Thursday, January 9, 2014

I'm an aunt again!

I forgot to tell my blog that I'm an aunt again!  Read: My Layner Bee is no longer the baby of the family . ;). It lasted 14 months!
Isaac Dion Crutchfield was born on Dec. 19, 2013.  His due date was originally 12/30 via c-section and when my sister's water broke a few weeks early....  They were ready for the c-section. (Her last baby was born via emergency c-section and this was the route she chose for this one). Although.. She said she couldn't imagine anyone choosing this route if they didn't feel they have too.  She says the recover is brutal..... 
Sorry. Tmi? 

Let's look at a baby picture! 

Layne and I are heading to Dallas for a week in March.  Can't wait to cuddle this little dude! 
And to get out of this ridiculous winter.  

Oh and to meet my other new nephew Oscar!  (Doggie nephew) 

Congrats to Holly and Erich for rescuing their first dog baby! 
Dallas here we come! March can't come soon enough. 

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