Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's a Girl!!

Layne Thomas Chobot
Born at 41 weeks
22 hours of labor (maybe one day i'll tell this story on my blog).
20.5 inches long

It's been a crazy, emotional, wonderful past 5 days.. I can't believe i've had a baby for 5 days!!  I tried to update this blog from my phone app but it hasn't been working- so this is really the first time i have opened my computer. And i really should be sleeping, because sweet Layne is sleeping and i'll be up all night.  But that's apart of the fun right?
Things have been going great so far.  She's lost a few ounces since birth, which is normal, but the doctors have been monitoring her weight gain.  We have gone to check up twice and today she gained 3 oz.  We go again on Friday and hopefully- momma's breast milk fatten's her up!

We are so in love with this little baby and i honestly can't believe she's finally here, and she's mine!  I love her little face and i can't stop starring at it.

Here are a few pictures.  Some have been posted on Facebook, but here they are regardless.  We have already taken SO MANY photos!

More to come, just wanted to get to this little blog before 5 days turns into 5 weeks.

Proud papa

Welcome to the world Layne!


Proud Momma

in my best stripes.

Big sister Chai loves Layne

Grandmas!  Stuck it out through 22 hours of labor. Love you grandmas! 

Welcome to the world Layne! We love you!  And hey- all that worrying about a boys name, during labor- we finally decided on a boys name.  BUT look it that!  We didn't need it.  If/when/IF we have another- boy's name - SET!

Thanks for all the love and well wishes on the Facebook. We are so excited and ready for this incredible ride.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thomas' in Chicago

Welp, my sister and her kiddos have come and gone in hopes to meet this baby! We had a great time while they were here and as much as I can't freaking wait for my baby to be here, it was nice to be able to hang out and spend time with them.

She brought her kids Simone (4yrs) and Julian (10 months).  
They are so cute and it was awesome having them here.
My sister made me super spicy food, had me drink raspberry tea, and rubbed my feet!! Hitting pressure points that are supposed to help induce labor naturally. (Didn't work so far). And she cleaned my house!! so awesome.  And we went for walks, and to the Children's museum.
Her last night here she was determined to get this baby out, and so we googled ways to induce labor and ended up on the You Tubes dancing and jumping around.  We searched "yoga pregnant dance to induce labor" it was a hilarious site. 
I'm sorry baby Chobot didn't come when they were here, but we had a great time and she was tons of help.  
My sister left today and my mom got here today, and so we wait some more.  Hopefully this baby will grace us with his/her presence so someone in the Thomas family can meet him/her before the holidays.

Here's a little photo dump of their visit. 
I can only hope that my baby is a cute and sweet as these two are.


Simone LOVES her uncle Andrew

Julian all dressed up to meet the Chobot's

Took to long to take this one

Ipad- Check, Water bottle- Check

Meeting the Chobots.  Alivia & Simone= Best Friends for life

Andrew's nephew EJ- 12 years old. Simone (4) said: "he was so handsome, i wanted to kiss him on the lips..."  She fell in LOVE

me, 40 week and 3 days late

Kissing her baby cousin

Julian feeding Chai Cherrios- Score!

Dori, rubbing my feet!!

Super mom, walking to the park

I love this face.

Currently 40 weeks and 5 days late now.  I have a Dr.'s appt tomorrow.  We will see what they say!  Hopefully it's something good!!  or i'll have a 41 week update on Thursday, sigh. 
If the baby doesn't come tomorrow- I am going to girls night at Hayley's house. She's making me spicy chili.  Come on baby!!!!  

Thursday, October 11, 2012

40 Weeks....

Pregnancy: 40 Weeks... Welp folks, we made it.  My due date! 10/11/12, and nothing to report over here. Now the official waiting game begins.  How late will baby Chobot be??

Weight Gain:  up 3 more pounds from last week. SHIT!  total weight gain 33 pounds.  I can't stop baking... Made these tonight. This is apart of my problem...

Next appointment:   Next week at 41 weeks. Wed. 10/117 at 2:30pm.  My mom will be here by then, and i hope to be sitting on my couch with my new born baby by that time...

Sleep:  Since being on maternity leave- I have been sleeping as much as possible.  Sleeping in, then most days taking a nap. It's been awesome.  Me and Chai, just sleep all day long...
Gender: ?????????????????? 

Names:  Girl name. officially complete- middle name too. Boy name... there are finally options and names in the running.

Feeling/ Symptoms: Doctor checked me again this past Wednesday at my appt. and no difference. I am 1 cm. dilated and 70% effaced still.  She offered to "sweep my membranes" but then said she couldn't because i was still only 1 cm. Besides that i am feeling pretty good.  When i walk Chai is when things really get moving.  I can feel contractions and lots of moving, but then i come home and it all stops.  I guess i need more walking and spicy food!

Movement:  Moves mostly at night when i am trying to go to sleep, and like I mentioned when i am walking around. i still love the movement, keep it coming little one!

Belly: I measured 39 weeks again.  

Maternity Clothes:  Thank goodness i am done with work, not much is fitting these days, and it's been cold so i have one sweater that fits over this bump.

Stretch Marks: sigh.....

Best Moment Last Week:  It's been great being home, on Monday i really got serious, i made pumpkin bread, cleaned out the fridge and the freezer, and cabinets and got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floor.  Since then, I have been relaxing.  I have seen a few friends for hot chocolate and donuts, and tomorrow going to lunch with Hayley! (if baby doesn't come tonight).  I am glad I was able to take this time off before the baby comes.

Nursery:  We ended up putting the tree decal we got in our bedroom above our bed, and put the little ikea mirrors that were there in the nursery.  Here is a picture of our new tree decal with my little arteest- making sure it looks good

What I Miss:  I'm starting to miss my old body.  But, i'll bounce back... I HOPE.

Looking forward to:  My sister and her kiddos are coming tomorrow! I can't wait to see them.  I guess a little part of me is glad the baby isn't here yet so i can actually hang out with them.   She is here tomorrow thru Tuesday, and my mom gets here Tuesday through the following Tuesday.  So this baby needs to get here before Oct. 23. GOT IT BABY!?!? and i really want him/her to be a Libra for some reason... so because of that- he/she needs to be here by Oct. 22nd.  ;)

What the professionals are saying:

How your baby's growing:

How your baby's growing:

It's hard to say for sure how big your baby will be, but the average newborn weighs about 7 1/2 pounds (a small pumpkin) and is about 20 inches long. His skull bones are not yet fused, which allows them to overlap a bit if it's a snug fit through the birth canal during labor. This so-called "molding" is the reason your baby's noggin may look a little conehead-ish after birth. Rest assured — it's normal and temporary.

Baby is the size of what fruit/ Vegetable?  Small Pumpkin!  (great now i want more pumpkin bread...)

Friday, October 5, 2012

39 Weeks!

Pregnancy: 39 Weeks. AKA- the final countdown....

Weight Gain:  up 1 more pounds as of Wednesday- total weight gain 30 pounds. My midwife said i did real good with my weight gain (HIGH FIVE!)

Next appointment:   Next week at 40 weeks. Wed. 10/10 at 12:30pm.  If baby hasn't come by then.  They made sure to remind me to call and cancel my appt. if i give birth... ummmm, couldn't they figure that out??

Sleep:  Sleep is pretty uncomfortable, but again- only when i change positions and get up to go to the bathroom.  One more weekend to sleep in before my due date.  And i will be sleeping as much as possible.
Gender: ?????????????????? 

Names: Still no boy name.  so it's gonna be a boy.

Feeling/ Symptoms: Got checked out at my appt on Wednesday.  I was 1 cm dilated, and 70% effaced! So i don't really know what all that means, but no labor yet. Although this morning i had a bit of a close call.  I had a pain in my side and thought it was labor- but it was pretty constant and didn't come in waves. Then it went away.  It was a pretty hilarious sight, Andrew and i starring at each other- me: trying to breathe and figure out what to do, Chai chewing on a bone sitting next to me and looking at me wondering what was going on.....   Any way, i felt better after a while, got up and drove to work.. (for my last day before maternity leave!)
Movement: Nice sharp movements over here, there ain't much room left in there so the movements are becoming pretty dramatic. Entire stomach ROLLS

Belly: I measured 39 weeks this time.  I guess that means the baby didn't drop?  who knows. 

Maternity Clothes:  I wear 2 skirts, and one pair of pants and rotate between them, and it's COLD out there now.  high of 50s this weekend. I am glad i'll be done with work and just loungin in my pj's.

Stretch Marks: sigh.....

Best Moment Last Week:  Hmmmm.. shoulda written stuff down, i already forgot what i did last week.  Watched Season one of Downton Abbey and started season 2.  Watched Season Premiere of Dexter. OMG. SO GOOD.  It is sad my best moments always involve tv?  Oh well.   Not much else happening over here.  In fact, I am looking forward to watching more this weekend!

Nursery:  Nursery is all done!  Here is the link to seem some pictures from my phone of the room.  click HERE - andrew's sister gave us another decal tree- so I'm excited to add that to the decal birds above the crib, hopefully that'll fill in the blank spaces.

Looking forward to:  Being done with work. Having a Monday to just sleep in and relax.. that is if the baby doesn't come this weekend.  eeeep!

What the professionals are saying:

How your baby's growing:
Your baby's waiting to greet the world! He continues to build a layer of fat to help control his body temperature after birth, but it's likely he already measures about 20 inches and weighs a bit over 7 pounds, a mini watermelon. (Boys tend to be slightly heavier than girls.) The outer layers of his skin are sloughing off as new skin forms underneath.

Baby is the size of what fruit/ Vegetable?  I guess its a watermelon from here on out... 


Monday, October 1, 2012

It's October!

It's officially BABY MONTH! 

I seriously can't believe 9 months came and went so fast!  And now it's OCTOBER! Seriously, time flies when you are not drinking and brewing a baby... ;)

Here's a list of things i still must accomplish before this baby arrives:

1.)  Clean my house- i mean really scrub those floors.  I wish i could hire a maid, but i guess i have a free one and his name is Andrew.  Sorry!  I can't get down and dirty on those floors, i can barely bend over!

2.)  Finish packing my hospital bag, I just need to add my PJ's which i wear a lot, so that is gonna be a last minute add in.

3.)  Give Chai a bath.  She's gotta look her Sunday best to meet her little brother or sister!

4.)   Bust out the Co-Sleeper and make sure it fits by our bed in our little room, and see if I need anything else with to go with it.

5.)  Finish Downton Abbey Season 2... I watched Season 1- SO GOOD!

6.)  Make a music play list to listen to whilst in labor.  I think i am going to go with a bit of Ole Paul Simon's Graceland in this mix (amongst others)  I think listening to music i know all the words too might suit me better than some monks chanting.... we shall see!  

7.)  Have Andrew take a fancy picture of me and my belly - with our fancy camera, or anything other than my iphone and in a different outfit then that old stretched out tank top.  Perhaps get a framer to remember this pregnancy by?

I honestly can't think of anything else.  Since i had my shower in July I have been pretty ready for a long time now.  I am just waiting to feel something, some sort of contraction, anything... I sure wish i knew when this baby was coming.  But yeah, i get it.  You don't get to know when the baby is coming, that's the fun of it right?!?!
I am such a planner, knowing the exact date and time Baby Chobot was gonna appear would be awesome...  That's how it happens right?  The baby just appears?

Did  I mention it's October ?? OMG. 

This post is brought to you by: Tired 9 month Pregnancy Brain.

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