Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break in Dallas

Layne and I went to Dallas for Spring Break! ( My sister is a teacher and she and her kids were on spring break.. and all the rest of Dallas)... We had such a great time and we really needed the sun and the warm weather.  I'll tell you what- it snowed here yesterday and I was REALLY missing texas. (SAD FACE)  But i know the beautiful weather is slllooooooooowllly coming to Chicago so I will just sit back and be extra patient.  Until then, I'll look back on what a fun trip we had....

We got there, and my nephew Julian and Layne fell in love..  a love / hate relationship, like any family members close in age.. right?!?

This is Issac..  He is 3 months old... and OOOOOHHHHHHHH Soooooo smalllll and squishy....  

We went to the Dallas Zoo.  Thank goodness for my handicap/ membership holding mother- to the zoo. The zoo was PACKED (because of spring break)  and we parked right up front, and walked right in.  I'm glad Lincoln Park Zoo is free in chicago every day... if not- I would def. buy a membership, 100%.  Walking around looking at animals with kiddos is great and exhausting for them! ;)

Then we went to Klyde Warren Park again.... Which may I say.. I LOVE.  Great food trucks, fun little kiddo park in downtown Dallas..... but- can they please get some trees?! My poor little pale child (and myself) don't know how to be in the sun that long.  So good to see my friend Cortney and her adorable children... Ben.. oh ben.. so sweet to baby Layne..   You guys raised those children real nice my friend. Sweethearts. xo

cousins and chobot's melting in the sun.. (not complaining) 

Crosby running around and Ben holding on to layne giving her a big ole hug.. (tears)

love you!! xo
Any of my friends "readers" remember my first (eldest) niece Olivia?  She used to be 5..... well she's just as beautiful as she used to be but now she is THIRTEEN....  and tall and all legs..  OH MY GOODNESS.... 
She just got accepted into the private school (high school) she wanted to get into and... she made it on to their cheerleading team! I am so proud of her... LOVE. and seeing her with Layne, just broke my heart, in an extra good way. :)

We had lots of fun going to the park across the street from my parents house, just walking my parents dog Chico- and swinging with cousins and hanging with grandpa (papa)

PS. I love this picture and it is now my wallpaper on my phone.  This child waves at everything and everyone. xo

Dallas has lots of kid friendly places.. We have been to the Dallas Arboretum quite a few times in my life but they just opened an entire new KID Section... Oh My!  It was amazing. I highly recommend it if you are in the area, great for all ages.   

My sister and her beautiful children. xoxoxo

Layne and Simone.

She got soaked here (bring a change of clothes, i'm glad i did!)

She had SOOOO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!

And we picked such a great week to come home, we got to go to a 2 year old birthday party of our friend Jenn's baby boy Nolan.  YAY! Thanks for having us. It was really fun- and he gave Layne a goodbye kiss on the way out.....  

And here are just a few around my parents house.  

The weather was amazing.

She might be ready to smack him here.. LOVE YOU JULIAN!!!


Simone made a fort and Layne- LOVED IT.

We had so much fun in Dallas, but I have to mention my sweet BFF holly who does not like pictures taken of her,  and I respect that.  But this is my blog and it was soooo good to spend time with her and she doesn't read this blog... so... we love you aunt Holly!!!  

True love.  Thank you for the frog Aunt Holly- We love Holly the hop hop froggie and YOU. ;) 

And nice to meet you Oscar ! 

Holly's first child.

I love you Dallas, and had such a good trip that we will cherish always. But we missed Andrew (daddy) and Chai Chai.   Till next time dallas.... 

OH!  We will be going to South Padre Island Texas in July to celebrate both of my parents turning 70 (a couple of years ago).... so until then... 

Summer in Chicago..... please hurry the efffff up!

Thanks for making it through this post.  

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