Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Friday


The sun is shining and my work week is coming to a close.. That deserves a HAPPY FRIDAY post!  I walked to work today, so i have a 2 mile walk home.  Gotta get in my cardio some how, because  the gym has become annoying lately......   ;)

I want to share this hilarious video with you to help you start off you weekend right! 

Click on this for a good laugh:  It's Will Ferrell on Jimmy Fallon last night.

- I tried to post the actual video but i couldn't figure it out, so you gotta click to enjoy the hi-larious-ness.

I love Will Ferrell, and he's on SNL this weekend.  I have a real exciting weekend going on ya'll.  Hope yours is extra fun!

In other news, one of my nearest and dearest is in labor RIGHT NOW!!!  Her water broke this morning and her contractions are in full effect.  Can't wait to hear the news!  It's her second baby and her second BOY!  EEEPP... congrats Jess!!! We love you!!

This is her yesterday, just texting me an updated belly pic, with her adorable son Jackson! Little did she know, TODAY WOULD BE THE DAY!! (she's 2/3 weeks early).


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