Tuesday, November 20, 2012

One Month!

My sweet baby Layne is one month old (yesterday).  I can't believe we've been hanging out for a month! And i mean hanging out.  I haven't really left the house much in the last month.  But in the past week we have been out on our own!  Layne and i went to girl's night last week to watch Top Chef at Hayley's house!  This month has really flown by and i am so proud to call her my daughter.  She's pretty cute, I'll keep her!

In one month, she's gotten back to her birth weight and more!  Baby's an eating machine.
She's really good with her big sister Chai, and vice Versa.  Chai is very gentle with her and Layne is so curious to know what that fur is that she is touching.
She's starting to hold my gaze more.
She doesn't like tummy time.
She is starting to sleep more. (hallelujah!)  (up to 3 hours now!)
She goes through like one million diapers a day. Pooping machine!
She loves when mommy sings to her out of tune.  (i mean who wouldn't).
She's gotten lots of super cute outfits and I am trying to make her wear all of them before she's too big!
We love our little chicken nugget and we are soaking in every minute.  While taking 150 million photos each day.

I posted these pictures on Facebook, but if I am going to keep this blog going, I really should document it here too.

Layne's one month photoshoot:

Happy one month my little Laynie Bell.

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