Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Main stream

So I first heard this song back in January and blogged about it immediately. Ever since then I became obsessed! And that is an understatement. See when I love a song, I can't stop listening to it over and over and over...and that is what I did with this video on you tube. (Poor Andrew). And i just got the entire album....GOOD!

Then it got really, really popular which is great but now I feel it's a bit over played? Main stream?
Not that I care that much about main stream, but I guess in a way I do. It started to get played on every radio station, the band is going to be on Saturday night live this weekend (which I will watch).

Then, on Tuesday night after a VERY long break Glee returned and lo an behold they sang this song. You know I loved it. It was great, this was not so bad, because they did the song justice.. My favorite guy sang it..check it out.


BUT then....are you ready for the kicker? (thanks for making it this far if you have...while I vent away about nothing important.) haha!

So... The kicker. Dudes they sang it on American Idol tonight.... It was NOT GOOD...and made me a little mad at the song. Talk about cheese fest 2012. - cringing just thinking about it.

I hope my love comes back this weekend when I see the real band Gyote sing the original version on SNL.

That's my rant.... Good right? And important? I know, thank goodness for this blog or I wouldn't have a place to share my thoughts on main stream music. I dont go for it.

In other news, we got an iPad! I am typing on it now, because Andrew finally put it down. ;) It was not my idea to get it, but I guess it's pretty cool. Bigger than an iPhone smaller then a lap top (can you tell i didn't think we needed it). - talk about main stream. ha!
We got it at Best Buy 18 months no interest. Andrew has really been wanting this little contraption for a long time so it's his birthday,Christmas, anniversary gift for the next few years.

What did I get at Best Buy? The new Shins album.
 Fair enough, I do love The Shins.
It's really good, I am in the process of listening to it over and over...but i can say it's worth the 5 year wait since the last album.

And one more time..... just to get the bad American Idol version outta my head.  Good night folks!

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  1. amen, sista, amen.
    two things:
    1) i just got the new shins album also and am loving it. (are we the same person?)
    2) i just learned that the shins is really just the lead singer. he switches out band members from other bands. any project he is involved in is called the shins. fun fact of the day.


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