Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This has been a big week of firsts for us. On Layne's 3 month birthday we moved her into her own room and I am proud to say she's been sleeping in her crib in her room for a week now!

Although putting her down to sleep has become a bit of a struggle.
We start around 8 ish with a bath if its bath day (every other day) then ill take her into her room and nurse her then attempt to put her down. Most nights she cries then Andrew goes in after a while to try to calm her. Then if that doesn't work ill go in one more time (or more if needed) and nurse her again or change diaper and then she's been falling asleep between 10pm and 11. And wakes up at 6am!!!
That's right, she's sleeping through the night. Hallelujah. At 6 ill wake up change her, feed her, then she falls right back to sleep till 10am. !

Thanks for making it through the boring part. It's exciting for us, cause we get to sleep with the lights off!
Besides the glow of the monitor I stare at all night....

We also stopped swaddling her. She never liked it any way. She has had one hand out in minutes after we got her all tucked in, since she was born.

Another first: she laughs! Gone are the times of the one little giggle. We have full blown laughs over here. She loves getting those arm pits tickled. (Unlike her mommy).

And yesterday... She ROLLED OVER!!! Oh man I got so excited I think I scared her more than the roll. After I cried a bit from excitement, I busted out the iPhone and got it on video for Andrew to see, since he was at work. :(

Don't worry dad, I did it five times and mom caught it on camera!

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