funny among others...   I am thinking Friday Night Lights could be next for me?  We shall see... decisions, decisions!

Happy Weekend folks!

Happy Reading!

Happy Netflixing! or

Happy whatever you love to do!! 


Monday, January 23, 2012

Super Bowl!!

Yesterday i posted on the facebook that i was real excited about the Giants going to the Super Bowl!!   I must explain. 

Being raised in Texas, coming from a HUGE Dallas Cowboy fan family, (i mean who isn't in dallas)?  But of course, i watch the Cowboys.  And after moving to Chicago and being good friends with a lot of DIE HARD Bears fans... i watch the Bears. 

But i have never cared too much about either teams.  (SORRY MARY,  hi MARY!!). 

But i LOVE the New York Giants.... and how did a texan living in Bear country fall in love with the New York Giants? 

Well because.. Andrew's Cousin plays for them!  YEAH!!  We got family on the NY Giants team!!!  (lot's of exclamation points... ) 

His name is David Diehl  #66 and all i know (again, not a huge sports fan)  is that he protects Eli Manning.  haha.   He's a real big guy and makes sure the other guys don't get the quarter back!

He's been playing for the Giants for about 10 years now and Andrew and i have been lucky enough to go to a few games when they play in Chicago.  And now they are going to the SUPER BOWL!!!  for the 2nd time since Dave has been playing on the team. 

And the Super Bowl is in Indiana this year.... there is talks with the Chobot crew (huge family)  to TAIL GATE at the stadium.  We shall see, but regardless, this Glee loving fan, loved watching that Giants Game last night.  I was real nervous, (over time!)  but a real fan regardless.


Friday, January 20, 2012


Not much to report over here.  It's really snowing out there, (understatement of the year).  We are getting up to 8 inches tonight.  I am at work, and people are calling left and right to cancel their auditions/ Callbacks.  NOT FUN. 
And Andrew is texting me- wanting to go see a band play tonight ... i mean... don't people want to stay in and be cozy on snow days?  I DO! 

I would like to go home (read: NOT be at work)
-Order Asian food (sorry asian deliver-ers for making you come out into the snow)
-and watch a movie that Andrew downloaded so i can prepare for my annual Oscar award show ballots (shh, don't tell he downloaded the movies, perhaps Moneyball?).
-  have  a glass of wine (or two) for the first time this week (i made it a point not to drink all week), not that i am drunk, but i think i've mentioned before i like to a have a glass or two every now and then.

Since Jan. 1st (ish).  I have been counting my calories.  Uh huh.  I even count them on a Friday night when Andrew and i go out for Sushi and i basically drink a bottle of wine.   

Things i have learned from counting Calories:

1.)  A miller lite beer has less calories then 5 oz of white wine
Miller lite:  96 calories
Glass of white wine:  121 calories.

I MEAN REALLY!  who knew?? 

2.)  I don't know how to count the calories when i make homemade soups.  Lots of ingredients!

3.)  Its been really nice because i really have to think twice of what i put in my mouth

4.) i used this counting calorie app a few years ago and there is a new feature:  You can SCAN your food with the bar code and it'll tell you how many calories is in it.  awesome.

5.)  A little Cutie (baby orange) is 35 calories, and a banana is 90!  i used to eat a banana every day!  not anymore.  i need to save those calories!

6.) did you know pickles don't have ANY calories. WHAT?!??! i know, i know,  salt.. but damn!  im buying more pickles!

7.)  Sweet tooth alert:  1 piece of dark chocolate (a square) = 63 calories.  not bad!

8.)  it's a good thing i eat a lot of veggies... 1 cup of steamed broccoli :  55 calories!

9.)  my breakfast that i eat every week day at work: 
1 hardboiled egg (no yolk): 25 calories.
16 oz of coffee:  5 calories!! 
8 tablespoons of vanilla soy milk:  50 calories!! 
- i dont really use 8 oz. of soy milk, but i tend to round up, just in case.
Breakfast:  80 calories

10.)  having a scale to weigh your food is a must!  and not too annoying!

11.) one piece of sugarless gum is 5 calories. haha. i chew a lot of gum.

Ok, that's just some of the things i've learned...

By the way:
I am keeping track on an app on my phone called LOSE IT!

So, as annoying as i thought it would be it's been kinda nice keeping track of my calories.  even when i drink 5 beers on a Saturday night!! (what?  it's less calories then wine remember?!?)

My daily calorie intake is supposed to be 1,534- to loose a pound a week.
I have been doing good- but yeah.. not when i drink.  that's the MAIN reason i have laid off the wine this week.... even skipped my girls night! I haven't been weighing myself to see if i have lost anything, i decided to check my weight every month- not week.
Makes me less crazy.

Ok, well happy weekend folks. Need to cancel more actor's audtions cause no one knows how to drive in the snow. (easy for me to say sitting at a desk).


Thursday, January 12, 2012


Dudes, it's finally snowing! Yesterday it was like 55 degrees in JANUARY!! This is unheard of around these parts. Last year around this time we had the biggest blizzard in like 20 years!

But, please understand I'm not complaining... Because this Texas transplant LOVES the snow!!

We were supposed to get slammed last night. I woke up this morning ran right up to the window in my front room in hopes to see the beautiful sheets of snow... And there was nothing! But I checked out my weather guy, Tom Skilling - who I "like" on Facebook (he's awesome). He said the snow would start at 9am. So I busted out my new Hunters, yep I bought them as a Xmas gift to myself and finally got to wear them!!

At lo and behold right at 9am the snow started... I love it! Andrew texted me this morning... "looks like ole Tom was right on schedule with the Snow!". Haha! Gotta love the local weather guy.

Now ps. ... Snow, Please don't stick around till May. K? Thanks.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Song of the Day

Just heard this song on my XRT radio station... can i work for them yet? 

Heard the song for the first time... stopped what i was doing.. googled it, found you tube video and posted it here to share! 

Band:  Gotye
Song:  Somebody that I used to know. 

(Apparently i really like indie rocker boys singing right at the camera?)  But his voice!!  Give it a listen..

Remember this Song of the day i posted a year ago?  Another boy face singing at the camera.  Good stuff.

Also today my friend Amber posted one of my most favorite songs on the facebook and i listened to the whole thing for the 150thousanth time.. and it too helped my day turn around. 

This song is awesome and it'll make you smile for sure!
(and i am pretty sure it's a "song of the day" in days past, but i can't find it- i really need to go back and give all my posts labels....)  

I digress.....Enjoy! 
Happy Weekend

My Mood

Mornin'- i woke up on the wrong side of the bed today in a foul mood (and about 15 min before i had to be at work). So i rushed around determined to stay in my mood.  The weather outside didn't help.... (it's almost 50!!) Damn you beautiful weather when i wanna be moody.!

Then i get to work and turn the radio on and hear two real good songs that made me smile just enough, that i am willing to let this day get turned around.

Happy Friday friends, i hope you find something to turn your day around if you are (er.... were) in a mood like me!

The culprit?

a little Arcade Fire, never hurts.


Black Crows!  Come on....  i was determined to pout and sulk all day.

Hooray for music that puts a smile on our faces.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy NEW Year

2011 finished out pretty nicely for the Chobot's.  We went to a party and celebrated the new year with friends!  My favorite thing to do! (celebrate with friends).
This past year was a great year for Andrew and I for lots of reasons...

i figured out, i went to FIVE different countries!!!  Can you believe that??

Well.. 1st we had our European Vacation.  That was France, Amsterdam, Belgium (i know Amsterdam's not the name of the country, but it's more fun to say i went there.)  Then to Mexico for Holly's Bachelorette party, then of course America!! oh... America doesn't count?  Ok.. 4 countries.  But thats pretty cool i think !
And, since then.... we looked at our credit card and it is SCREAMING.  haha.. oh well.  it was all worth it.  If i spend money on one thing... it's traveling.  (fact about me).

What else happened in 2011.......  Chai turned 6 and i got a nephew! (on the Thomas side).  I had more other fun traveling adventures and so much fun with friends.  

And I began to pay attention to this little blog i started back when i was unemployed.  It's been real fun coming back to revisit this thing.  I hope you have enjoyed it.  If anything, it's a nice place to store things besides facebook---- did you know they own the rights to all of your photos on the Facebook?  it's true!  Even though, i still post photos there all the time (you will prob see some of these pics again)....

So thank YOU for giving me a place to vent, write, give my opinion, talk about Glee, and share my photos (that i still own the rights too).  Happy 2012. I look forward to A LOT of new beginnings!

Moving on:   New Year's Eve Photos.. are you ready??  PHOTO DUMP!!!

Me & Hayley, (my braided hair inspired by ole LC on the Pinterest) - Red tights, i HAD to wear again!

(Preggers- with her second baby....)Jess, Hayley and me. 

Hayley, Steve and Nick (on the stairs) and Andrew. - they posed.

From the top of the stairs at the NYE Eve party.

out of order photos again SORRY!  This is my Puppy chow- i made it 4 times this holiday season for many different occasions.  I got the idea off of pinterest and pretty much brought it to every holiday party.  

Puppy Chow in the making.....(let me know if you want the SUPER easy recipe).

another view at NYE party

Sweet Steve and Hayley!

DANCE PARTY!!  L-R, Margo, Andrew, Heather, Me, Steve

As i type this (meant to post earlier) - 2012 is in full effect.  I am looking forward to lots of things this year. ONE in particular (i hope)... but things on the ole blog can stay private- right?!?!

My Resolutions???

1.)  the usuals... work out more... get skinny... blah blah

2.)  forreal... portion control. I normally eat pretty healthy, i just need to NOT go back for 2nds, I don't know how to portion control.

3.)  Go shopping in my closet!  this isn't to say i go shopping a lot (remember, i spend most of my money on traveling...)  BUT, i tend to wear the SAME SHIT every day.. ... and i have a lot of clothes!  So... shopping in my closet means, look around, find things i haven't worn in forever, WEAR them.  If i don't, make a donation pile and get rid of them!  That's the real goal (oh yeah, and get skinny...blah blah).

4.)   I got a sewing machine for Christmas from my momma. I should learn how to use it. Right?

What's your resolutions?  How are they going on day 4?  Here's to a great 2012!
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