Monday, November 5, 2012

Visitors and other things

I have tried to keep up with this blog, but my iPhone app has crashed and I am not sure how to fix it.  So it takes some time to get to this ole computer.
Here are some photos of some of the wonderful visitors that have come to meet miss Layne.
I didn't get pictures of everyone, because I forgot to.  This post pregnancy brain is a whole lot worse that actual pregnancy brain.  But thank you to those not pictured:
Erika & her kiddos who came by and brought Layne some gifts and dinner for us!  Also to Hector and Laura who brought Layne the coolest Baby CD ever.  Rock-a-bye Baby  Lullaby's of the Pixes, The Beatles, and Radio Head.   Why didn't we think of this???!  Little Layne has been jamming out over here.

Here are some photos of visitors and things that went on these past few weeks.

Hayley & Jess on Layne's Birthday at the Hospital

Auntie Anne

Alivia & Layne- sweet cousins

Aunti Aimee demonstrating the Moby Wrap with Layne tucked in there

Hayley & Steve brought over wine and dinner for us!  Nice little adult Friday night.

Dawn & Shae- Co workers holding down the fort came to see miss Layne

Auntie Alison, stopping by with much needed coffee and sweets

Auntie Mary came today to see Layne- with Beautiful flowers!

Grandma giving Layne her First Bath!

Chai loves her

those lips

first walk around the hood with the stroller. I felt legit

Andrew took lots of pictures

me trying out the moby wrap.
Tomorrow Layne and I are going for a walk to vote.  Wish us luck!  Our first venture out with out daddy.
xoxo  must nap.

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