Friday, April 29, 2011


We made some Chili last night for the first time all winter season - and yes, i still think it's winter outside.  It's cold, and i want warm things in my belly....  Behold the Chobot's creation of throwing all sorts of veggies, turkey meat, turkey sausage, beans, and tomatoes into a pot and cooking!  (this was our first time adding turkey sausage- was a hit). oh, and a little kit from the grocery store called 2 Alarm Chili:

Here is everything in the pot:

After simmering for about 30-45 minutes

My little bowl with a bit of cheese added:

My whole set up- had to have the glass of wine and salad! 

And here is the version i posted on Instagram- isn't Instagram the best?

 Happy Weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Photo of the day

Andrew and Chai
jammin' out on his computer making some tunes.  Nice little Wednesday night....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What i watched last night....

This post might be a multi- weekly occurance- cuz let's face it. I watch a LOT of TV and i like to talk about it!! What on earth did i do before DVR's were invented?

Last night, after yoga- i started the evening with a 90 minute episode of Glee, it was a good Episode Kurt is back at his original high school- but then, my favortie Darren Criss (Blaine from the Warblers) had a little number they sang to say goodbye to Kurt......
Cut to - me rewinding it 5 times and crying like a baby..
Hi, my name is Jessica and i am an ultra sucker when it comes to Glee.
I always loved Glee - since the pilot episode- but ever since Darren Criss joined the cast- it's so much better!

So i know you are dying to see the performance that got me... I must preface it by saying, i have always loved this song - Keane's - Somewhere Only We Know..

Give it a look:

Next i watched:  Bravo's - Pregnant in Heels
Are you watching this?  Cortney Marting Bonner? Are you!?!?  When i first saw the adds for this, i thought it was like that Teenage preggo mom show (i do not watch that, i have my limits people!)  -  But it's actually about Rich ladies in Manhattan that call this women- Rosie Pope (who is super likeable) they call her with all these ridicuolous problems (they are pregnant and they wear heels). She is a preggo conceirge (or something fancy like that) I know it sounds dumb, and it is- but it's another guilty pleasure.... i have no shame.

Then:  The Voice
I know i don't need a link to that it seems a lot of people watched that last night.  I didn't understand how they were going to make this work either, but they did!  I really liked it.  I've always loved Carson Daly- you guys ever watch his show Last Call with Carson Daly?  It comes on pretty late at night, and he's always got really cool guests. Great underground musicians and artists- things like that- check it out. 
So the Voice- yes, i am hooked I liked it.  I didn't make it throught the whole 2 hours (got tired) (still on DVR to finish later) So i got to the point where all the judges had 2 people in their group- and Adam Levine had 1.  (the kid he got had a crazy good voice!!)  If you had the choice to choose between all 4 of those judges, i wouldn't choose adam either.  Cee Lo all the way!  It's a really good concept, i am sucker for a good voice.  How cute was that folky couple that live in her mom's basement- singing Falling Slowy from Once.
(Once is such a good movie!! and i LOVE that song)
So needless to say, i'm in.  Another show to add to the DVR. Sorry Andrew!  I'm interested to see how the next stage in the competition will go- the part that looked like a boxing ring...

Okie Dokie- enough with my nerdy TV reviews. I can't wait till the office on Thursday (saying good bye to Michael Scott )  and the ROYAL WEDDING!! Dvr is set for 3am.  I'll be back to talk about those i am sure.

Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Good Friday and I'm at work.....

Hi lovlies,

It's Friday- finally!  But today, it's super rainy, cold and grey outside. I am completely over this weather.  Like, it's not funny anymore.  And i am just dreaming of the nice summer days that I know are lurking.  I just feel like since i am anxiously awaiting those days, i am not living in the present time.. just day dreamin', you know?  ahhhh... summer.. i will wait patiently for you....

Tomorrow it is supposed to be sunny (FINALLY) but still high is only around 62 (not complaining!)   And tomorrow I am running my first 5K of the season.  The course is around Lake Michigan and through the museum campus- it's so beautiful (if it's sunny).  And i got my 5k run mix all ready to go on my ipod.  I kinda can't wait!  Send good thoughts for sun please and thank you.

Below is a googled photo..... that'll be me-  tomorrow!  (probs the one in the back - the slow one) :)  but crossing that finish line is oh so glorious! 

Also- let's talk celebrity gossip for a moment (I am at work and all of my clients are closed because of good Friday = lots of time on my hands today)

First of all.  - i do not approve of : Scarlett Johanson and Sean Penn...
BUT - it's because, i love Sean Penn and respect him as an actor- and Scarlett... COME ON! She's the worst.....  they wont last. (im very passionate about this obviously)

And can we talk about Benicio Del Toro getting Kymberly Stewart knocked up?  How the hell did that happen?

Did you watch the Office last night? I cried like a little baby- it's gonna be real sad saying goodbye to Michael Scott- Steve Carell is the best- he doesn't even have to say anything- his face does all the work.  I wish that Will Farrell would replace him- but we shall see... it's gonna be real hard to fill those shoes. 

I finally watched season finale of Parenthood last night- although some of it was predictable- it was still heartbreaking and I cried like a little girl (and a baby) - pretty funny that i watched the office after to try to laugh a bit....  oops.

I want to read Tina Fey's book -

AND i can't wait till the movie Bridesmaids comes out, written by Kristen Wiig (who i LOVE)
Let's all watch the trailer while i continue to watch the clock.

Happy Good Friday folks. xo

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Livin' on the edge

Hey Ya'll

So instead of doing this last night:

 I opted for this instead:

My friend's boyfriend bought tickets to the Black Hawks game in hopes they would make it to the playoffs and they did! (i had no idea it was a playoffs game).  He couldn't go (had to work) so Hayley and I went and ditched yoga!  I of course felt EXTRA guilty that i didn't go to Yoga ( i should be working out, i AM paying out the butt for it!!) 
But i decided.. hey- i can do things like this NOW.. i don't have kids yet, and i can just decide at the last minute that i'll go to a hockey game and drink beer and cheer on a winning team... (again- didn't know they were winning) :)
I also decided next year for Lent i am giving up GUILT. 
Good one huh?  I dont really give up anything for Lent haven't for years- but being raised Catholic i have enormous amounts of guilt- and it's not fun.  Last night i let it go and we had so much fun! 

During intermission (you know...whatever its called in sports lingo)...

We saw this crowd and guys on the tv

of course i had to run and look!  Cameras? I'm there!!

The guys from the TV , live and in person!

also look who else was there: 
Vince Vaughn and his 12 year old girlfriend/ wife.. whateves..  i didn't see him but the paparazzi did!  He was on popsugar today.

Good times.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Song of the day...

Song of the day for this lovely friday is.....

Band: Talking Heads
Song: This must be the place

When i was planning my wedding, we were looking for our "First Dance" song. I was on the train headed somewhere.. and this song came on my ipod.  I started crying on the train.  I thought for sure this was it, i just loved it so much.  After listening to it over and over- i decided it might be too fast for a first dance so i change it.

to this:

Band:  The Pretenders
Song:  I'll Stand By You

I have always loved this song- but forgot about it.  The first dance SONG at my wedding was VERY important to me... almost the most important detail.  So when this song came on So You think you can Dance (sue me, i love reality tv)... i cried.. and KNEW 100% this was it.  When Andrew got home, we practiced dancing in the living room to this song.. and it won.

Happy Friday Friends!  and Happy Birthday to my sweet friend Cortney !  She's about to be a momma for baby number 2.. check out her blog and just look at her new nursery- my girl's got mad creative skillz!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Funny Facebook Status Day

Not much happening over here.. i was like.. jeez i wanna write in my blog- but i got nothing to say.....   
Then i thought... friend Hayley and always laugh secretly about people's funny facebook statuses.  We aren't making fun- (ok, so we are a little)  and we wouldn't necessarily "like" it on facebook- but some of them are just like.... WHAT?!?!!?  and hilarious.. So I have been collecting some pretty funny ones for a while now.  I keep a typed list going.. maybe one day yours will make the list and i'll blog about it :)

Some gems:

- gotta go into hardcore training mode to get this donkey ready for Lone Star Park
- how can you tell when a baby is drunk?
- "Lord, beer me strength." - Jim Halpert
- I'm totally going to eat this bunny tonight after everyone goes to bed.
- After 10 Dos Equis beers, I think I’m the most interesting woman in the world.
- So hungry, I want to take Cheez-Its in the shower with me. Bad idea, right?
- Tina Fey is on Ooooooooooooooooprah today! (You have to do the Oprah voice there, obviously)
- Just me and the biggest pistachio on New Mexico. No big deal
- $0 in the bank, $1,000,000 in my heart
- "Did you know that Tina Fey took improv in Chicago?" - Mom 5 minutes ago.
- You know it's been an out$tanding year when your tax guy says, "Well... at least you love what you're doing..... right?"
- Proudly drinking Smirnoff Twist Pineapple since 2010.
- would like to thank Facebook for showing him which of his friends understand sarcasm and which do not.
- thinks Rebecca Black is what would have happened if Ke$ha was straight edge.
- Workout. Haircut. Color. Facial. Teeth bleaching.
It takes quite a bit to erase the sins of my past. Or the past 24 hours...
- Saw the cutest couple at lunch today. Felt that dark knot of sadness at being single. Watched as the gentleman proceeded to eat with his mouth open the entire time and then ignore an obvious kernel of corn on his cheek. Thankful I decided to invest my time and energy into searching for an ecru blazer instead of a date...
- "I don't think surfing Facebook counts as 'not drinking alone'." "What about Skyping?"
- Cold weather, we need to talk. You know how much I love you, especially those great times during the holidays this last year. I felt so connected, so close. But, lately, I don't feel the same. It's not you, it's me. I've even started seeing someone else. You don't know him, but he's warm and it could be special. So, you can have your sweater back. Maybe someday we can be friends, just not now.
- I'm retaining so much water from this weekend's festivities that I had to adjust the car's tire pressure on the way to work to prevent a blowout, my ankles bear a striking resemblance to Eleanor Roosevelt's and I'm wearing my watch as a pinky ring.
- Does anyone else ever get that feeling where they want to give someone a million paper cuts and throw them in a pool full of salt and lemon juice?!
- God must love stupid people. He made SO many.
- Beautiful, Bodacious, Bright, Bashful, Brilliant... I was trying to figure out which word someone meant when they said I was being a real "B Word" today!


Monday, April 4, 2011

Can i have these?

So it's almost spring here in ole Chi-town and i am gettin' the shoppin bug like mad...
here are things i keep starring at on the interweb...
i wanna take the plunge on some.. on others...well,  i'll be glad i made this post come my b-day or Christmas so i can remember what i want..
here goes:::

Tom's shoes:  $44.00 - if you buy one, they donate to a child in need.  MUST GET THESE...

Food Saver-  this one officially make me OLD.. but i want it real bad-- too pricey so im gonna wait and hope for the best come my birthday... Andrew...are you reading???

Soda Stream- i drink lots of water- and and i buy lots of La Croix- i like the sparkly water.. i need this.

I wish my bed looked like this... i need a new duvet cover- not this one necessarily, but a fancy one in general... sooo many pillows.......

Red Cowboy boots. My momma actually gave me some, but they are WAY too big for my feet.... i need some that fit..

This cute little necklace with my initial on it... love these!

Picnic Table for my back yard.  I'm a renter though, so if i ever get one, it's comin' with me

Jeez-  i could go on and on.... i'll just be able to stare at my blog now instead of a bunch of different websites.
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