Monday, August 29, 2011

The Interweb

So it's the week before a holiday and guess what that means.... we are DEAD at work.  No one is making commercials, no one is casting for indy films, no one is looking for models for any print ads,  no one is calling me... (well they are still calling but with questions like:  How do i become a model?  Do I need experience? Do i have to know how to act?)  :0 - blink, blink, chirp, chirp....

So like any 9-5er on a computer all day long, i surf the world wide web, aka the interwebs.

What website do you look at to pass the time?


1.  Facebook
2.  all of YOUR blogs
3.  Pinterest
4.  Facebook
5.  Facebook
6.  MSN Homepage
7.  Perez Hilton
8.  TMZ
9.  Pop Sugar
10 Facebook
11.  Huffintonpost
12.  Facebook
13. chat with my friends on my Gmail.

I am at a loss for any thing else..
What do you view to pass the time?  I need something new.

Last friday, i watched a movie from instant Netflix at my desk...  shhhh... dont tell my  boss.

Going back to play on pinterest.  Dear Monday, please hurry up- thanks!

Friday, August 26, 2011

One More Reason....

Why, I love Joseph Gordon Leavitt.....

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Dear Andrew, 

I sure do love you a whole lot!  

Thank you for:  

Loving Me
Being You
Walking Chai (a lot)
Cooking me dinner (a lot)
Being a great cook
Being a real good cleaner
Being so talented and smart
Getting me movies and tv shows that i love
watching so many tv series- beginning to end that i choose
Being a great partner
being my best friend
knowing me so well
dealing with my "break downs"
Working so hard
walking chai
being my family
making me laugh
laughing at me
loving me
watching tv in bed with me
being a great father to chai
did i mention: putting up with me?
Allowing me to go to Mexico on YOUR BIRTHDAY!
and girls trip every year- while you work 7 days a week
being so selfless
loving my friends
Always thinking i'm cute.
budgeting for me.
Being the best husband a gal can ask for.

Love you boo!

Happy 4th Anniversary! Can't wait for many, many more!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

30 day- guess what?

Hi, Guess what?

I am over posting about the 30 day shred.  haha!  I did pretty good if i do say so myself!  But yesterday i had a nervous breakdown, and my vertigo is back. So today i was too exhausted and dizzy to do my work out.  Dramatic i know, but i tend to be a little on the dramatic side.... what??!- (ahem.) So i came home and read my book - The Hunger Games! (So good) and fell asleep - woke up at 8pm and made dinner...  day is over!!

I decided from here until i go to Mexico (next Friday!)- i'll do the work out when i can, but i am done posting about it.  Perhaps i'll still throw in random photos/ posts every now and then. But this next week is just going to be too busy. I am going to Columbus Ohio on Sat. for a work trip- Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary, i need to go down town to H&M and Forever 21 to see if there are still summer cover up bathing suit thingys to buy for my trip- and do laundry like mad!

Is that enough excuses for me?  hmmm... I think so.

So thanks for following me on this little adventure.  i can try it again at a later date, but i missed blogging about other things!

I really suggest the 30 Day Shred though, if you are looking for a quick easy workout, I say it's easy, because it's only 20 minutes!  But it's also tough, and really makes ya sweat- which makes it a good workout in my book. Like i said, i am going to keep doing it on my own, and then right before i go to Mexico i want to re- measure myself to see if i lost any inches..  here's hoping!


Happy Anniversary to my boo tomorrow!!

30 day Shred- Day 16 & more.

Day 16

I did it today. it was horrible. I did level 3 and had to sit down and rest for some of it, and watch the tv to see how the hell they were doing it.  too much jumping jillian!

Besides that - i had a horrible day at work.  I basically had a breakdown- so working out was the LAST thing on my mind.. but i did it.. (half assed).  then passed out with a wee nap.

So....When i was unemployed (for 9 months) I got a low form of vertigo because of stress... so guess whats back!!!   uh huh...  it cause me to get very dizzy.. and that was happening during this dang work out today (I'm sorta becoming over it- the work out)......

but anyway...guess what causes this form of vertigo to keep coming back-  STRESS - remember my last post?

My horrible day at work had to do with that  previous post. And i really appreciate your personal emails/ and messages to help me through this process.  I still don't know what we are going to do, but to have my "plan" interrupted is heartbreaking to me.

i know that it will all work out, and i have been very humbled because I KNOW this is by no way the worst thing to happen. (by no means).
 I'll make sure and tell you more of the plan as we figure out what we are going to do next.

Keep you posted...

Monday, August 22, 2011

30 day Shred- Day 14 & 15

Day 14

Oops!  Apparently it's hard for me to work out on a Sunday.  Sunday's in the summer in Chicago are not meant for working out! They are meant for cooking out!!
We ended up going to the subburbs for a BBQ at Andrew's sisters house.  I am already getting used to Andrew having the weekends off- and he still has one more week to go at his old job!

Day 15

Today i was running around again after work.
1. go to Costco
2. spend TONS of money i don't have
3.  Unload groceries
4.  feed & walk 2 dogs (one that sucks at walking...) AHEM!!!  CHAI LUNA THOMAS CHOBOT!! - hehe
5.  Do my work out.
6.  make dinner (dinner is cooking now)

I look forward to number 7 every day.  Today was very hard to get motivated to do my workout. I thought.. awe man.. do i gotta?  it's probably not even working.. (still haven't measured myself since that first day).  But i just did it..
You know what helped?  Changing into my workout clothes before walking the dogs.  Then i am already to go!  I ask myself... why are you wearing these dumb clothes.... to do your dumb workout!  - works every time.

I sweat so much today in my workout-- i am STILL sweating!  SO that's good i guess.  oh, one thing i did notice, my ankles started to hurt when i was do my jumping jacks... so much that i couldn't do them full out.  Hmm... home i didn't sprain anything.

On another note-  I did NOT go for  all the Kardashian sisters being in all white at Kim's wedding.  They all looked like they were in wedding dresses.. Did you see her mothers dress?  Cortney i am talking to you....
not cute.

adios, I'm starving!  it's 8pm!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

30 day Shred- Day 13

Day 13

Woke up early today and did my shred!  It's raining now and i am anxiously waiting for it to clear up so i can see the air and water show!!  I think it's the best festival here in Chicago.. i love planes.
I wont actually go down town, but just look up and out the window to see the planes.

Anywho- today's work out was good. I realized Level 2 is easier in the beginning then right at the end when you are almost done.. it gets SO HARD.  My arms could like fall off.

But now- i am sitting, waiting for Andrew to come home so we can eat and look up at planes.  In the meantime i watching an old episode of Six Feet Under.   And guess what.. i effing love this dang show!  oh man, Nate - heartbreaking.. just watching him talk- tears.
And can you believe Dexter??!?!  He is SO SCARY and GOOD in Dexter- and here in six feet under world, so good and gay.  Great actors all around on this show. Oh, and in this particular episode.. Dwight from the Office is on-  awesomely, amazingly creepy.
Best show ever in my book.

Happy Saturday!

Friday, August 19, 2011

30 day Shred- Day 12

Day 12

I did it. And that is all.  Hope you have a good weekend. I am gonna make some soup and get cozy with my doggie Chai and our house guest Buddy.  Maybe find some sappy girly movie on the netflix streaming, watch it-  and then start reading my book and go to bed early... ahhhhh...
good night.

ps. Buddy and Chai say hi!

Adios mi amigos.


Hey you guys,

i am very stressed out today.  Remember when i said we had some good news the other day?  Well the good news is- Andrew got a new job!!! 

Its very exciting.  He has been working in retail since i have known him (11 years).  And he was really hating it and becoming depressed.   He got offered a job for a company this fixes MAC computers (he's a pro at Apple products).  He will be working Mon- Fri 9-5pm- WEEKENDS OFF!! Normal holiday hours off!!!!  - we haven't spent xmas together in years, because i still go to Dallas and he is normally not allowed to take vacation during the busiest shopping holiday of the year!  And they are allowing him to continue teaching! (he teaches college Art History and 3-D design at a local commutiny college). and that's awesome.

So this is really going to change our lives, and i am super excited about it for sure.  BUT!!!  Of course there is a but......

His new job- does not offer health insurance.  And i have plans ya'll!!!  We can discuss those plans at a later date... but we NEED health insurance. 

So, now the stress begins.. do we get independent health insurance, can i get us BOTH covered under my job?  Is there... maternity leave (for one day if/when i decide its baby time)....  omg, i am stressing. Should i move to Canada?  Lots of questions, and yes lots of options... but oh man. it's rough.

The only problem with getting insurance through my job is: i already make 10 dollars every 2 weeks (practially!!!) - i make no money.  So then if my insurance is coming out of that, it'll be brutal.. but Andrew did get a raise in his new job.... so perhaps it'll even out?? 
Also, if i get insurance through my job- i'll never get a raise.  (i'll be here 2 years in Oct.- not one raise...) it's awesome.  BUT, i am very thankful to have a job in this economy..!!  I digress.... 

I just wanted to vent a little.... I know we will figure it out, and in the long run I am SO HAPPY Andrew can leave his old job and do something he respects more and be happy. 

We are very lucky that he found a job that he will hopefully love in this economy.. just please send good thoughts to the insurance gods that we will find a good insurance plan.....   and a policy we can afford.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

30 day Shred- Day 11

Day 11


I have been rushing around like a crazy person today. I am having a friend over for dinner and we are dog sitting this weekend, so i am awaiting the dogs (buddy)'s arrival also.
I rushed home and did my work out, then showered- then walked chai, now i am finally sitting here waiting for my friend and the my friend the come over.

My work out was good today, felt really rushed through it though...  And i did a real person push up!  Watch out world, i'll be doing pushups with the best of them!

Here's a random picture.  A little birthday party we had for Andrew at a bar a few years ago. I surprised him- by having his whole family show up.... at least i think it was a surprise. prob. got ruined... haha

L-R: Me, Sister Anne, Dont know that guy, Cousin Jeff, Sis.inLaw Sumita, Brother Tony, BroInLaw Mike, Sister Aimee, and Andrew.   All Andrew's siblings- btw. Good lookin' Chobot crew.

gotta run and start preparing dinner!  

until tomorrow. 


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Reading

Hi friends,

So i have been reading like a mad man.  ( i love that show!)

I started The Help on my Europe trip in June and i read a lot on the trip, but then i didn't pick it up again until my girls trip... then i read, and read, and could not put it down.  Oh man.  i cried!!  It was so good! (i let my friend Alison borrow it and she read the whole thing in like 3 days). Then when i was on a work trip the women next to me was also reading the help and she suggested i should read another book.

Heaven is Forreal: 
So like any good reader, i did.  I started this the day after i finished the help, and i sure did miss those old southern ladies.. (so good i tell you).. but i read this book in 2 days. Could not put it down.  I dont want to ruin anything, but it's very interesting and really makes you think.  Especially being raised Catholic.  That is all i'll say. 

I started reading the next book many months ago (i do this a alot)  and just stop my reading kick for a bit- and get obsessed with a new book.  

So i continued reading: The Glass Castle:

i finished this in about a week, and it was so good and heartbreaking and beautifully written. I highly suggest it!   I always get sad finishing a book, it's so nice to be lost in other peoples lives and stories for a little while.. (not too lost, i like my life too!) But, you know what i mean. This was one of those books...

Tonight or tomorrow i am gonna start the Hunger Game Series.

My friends were all reading it on our girls trip and i have heard nothing but good things.
Did ya'll read the Hunger Game Series? 

What are you reading?  

Any suggestions for great books? 

Have a great evening! 

30 day Shred- Day 10

Day 10 

I woke up at 8:05am.  and did Level 2!  Working out in the morning is a nice change, cause i am done and it gives me a lot more energy!  And it makes me a little happier (till i just took a dumb phone call at work).  haha,
ME: (If you want to be a model, yes we have open calls... yes, bring pictures, well.. no it doesn't cost money, yes we do modeling and acting.. do you have a resume?  have you DONE any professional work?....yes, try to look nice i guess....) .....(blank face), (blink, blink).

So today's work out was good and it's done.. and i move on with my day.
If i were a better workout(er) i would do it again tonight (after my drinks).  But that won't happen.  I wish level 2 had more push ups i was really like trying those out every day. but it's definitely harder in other ways.. lots more usage of the weights and more cardio!

Today i am feeling like this:

Band: Phoenix
Song:  Listomania

I know, i know, i LOVE this song a a little too much. But it makes me SOOOO  HAPPY! and i feel like those guys today running with lots of built in energy! Good news to come in a new post. :)
Till next time!  which hopefully is tomorrow morning, cause i am having girls night at my house tomorrow!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

30 Day Shred- Day 9

Day 9

ummm... omg ya'll level 2 is hard!!!  I took my sweet little time getting home from work on my bike. stopped at the bank, stopped in a few clothing stores to view items that simply are NOT in my budget for my Mexico trip which is also not in said budget.
Anyway.. got home.. with the thought -- oh i'll knock this out and make dinner.  UMMM!  Level 2 is not joking around.  So much jumping!   my poor down stairs neighbor. Im surprised they didn't come check on me to see if i was alive.

Well, i am pretty sure i'll be sore tomorrow.  And! Tomorrow night i have a drink date with an old co -worker right after work- SOOoo  i'll have to wake up early to work out!!
If you know me.. i am NOT a morning person.. literally work at 9- wake up at 8:45 shower, and still make it on time (on my bike)!   So tomorrow is gonna be a challenge, and not gonna lie- i might do level 1 in the morning..
No one needs to be awoken by my big old jump and jacks!!

Ok, water is boiling off to cook.  and perhaps drink a glass of red wine??!?!  I need it after that work out!  ha!
PS.  I never sweat this much in level 1.

Look how HOT i am ! and not in a cute way.  haha.

Monday, August 15, 2011

30 Day Shred- Day 7 & 8

Day 7

Oops!  skipped day 7.  I had every intention of doing a day 7, but the weather was so beautiful!  I went on a bike ride instead (to a bar) (with my friends)..  haha, i felt real guilty- but mostly because of this blog! If i didn't blog about it- no one would know that i missed a day.

So again, sorry if this is extra boring- but it's keeping me on track, and apparently- i need it!

Day 8

Today's workout was awesome!  Really.  I did ALL my push ups!  11 the first set and 10 the second set (still lady like, but i AM a lady)  One day i will get more manly with the push ups, i can't wait for that day.
But really, i floated thru the workout, nothing was too hard and nothing hurt too much.  So i think tomorrow i'll move on to Level 2.  Remember I was going to do each level 8 days (since i am only going to 25 days).  So i think since i skipped day 7, i still might move on.   Got it?  haha, i think i am even lost.

We shall see. Day 8 is complete and i feel good and sweaty!  Time for dinner! YUM!

ps.  andrew just made me a fruit smoothy. MMMMmmMMmMmMM... dinner after that...and i find photos for today's random postings...

Hi Kathleen and Drew!!

Hi Adair!  

Hi Marcy and Cortney!!

haha, xoxo

Saturday, August 13, 2011

30 day Shred- Day 6

Day 6

Happy Saturday folks!  It's been real raining and dark here today, so i have been laid out all day. Watched TV, watched a movie (The Romantics) - starring my boyfriend Adam Brody... (oh and Katie Holmes and Sookie Stackhouse.. did laundry, took a nap...  long lazy Saturday.  Then apparently i fell asleep while reading my book...   (The Glass Castle) - so good, btw.

Andrew wakes me up around 7pm.. "babe.. have you done your work out yet?"...  sweet guy..
me: "shoot!  No.. what time is it.. ugh"

Needless to say, i had no motivation today and no energy. But i did it !  i was real weak today and felt lazy so i am not gonna lie that i might have take a few sips of water while Jillian was still screaming at me to continue.  But it's over and i feel good about doing it - and a little more awake.

Gonna take a shower an go on date with my man!  I'm thinking sushi... mmm.. sushi.
I love that every time after i work out i go eat. oh well, a girls gotta eat right?

Here's a fun photo or 2 for the day

Me and Cortney in Dallas.  After i spent a day at the state fair getting sufficiently fried, like everything else there.

I love this picture of Andrew and I in Boston for his brother's traditional Indian wedding.
Happy weekend!

Friday, August 12, 2011

30 day Shred- Day 5

Day 5

Today at work, i ate pizza and drank Champagne... that's not too good when you are trying to work out and BE good!  But oh well, i wrote it down,  and came home and worked out.  I did it the second i got in the door today because i am going to happy hour with my friends!  Work out first - then drink.

fine by me.  I did 12 count it 12 lady push ups today!  Woot woot!
besides that work out was good, i can already feel my muscles getting stronger... or coming back i should say.

and i am gonna keep posting random pictures, cause i type this on my computer at home.. and i have LOTS of pictures on this computer.!!  and soon , i am gonna bust out old photo albums from high school and junior high!  Beware Cortney and Kathleen....  hahaha!  (love you guys!)

here is me and my niece Olivia shopping for flower girl dresses - she was OVER it.

And here is my sweet baby face niece Simone at the State Fair of Texas... (with a cameo from my sister in the back ground!)

Adios!  Off to shower and drink some beers at the Empty Bottle for Honkey Tonk Fridays!

Have a great weekend, hopefully be back tomorrow, with day 6 !!

No Heat Curls

A lot of the bloggers i read have been posting and trying out these no heat curls.  OMG ya'll, i tried them last night, and it works!! 

I am thinking about doing my hair like this for all future up coming weddings i am in... and fancy parties i am invited to!  haha.

Check out the You Tube Tutorial- it is very well detailed.  Follow the instructions and you will get luscious curly locks! 

My hair is naturally pretty straight and VERY thick!  I did this last night at about 11pm- with no hair spray (and didn't spray today either)  But i still have curls!  It's pretty awesome. 

You just need a Hair Band to fit your whole head. And follow the instructions on the video.  I originally read about it on this BLOG  - she does lots of Hair Tutorials.  So fun! 

Here is the before shot- preparing the hair:

Then i went to bed with my hair all twisted up like that... And BTW, i think it's pretty cute like that with the head band and i will be rockin' this style too.  (maybe with a lighter color headband)

Then I woke up and it looked like this!  Look mom- i got curls!!!

Pretty cool right?  (Please disregard my face.  haha.)

Here is the video if you wanna try to play too!

happy curling!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

30 Day Shred- Day 4

Day 4

So this morning i woke up a little hung over.. That's what happens after a few glasses (bottles) of wine at my lady friend's house the night before.  But i was thinking.. jeez if this workout wasn't only 20 minutes i'd for sure be skipping it today.
Imagine going to bikram yoga hung over (it's not cute).

So when i got home from work, I had to walk Chai then do a little last minute work stuff.  So i was sitting on the couch... on the computer... stumbled onto facebook- starting looking at blog stuff... got lazy and distracted.  Had to PEEL myself off of the couch to get it done today.  But i did it.  Nothing exciting to report.  8 push ups,  my arms are still killing me, and now my calves?   could be the drunken bike ride i did last night to my friends house. (jk, we weren't THAT drunk and were very safe)  I am always extra safe on my bike.  I have a helmet ya'll.

That is all, i am real tired and hungry. But i like showing ya'll random pictures- because reading about my dumb workout is boring i imagine.  I just need a place to keep notes and track of my progress.. i'll look back at this one day and think.... remember when i could do 8 lady push ups??!?!?

Here you go....

Holly, Me and Alison- in Wisconsin Dells- photo by Andrew

haha, and a picture of me sleeping and Holly trying to stick a cheese curd in my mouth....


Me: A- Z

Hey!  I saw this on one of the blogs i read, and thought.. why not? It's a little more interesting then my workout regiment. 

Here's me: a- z.

  A. age :: 32

B. bed size :: queen

C. chore you hate :: cleaning cups/ drinking glass (don't like squeezing my hand in there)

D. dogs :: CHAI

E. essential start to your day ::Coffee with Soy Milk

F. favorite color :: dark Red

G. gold or silver :: silver

H. height ::5'5"

I. instruments you play :: well.... i played the cello in elementary school

J. job title ::Talent Agent

K. kids ::One day.

L. live ::Chicago, IL.

M. maiden name :: Thomas

N. nicknames ::JT, Yes, Chobbers, Chonners, Chabby,

O. overnight hospital stays :: nope!

P. pet peeve :: abbreviations... example:  LAMFO- i do not know what this means.

Q. quote ::
i dont really have any quotes that i LOVE.. so i'll come back to this

R. righty or lefty :: right

S. siblings ::2 brothers, 1 sister

T. time you wake up ::8:30am- to shower and be at work at 9am

U. university attended :: Northern Illinois University

V. vegetables you dislike: Onions (is this a vegetable?)

W. what makes you run late ::getting dressed, or trying to find something.

X. x-rays you’ve had :: I think only at the dentist?

Y. yummy food :: Mexican, Asian, soup.

                 Z. zoo animal favorite :: pandas

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

30 Day Shred- Day 3

Day 3

Today I  was REAL sore- my arm muscles (biceps??) felt like they were going to pop out of my skin!  Sorry, gross image.  But it's true.  I really started to wonder if I should be doing this every day.. I mean i am  a pro at working out (been doing it a long ass time).  And aren't you supposed to give your muscles a break?  Like arms one day- legs next day?
Who knows.  Jillian says do it 30 days, i'll do it 25 days in a row!  haha.  But i did read a lot about it and people have lost a lot of inches! That is what i am hoping for- inches and toning!  (of course weight would be amazing.. but i am a realist. (we shall see).

So today's work out was good. Those dang pushups are the worst! (again) i did 7 lady push ups then fell to the ground.  - can you guys do push ups?  My arms are so weak.

But all was good, went through the motion (with andrew watching me while he was playing words with friends)..
He was like.. ummm.. you are doing those sit ups wrong (lay flat on back legs up in the air, arms down on the mat and LIFT your butt! )  My legs were going too far back!  i fixed them.. and DANG did that hurt.

Looking forward to doing those right from now on.

Now... here's another photo for reading about my little work out routine.

Wedding Party! L- R my sister, Andrew's Brother, Bill, US, Holly bein' sassy, Alison and Brian

Thanks for playin'!  Now i am off to ride my bike to my friends house (haha!)- we are having ladies night, and i will be drinking wine.
Glad i did my workout now!

Song of the day

Hi Friends, my song of the day today was not found on the radio, but by a mix cd!  Remember when we used to make our friends mix cd's and tapes? I used to be so good at it!  My sweet friend Hayley made a mix CD and number one on the album is my song today.

I texted her.... "ummm... #1 on your cd is my new favorite song, good lord it's heartbreaking"  I love music, (duh) but it takes a lot for me to LOVE new music.. i mean i still love REM and the Beatles (and most other 90's bands).  So i hope you enjoy this song. i have been listening to it on repeat, and can't get it outta my head! 
This is the first time i heard of this band and the only song i know from them. I am off to do some research and perhaps get the whole album.. if it's anything like this song- i'll love it!
Hope you enjoy!

Band: Department of Eagles
Song: Brightest Minds


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

30 Day Shred- Day 2

Day 2

So today I woke up not feeling sore at all!  And i was so motivated i rode my bike to work  (the weather was awesome!  first time in a long time in the early 80s).
Once i got to work.. i started getting sore.. first my legs (perhaps from the bike ride)?  But by the end of the day- dang were my arms were sore!

I also decided today that i am going to keep track of what i eat. So brought an old little journal and anytime i put anything in my mouth, i wrote it down.. (3 pieces of gum.... and so on). (i ate lots more then gum.. just an example).  I think writing that down will help me get in shape too.. (i hope, i hope).

Then i rode my bike home from work- and that was NOT cute.  I had to go up this huge hill which is normally not a problem.. but ouch! it hurt!  and the wind was not helping.

Got home, Andrew was walking Chai- so i started my video.  It was SOOO MUCH HARDER today!   I still can't do push ups (lady kind or man kind)..  i think if i can do a push by the end of all of this- it will have been worth it.   - but, it was much harder today and i found myself giving up at some points..(remember yesterday i could have kept going?)... ok so we will see.  Day 2 = very hard!  But i made finished it.. and sat right down to write this-  so at least my arms still work. That's a plus.

Off to make dinner!  (and write down what i ate in my journal)-  thank goodness this is only for 25 days!

For reading all of that, here is a super cute picture of my chai as a puppy.....



Monday, August 8, 2011

30 Day Shred- Day 1

So today i started Jillian Michael's 30 day Shred- here's a little sample:

I got the DVD on netflix and it's been sitting there for a real long time.. haha. Well i did just got back from a trip!  So i started it today, which is actually not very smart because i leave for Mexico in 25 days.  I guess I'll call it the 25 day shred.

I am going to take before and after photos, but i might not post them unless there is a difference in my body. haha.. NO ONE needs to see it if there is no difference in my body. I am also going to keep track of my measurements.  I'll post those too (if there is a change).  or maybe either way.. we shall see.

So... i hope you don't mind i use my little blog as a 25 day shred journal.  I'll keep posting other stuff, (of course) but i need somewhere to write this stuff down- and maybe I might inspire some of you to do it with me!

Let's go!

Day one.
I thought i might be able to start on level 3... haha.. i did like the first warm up, then went back to level 1.  I want to start at the beginning and do it right.  i just finished the work out, and my arms are like JELLO..  OUCH!  The 20 some odd minutes went by SO fast!  You need little hand weights, and all i have is 5 pounds.. oh man.. shit hurts!  I just googled about the workout and it seems most girls use a 3 pound weight.. i am going to stick with the 5- cause it's all i have.  So there is cardio, strength training, abs, cardio, more abs...  it's good so far.  There is a lady you can watch to do the modified version and another lady that does it full out.  I have never been able to do push ups so i did the modified lady versions of those.. Besides that i stuck with the full out lady.  There is Level 1, Level 2, Level 3.  I think I'll do each level for 8 days. then something for the last.
I could have gone longer, so i am excited that it's pretty easy and goes by pretty fast.  Day one complete... 24 more to go.

Wish me luck, i hope to stick with it!  You see, i have a bit of a social life, and i need to make sure I do this  in the morning on the days i have plans BEFORE girls night, or BEFORE an impromptu BBQ on a Saturday night.  (I am NOT a morning person)  Even writing this out, i am getting nervous that i won't follow through with it. So i guess that's why i will be posting it, so i have people following with me through these 25 days- it'll give me a little more pressure- i need the pressure.

I'm gonna get fit y'all!  (fingers crossed).

k, bye.  I'm off to eat. haha.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Impromptu BBQ/ B-day party.

Hey Ya'll !

On Saturday night we had little impromptu BBQ at our house.  I am going to be out of town (in Mexico) for Andrew's 36th birthday on Sep.4th, and i feel horrible. I mean, don't get me wrong i am VERY excited to go to Mexico with my BFF (and group of her friends) for her bachelorette party- but i feel pretty guilty about leaving Andrew alone for his b-day. Oh!  And it's Chai's birthday on the same day!  :(

Any who- We decided to have a few peeps over for a BBQ- and i had the brilliant idea of getting a surprise cake for Andrew.  One of his friend's is dating a girl who is a baker and they offered to make the cake.  It was so good, and super cute!  And Andrew was real happy.. Although he walked in on us getting the cake together (he is so hard to surprise!)  But he was still happy, and thought it was real cute that i did that while our friends were all together.
Then, we had an jam session!  Great night was had by all- and today.. well- i slept ALL DAY LONG.  i needed it..


Cake and cleavage.. (oops!)

blowing out the candles in the back yard.


Bullock's and cake!!

Andrew and Steve jammin' out.

Steve giving Hayley a little serenade


good lighting

Jess on Bass- Steve on Guitar

Margo and Andrew jam


Steve and Hayley- xo
Here's to a good week!

Friday, August 5, 2011

I Love My City: Chicago

My friend Cortney did a great blog post about loving her city. And asked of her readers what we love about our cities.  I have lived in Chicago since 2001 after graduating from College in Dekalb and moving away from my parents house in Dallas, Texas.

So i present to you my top 25 favorite things i love about my new home away from home- CHICAGO.

via lifeonbondstone
In no particular order.....

1.  Wicker Park- six corners:  This has been my neighborhood since 2001.  it's the best

2.  Happy Village - it's a bar.  It's my neighborhood bar. It's like my Cheers - they know my name.
best beer garden in town

3.  Street Festivals- all summer long! Drinking beer in the streets.

4.  Blue Fin Sushi-  OMG. (in wicker park)
5.  Bike Lanes- for us city bikers ;)

6.  Pizza.  But not deep dish, i like the thin crust. My Favorite is D'Agostinos Pizza

7.  Free Honkey Tonk Music Friday's at the Empty Bottle - Happy Hour

8.  Mexican Food- Specifically, Burritos at Picante. (mainly after happy hour at the Empty Bottle) this is down the street from my house. The closest thing to Tex Mex i have found. 

9.  Brunch.... Ear Wax Cafe.. haven't been there in a while.. but oh man. so good!

10.   Free Music Monday's at Millennium Park

11.  The Art Institute of Chicago
haha! That's me at my bachelorette party in front of the Art Institute...

12.  Kuma's Corner - i mean.. the best craziest burgers in town.

This is one i actually ate- yes, that is corn and green beans on that burger.- Could also come with a fried egg on top.

13.  Thai Lagoon.  One of the first restaurants i ever went to in Chicago. Still my favorite Thai in Wicker Park

14. BYOB-  we don't go out to eat a lot, but when we my city we get to BYOB.... Nothing better. did i mention we are penny pinchers?  i mean- we pretty much ONLY got to byobs..

15.  Neighborhoods.  I told Andrew i was doing this and i asked him- what would be in his top 25- and he said.. The Neighborhoods. I already mentioned my neighborhood.  But i love all the neighborhoods and that you can walk or bike anywhere.. No need for DUI's in Chicago.. you drink at your corner bar and walk home.

16.  Dog Parks- for my Chai Chai

Chai won this game.
17.  The Holidays in the City

18.  The Trains and Buses.. CTA

19.  Shopping downtown.. (and being 3 stops off the train to get to H&M on Michigan Ave.).

20. The Theatre Scene in Chicago - i love theatre, did you know?

(Tony Award winning) August Osage County at The Steppenwolf Theatre  Coming soon to a Movie Theatre near you.

21.  Broadway in Chicago. i love musicals.

22.  Tank. Did you know i love Asian food?  One thing i love more then Asian food is soup. Put them together, and you get TANK- the best PHO in Chicago.  

i ate this soup. It's the best thing ever.

23.  Fashion/ Style.  You can get inspiration for shopping just by walking down the street

i do not know these people.. googled.

24.  Summertime in Chicago in general.. People literally come out of hiding and show skin for the first time in 9 months.  It's exhilarating. 

25.  Lake Michigan.  I am lucky enough to have been on a sail boat in Chicago.  My friends' parents own a sail boat, and it is magical.

Phew... That was fun!

Apparently i love boozing and eating...but i guess i knew that already.

What do you love about your city?  


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