Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving in Dallas 2013

The Chobot's went to Dallas for Thanksgiving this year!  It's quite time we started to switch up the holidays with our families- so since Layne was in Dallas last Christmas we made the switch.
This is my first time being home for Thanksgiving since HIGH SCHOOL!  That being said- it will also be the first Christmas I don't go to Dallas for the first time EVER!  Sniff, sniff... Momma is growing up...

So here is a photo dump from Dallas. Of course I didn't take nearly enough pictures and my phone broke half way through the trip so I am back on a iphone 4 with a pretty bad camera.  Enough excuses on my lack of blogging- here we go!

Thanksgiving Day:

Waiting for the food!

Aunt Holly came over to visit on her birthday

It was Julian's Birthday too and he just loved "baby"

Apples to Apples - back in play!

Cousin Play date

Then we went to Klyde Warren Park on a beautiful Friday Afternoon and ate our hearts out at all the food trucks.  I had the most amazing fish and chips EVER from a food truck.

Matching leggins and toms :)

Fun, with Aunt Holly

Then we crashed a birthday party that Cortney invited us too, our friend Kelly & Jack's 3 year old son.  Of course I didn't get ANY pictures of actual adults at the park- just layne...  Sorry!  Love you gals!!

Note to self: don't wear tights to the park. 
 Holly's birthday dinner!  I got sick with a cold that night- so I wasn't too much fun and didn't last long. Sorry Holly! Dinner was great though-  We went to H&G Supply Company (stands for Hunters and Gatherers)  Good, fresh organic food.

Dinner! Then we went to the Truck yard, a cool awesome bar.
Then Andrew and I went to good ole White Rock Lake on our last day there to check out the sunset.  Always so pretty.

Thank you Dallas it was great, and I am already missing your weather and the live in babysitters we had in Nana and Papa.  

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