Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet my friend....

I love my friend Kathleen oh so much,- she is one of my oldest, nearest and dearest.   She has a toddler and she and her little family just moved back to Texas after years of living in our Nations Capital.

 Kathleen and i have been bestest friends since we were 12 years old, we have kept up on each others lives and i am so happy to follow her on this new bloggin' adventure that i have grown to love so much
You should check it out!  She's real pretty, smart, and hilarious- and a great writer.

It's called: Small People

She's also real great because she told me about an awesome photo editing site that i now LOVE!  Picnik

On this little site - i learned how to make a collage!
Take a little sneak peak at Kathleen and i throughout the years!  I wish i coulda busted out the jr. high/ highschool photos but you know..... i am on the couch.. and that would require gettin' up and scaninng and stuff..  that's too hard right now.. there is a thunderstorm and it's hailing outside, and i am all cuddled up on the couch watchin Season 3 of Sons of Anarchy...  i digress....

Top: L to R Jessica, Me, Christine and Kathleen at Christine & Ralph's wedding in Austin, TX.
Me & Kathleen at her wedding in DC
Christine, me, Kathleen at my bridal shower in Dallas
Christine, me, Kathleen & Ralph in Baltimore

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Texan's at the Taste of Chicago

My friend Alison loves the Lemon Heads, I love the Lemon Heads,  My friend Jeff loves all bands but the Lemon Heads too.  He texted me last week... "the Lemon Heads are playing a free show at the Taste of Chicago... you, me and alison are going..."  WHAT?!?!, FREE?!?! yes. 

Now if you live in the city of Chicago- you usually stay far, far away from the Taste..  it's become a little scary, and packed and well- just expensive, hot and not safe.  But i didn't care- we were going! I ran over there straight from work, and made it just in time to buy tickets (for drinks)/ get a beer/ and get seated in the EMPTY seats... 3rd row center at Lemon Heads!  They sang all there good ones... oh man, i got chills.. You gotta love Evan Dando's voice..

Here are some iphone photos i snapped last night:

 Nice little view of City

My friend Evan Dando

Here we are in front of the Married with Children fountain aka- Buckingham Fountain- just a normal photo taken with my iphone- no app

i showed the last one to Andrew- he emailed it to himself and put it in some crazy awesome app- (that i WILL be buying) and this is the outcome. 

We had lots of fun!  Summer in Chicago equals endless amounts of outside street festivals and live music.  I love nothing more then walking IN THE STREETS with my beer and listening to music.  Last weekend there was a fest right by our house- we went both nights, cause it's fun!  I took pictures to add to my blog (funny how i think of my blog ALL THE TIME).... but i haven't had a chance to upload any to my computer.  Gotta get around to that...

More to come on our plans for the weekend!!.....

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

photoshoppin' Skillz

My friend Jess Bullock is pretty awesome for a lot of reasons- but for this one in particular she used her awesome photoshoppin' skillz to add me into a picture.

I was the photographer- took a cute one of my friends.. then immediately said.."awe man, that was real cute, i wish i was in that"

Jess took the camera and told me wear to pose and she would magically insert me into the photo.  See below.....

Just me

the CUTE picture without me.

me & them!  I look hilarious- a little more excited then everyone else.

 Thanks Jess!  I posted a bunch last night, including my awesome new birthday prezzie..  check it out!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i phone photo

photo.JPG by jessicatchobot24
photo.JPG, a photo by jessicatchobot24 on Flickr.
Ok, flickr is pretty cool now. 
I can email photos from my phone directly to my blog.  
ok, i'm in now. 
good night!  

Summer 2011- testing

I gotta Soda Streamer for my Birthday!Taste Sampler....bubbly!First BBQ of the summer!!got my bike fixed!puppy love
my new plant

Summer 2011, a set on Flickr.

I am trying this posting from Flickr thing again- i guess if you want to see the pictures larger then just thumbnails click on it and it should take you to my Flickr page.

If anyone has any advice on how to make these pictures bigger, i'm all ears! 

My present....

bubbly! by jessicatchobot24
bubbly!, a photo by jessicatchobot24 on Flickr.

Soda Streamer!


1.) I rode my bike to work for the first time all summer...

2.)  I am heading back to Bikram (HOT)  Yoga for the first time tonight since my vacation..

3.)  it's 90 degrees today (im already HOT thinking about it).

4.)  I will turn on my AC tonight for the first time this summer when i get home.

5.) I want to wish you a happy OFFICIAL summer today blogger friends!!

tomorrow...i'll post my birthday presents!!  Guess what i got????

(hint- it's on this post  )

i'll show you tomorrow...  ;)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Weekend!

Side note first......

I just started a new Flickr account, because i started using iphoto more and i can easily add my pictures to iphoto from my camera and put them straight up on Flickr- then straight to my blog. Look at me! I am gettin' real savvy in my old age. 
Except!  I couldn't figure out how to add the pictures in the group without them being VERY small.  Can anyone give me any advice on this?  
I ended up just saving them all to my desk top and uploading one by one....

So......Speakin' of old age... It was my birthday yesterday! yippie! Thanks for all the b-day lovin' on Facebook- awe man, facebook really makes your day on your birthday.. I mean people i haven't talked to in years! Real sweet!

I had a great weekend.  On Friday we grilled out at a friends house- on Saturday i got my bike fixed and rode straight to Target to buy a new birthday dress!  Then i went to Sushi with friends for my birthday!  6 people..... 6 bottles of wine (byob)  that's how we roll. 
Needless to say, that night ended a bit early.. Then sunday brunch with more friends!  Then a bit of day drinkin' and out to dinner with my man. 
I got to blow out more candles... good.  now my wish can come true :)

here are some samples from my weekend- starting Thursday night with a little girls night...  i really need to stop drinkin, huh?  Well... it IS finally SUMMER!!.... i'll stop at another time...

Me and Jess riding a bike after $5.00 pizza night at the bar!

Me, Margo & Mary at Brunch for my B-day actual

B-day dinner on Sat. night- Sushi with friends!

Me, Hayley, Colie, Grant, Nick & Mary

Me, Hayley and Colie in our new dresses

This was thursday night also after pizza girls night... i dont have the energy to put these in order after the Flickr indecent....

Margo, Val, Jess & Hayley

Back at my b-day dinner the ladies!

Mary, Me, Hayley, Colie

and of course.... the WINE...

I'm a year older and a year wiser.. YEP!!  you read that correctly.  I am excited to blog all about my upcoming 32nd year... i hope for some big changes this year...... shhhh....

Friday, June 17, 2011

dun, nuh nuh nuh nuh- you say it's your birthday....

dun, nuh nuh nuh nuh It's my birthday too yeah!
I love birthdays and mine is this weekend!!!  Yippie!

Today at work we celebrated, here's a few shots of me.. drinking wine and eating cake..
not pictured.. me eating pizza.  (i MUST go back to yoga or running VERY soon...)  - after my b-day right?? Right.

i thought real long and hard about my birthday wish... then some one made me laugh so my laugh blew out the candle... will my wish still come true?  I need a re-do on my actual birthday, this one didn't count.

Wine and work.... best combination

Me, wine, and cake....  Happy Birthday to me!

Tomorrow night, i am having a Sushi date with my lovely friends then out for drinks in my hood... yipppie!  On Sunday (my actual birthday) i'll be hanging at home, and maybe dinner with andrew (and hopefully a candle to blow out).
It's father's day.. my father lives in texas, Andrew will be at work...if it's nice out perhaps i'll  go for a good long bike ride!  
happy weekend to you all, happy father's day to you and your poppa's!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I'm Reading...

The Help

                                                             What are you reading?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Song of the day.....

Here is a song of the day for you to enjoy, while i continue to catch up on all of your blog entries that i missed while i was gallivanting abroad!

Back story on this song is:
My friend Nick made a mix CD for me and my lady friends after our last girls trip (he's real good like that). So this song was on it.. i jammed out to it for a few months without knowing who sang it or what it was called (no names of songs...)  but then... we got a new computer and transferred over my music- but for some reason i couldn't find this song.  Then!  On the plane ride home from Amsterdam before watching 6 hours of Sons of Anarchy... (uh huh)....i was watching Hall Pass (i'm a sucker for a dumb romantic comedy).. anywho- in the closing credits of Hall Pass.... this song played..
we are reunited and it feels so good.  Now i know who sings it (after googling- song played at the closing credits of Hall Pass) - what did we do before the google machine? i am happy to  share it with you, hope you like!

Band: Empire of the sun
Song:  Walking on a dream

Sunday, June 12, 2011

i'm home!!

I am back in the Chi-town- so happy to be home and i am even more happy that today is Sunday and i have the day off!!  Phew... that jet laggin' stuff is forreal.
So i had hoped to post a ton of photos on here while i was gone- but the internet connection at our hotels were all a bit iffy.  

So i just posted some photos to my facebook page...check it out!

Here is the coolest one that andrew took on one of his fancy iphone apps. 

that's me on top of the e!!!  i almost ripped my pants crawling up there, but it was totes worth it. 

We had such a wonderful trip and i can't believe it's already over.  Every day we were telling ourselves... Live in the moment..... enjoy every moment... and we did- but the days were so full and still went by so fast!  We had 2 cameras, and 2 iphones.. so we got SO MANY SHOTS.. i think Andrew is going to use his Mobile ME account to make a photo library of ALL of our photos.  
Keep ya'll posted with that website address. 

I am off to Costco, the Jewels and Stanley's market to get some veggies/ food in my fridge and in my life.  
Now... on to summer time in Chicago. 
thanks for followin' my European Vacation...  it was well worth the 4+ years we have been plannin on going.


Friday, June 10, 2011

Turns out....

Things aren't as cheap as i thought in ole Europe.. just looked at our bank account.  OUCH!  I think i forgot to take into mind the exchange rate... Oh... jessica.....  use that noggin' of yours!

Welp it's our last day in Amsterdam, off to do what the amsterdam(ians) do best....  WE must finish it before we get on that plane...

It's been such a great trip and i am very happy we finally got to do it!  (4+ years in the making...)
Andrew and a I are a real good travel team, only a few dumb little quarrels, and we are still loving each others company! (duh!!)  xoxo

More pics. to come.... slow connection again.... i can't wait to have soup when i get home....

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Notes on Paris, Brussels, Bruges


1.)  None of the dogs are on leaches- just walking around, so well trained (chai would not fit in)

2.) There are no vegetables - i could have killed for some brocolli (still could)

3.)  The crepes were amazing- but a little intense for breakfast after being hung over...

4.)  Rue= Street, who knew?  i have been calling Chai Rue for years... she's named after a street

5.)  it does not get dark in Europe till about 10:15pm... seriously  andrew and i would take a nap- wake up at 9:15 and it would still be light out!!  So crazy;.. no wonder that city never sleeps

more to come- and pictures!  I tried to do it now but we are getting a very weak connection in Bruges...

on to Belgium:


1.)  Hung out with some fun brothers that were traveling for a month- got a few beers with them and basically heading back to the train.

2.) the bar we went to had a dog sitting on the bar stool... if i could upload-  that picture would be here.

3.) Beers were so cheap - 7.00 bucks for 4 good local belgium beer.

4.)  Didn't get to really SEE this city- just stuck close to the train station so we can get an early train to Bruges..

5.) Sons of Anarchy on the train... whilst viewing the lovely country side


1.) The hotel we are in is beautiful and i has the best shower ever (paris- not so much)

2.) it's pretty cold and rainy.... guess what  i have worn ALL 6 of my shoes that i brought!!!!  and it's day four-  and both coats i brought.. i packed real good, thanks again for letting me talk that out.

3.)  Everyone speaks english and really enjoys it- they start learning in elementary school and are very happy to talk in english (not like Paris)

4.)  You can still smoke in bars here

5.)  we walked 300 some stairs to get to the top of the Bell Tower it was an amazing view.

6.)  Went on the best beer tour it was an awesome brewery with one of the most entertaining guides.

7.)  Hilarious late night "clubs"  we went in- ordered a beer and sat outside it was like we were in Paris again.. love the outside seating everywhere - till 4am.

we are here now- so more to come on this-  off to Amsterdam tomorrow, after doing the canal tour in the morning.   but for now off to dinner in the rain.


Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm here... and oh man are we jet lagged.  Barely slept on the plane cause there were so many good things to watch!  Andrew brought season 1 of Sons of Anarchy so we started that.. i'm hooked.
But the plane ride was great and did NOT seem like 8 hours at all.
Getting to our hotel was THE WORST. I suggest taking a taxi, or the RER (train).   anywho our driver was a total ASS (excuse my french)... basically had our wrong address and tried to make us take a taxi instead of him driving... ...  but he drove us..  i said Sorry like 130 times.  and he TRIED to make us feel really bad.. didn't work.. Don't care sir, take me where i need to go. :)  i'll show that guy, that i'll never see again!

Any way we made it safe and sound... my impressions so far....
1. SUPER CUTE city

2. love the Cafe's

3. lots of stereo-types

4. people do not move out of your way when walking down the side walk

5. I'll say.... "Bonjour! do you know where so and so is..... i try a little french but then just go back to english and get a little flustered. I asked some girls for directions and after the gave it to me i said.... BONJOUR! instead of Merci'- and i was like... "dang! i meant merci'" in my best texas twang..

6. kids speakin' french is adorable (esp asian baby girls)

7. we have gotten lost every time we try to find our hotel. (not cute)


9.  Paris can be done on a budget - lunch for 2 of us (2 sandwiches and 2 Beers - $12.40- not bad!)

10.  andrew and i are both delrious, and are just trying not to fall asleep.  MUST STAY AWAKE.

We did a lot today tho!  Got on the Metro - and ventured on up north (i think).  Went to the The Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris

We walked up about 400 steps to get to the top of this beautiful cathedral- my legs are like jello....
(i did not take this photo)
but i did take a bunch of pictures but i'm too cracked out to upload them right now.  i'll do a whole other post about this- it was awesome- you could see a view of the entire city... the eiffel tower!!

Then we saw Moulin Ruge-  and Notre Dame.  We just got to get into our hotel room and there is free Wi-Fi! so here i am writing a post, and chatting with Hayley on instant message (hieeee)!
.... as Hayley says.... it is the 2000's after all. (that I'm in Paris and we are chatting at what seems like i am at my desk at work).

ok, bon voyage- off to drink some wine and eat dinner! and wake andrew up from his nap.. DANG HE FELL ASLEEP!!  we gotta get on Europe time.
Adios!  (i gotta learn, goodbye in french)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Horray for JUNE!

1.)  It's my Birthday month

2.)  Today is my last day of work before my European Vacation

3.)  It's finally SUMMER!!

4.)  The local neighborhood pool will be open when i get back

5.)  It's grilling season

6.)  Summer's almost over.

Just Kidding! Summer has just begun! And  i have one and half hours till I leave work for a whole WEEK!

7.)  going to PARIS.... TOMORROW!!!

clock.... is.... slowly.........slowly.....ticking...........

Happy June to you!
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