Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I've sorta missed blogging and I often think if idea if what I could blog about. That includes my sweet baby girl of course. So here's a thought. A post about firsts. Could be a weekly post or biweekly we shall see.
But here are some for now. And I'm doing this from my phone so it's harder to get the picture that goes with the activity in order. But I'll try.
Here are some of her firsts. Pictures are next.

First smile: we saw last week.

First Christmas party at my friend Jess' business

First holiday party at Hayleys house

First vaccines (2 month shots). Lots of tears from both her and I.

First time taking a bottle. ( I wanted to do an entire post on this) my exclusively breast fed baby does not like the bottle (with breast milk in it) she has finally taken it twice after many failed attempts. I never thought this would be an issue. But we will keep trying. Andrew has to give her the bottle while I leave the house. She knows if I am here and won't take it! Smart cookie.

First time: quitting my job to be a stay at home mom! Yep! I sure did. You see I didn't get paid enough to be able to afford day care or a nanny so if I stayed home it helped us out more. Needless to say we are on a strict budget! But I've always been a good saver so my goal is to figure out how to pay bills, rent, eat, buy diapers and save off of one salary. I quit a couple of weeks ago and gave my one month notice after being there 3years. I'm hoping to go back somewhere full time after a year. Or perhaps part time somewhere after 6 months. Depending on how we are doing.
Back to Layne..

First: plane trip!! Ill post this one again cause it hasn't happened yet. But this weekend we are flying to Dallas for Christmas. Weather gods be good to us!

First: time holding her head up for a good while during tummy time.

First: photo shoot for her Xmas card! (Taken by Andrew an I)

First: successful swing! Thanks for letting us borrow it colie!

Ill have to think of more. Here are some pictures

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