Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Long weekend!

I had a real good long weekend and I hope you did too! Friday night we went to honkey tonk happy hour to view the band my dear friend Hayley is having at her wedding, then had a nice birthday dinner for her.

Then slept a lot in the cool AC. It was 90 degrees out this weekend!
We went to a BBQ and out to brunch but the only day I have pictures of is Monday.

Andrew's family came out to spend the day with us in the big city! (from the suburbs). It was a really great day that ended with starting Season 2 of The Killing!!! Have you watched this? It's on AMC after Mad Men. We just started season 2 so no spoilers! But season one is on the instant Netflix if you are interested. It's about...... A killing. Hehe.
But seriously. Pretty good summer watching!

Photo dump from my weekend on my iPhone

Tyler on the other end of my see-saw
Me and the sister in laws.
Andrew- Mid flip at the jungle gym!
Sweet face Tyler
Andrew prepping.
Chai- hiding from random fireworks - under the bed.
Neighborhood little park
Mason hanging.. LOOK AT THAT FACE.
This is a HORCHATA Milk Shake and the other is a NUTELLA Milk Shake.. uh huh.. Best thing i ever tasted.

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