Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Layne's First Ballet Class

I have been slacking and i think I failed on the weekly photos.  I got pretty far though!  A lot has been going on- and I'll update that soon. But I should mention, I need to change the name of this blog!  We moved!
We moved about 20 min out of the city into a town called Brookfield.  Home of the local Zoo. Come visit! BURBS!
More on that later.... with pictures and details.

For now- Layne took her first Ballet class!  It was a free first time class (we didn't join because we knew we were moving at the time).

Here are some photos our friend and Sophie's mom Heidi took.

4 out of 6 girls from my moms group (the other 2 were out of town)  L- R  Sophie, Ayla, Lola and Layne (with food in her mouth.   But i LOVE this picture so much!  

My sweet little ballerina. 

This is a framer

Layne holding Sophie's hand.  She LOVES Sophie and thinks she is her real life baby doll.  
More soon! 


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