Saturday, June 22, 2013

8 Months!

I don't even know where to begin.  I CAN'T BELIEVE MY BABY IS 8 MONTHS OLD!
After getting through a long lonely winter- time has begun to go in mega speed and I can't keep up. 

Here are some out takes from her 8 month photo shoot.  

Sometimes she doesn't smile. ;)

Most of the time- She does.

The biggest milestone this month is: CRAWLING!  She's still getting the hang of it, one little leg/ arm in front of the other. slowly but surely.  First official crawl- Caught on camera (below).  I had my phone ready for weeks just waiting for the moment. And it happened in front of both Andrew and I. yay!

As i mentioned in the previous post.  I left Layne for the first time this month.  She was such a big girl and drank mama's milk from a bottle and slept for Auntie Aimee (i hope), and ate her solids.  Here are some of the pictures Aimee sent me when i was on my girls trip.  I missed my Roo SO MUCH!

Mama Auntie Aimee

Cousin Love

This might be the best picture i ever did see.
WE LOVE YOU AUNTIE AIMEE!!!! We can't thank you enough. 

We are  still going to play dates.  We meet with a great group of mamas and babies every other week.  There are 6 girls.  I love our little group and i feel so lucky to have found them.  We met through a group called Neighborhood Parents Network  a group i joined when i was pregnant.  We started with a 3 week- weekly meet up and continued to get together after the 3 weeks were up.  Friends for life! 

L- R Layne (pink top), Mckenna, Ayla, Lola, Madeline, Sophie.  Sweet girls.

And her sweet friends (met through Cruz & Oliva.

I know i have mentioned all my meet ups before. But i highly suggest doing something like this if you are a new mom staying home with your kiddo.  I was stuck inside all winter, and i started going to these meet ups when Layne was 3 months old. And it really brought me out of my winter funk.  I needed it.  I love it.  It's kinda like internet dating. for babies. :)

Happy Father's Day Andrew!  We love you and we appreciate you working so hard for us.

Documentation of the TEETH

Long 8 month post. Jeez!  
Let's see.  At 8 months she:
Went to Blue's Fest, Rib Fest, Do Division Fest - more festivals coming up (I love Chicago in the summer!!)
Tomorrow she will go in the pool for the first time!! (cannot wait) (Chicago public pools open this weekend.) WOOT!
She: Crawls
Sits up completely unassisted 
Loves all food. 
Tried & loves puffs.
Started drinking water (i think) more like spilling it down the front of her shirt.
eats 2 meals a day
Breakfast: Baby oatmeal and fruit 
Dinner:  Veggies.
She's still nursing great! 
Slept 10 hours without waking up (last night)
sleeps with a lovie in her crib.  
We lowered the crib.

It's 1 am and she is crying in her crib now. Her ears must be burning from this long post! So much for sleeping 10 hours!  

love you layner bird!  This month... New York here we come!  Andrew is standing up in a wedding.  Layne is staying with Auntie Aimee.  
and lots of POOL TIME!  

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Girls Trip 6

Another Girls Trip has come and gone and 8 of my very nearest and dearest were able to get together for a weekend of laughs, drinks, more laughs, games and pure awesomeness.
Last year Adair and I were both preggers on our girls trip and this year- our little one's were present on day 3.
Thank you 150 times to my sweet sister in law and Layne's godmother for watching Layne for 2 nights while momma had adult time.
I hope Layne was as good as she said she was!!  :)  It was very hard to leave her, but once we were on the road i let go.  It was good for me.  And we are leaving her again in July to go to NYC for a wedding.  We can do this!!

Our 6th Annual girls trip was hosted at the Twinbrook.  Twinbrook his my friends Jessica's parents house in Bourbonais, IL.  about an hour south of the city.  Needless to say it is a BEAUTIFUL house with enough rooms to fit us all!  - Layne even got her own room on the night she arrived.

I won't say much more and let the pictures speak for themselves.  What happens on girls trip- STAYS on girls trip.

Love my lady friends!!

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