Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dallas - November Edition

First there was a lot of bar going time, then there was a lot of drinking at holly's house time, and trying new bars/ food in my parents neighborhood... then wedding extravaganza!! Then my sister's baby shower! Oh! Did I mention my parents got a new puppy?!? Oh goodness. ... This doggie is so small and adorable! Pics from my phone to follow from the fastest weekend ever!!!

Ps. Posting a blog from my phone is pretty much the best thing ever. I just finished watching Glee, now I'm on to Gossip Girl from my couch whilst i type on my phone.. Oh, did I mention I'm a teenage girl and I still love dramas about teens... Cool, on to Dallas photos..,

My niece Simone, and my parents new puppy, CHICO!
BFF Bridesmaids
BFF wedding Rings.
Kyle and Adrianne, me and  Holly- after party.
Bridesmaid beautiful Flowers
Chico in Andrew's arms... so SMALL
My nieces- Simone & Olivia.  Love them!
Me and the beautiful Bride, watching the guest arrive
Rehearsal Dinner- Bridesmaids
Instagram Wedding Rings.
the happy couple.

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