Friday, January 6, 2012

Song of the Day

Just heard this song on my XRT radio station... can i work for them yet? 

Heard the song for the first time... stopped what i was doing.. googled it, found you tube video and posted it here to share! 

Band:  Gotye
Song:  Somebody that I used to know. 

(Apparently i really like indie rocker boys singing right at the camera?)  But his voice!!  Give it a listen..

Remember this Song of the day i posted a year ago?  Another boy face singing at the camera.  Good stuff.

Also today my friend Amber posted one of my most favorite songs on the facebook and i listened to the whole thing for the 150thousanth time.. and it too helped my day turn around. 

This song is awesome and it'll make you smile for sure!
(and i am pretty sure it's a "song of the day" in days past, but i can't find it- i really need to go back and give all my posts labels....)  

I digress.....Enjoy! 
Happy Weekend

1 comment:

  1. that is too crazy...i heard this song for the first time yesterday. it's gooood.


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