Thursday, March 21, 2013

5 months!

My little boo is 5 months old! We are almost half way there to one year! Not a lot has changed really since my last post. But lets see..

She got baptized! She got baptized in the same Catholic church Andrew and I got married in. Andrew's sister Aimee and her husband Mike are the God Parents. Ill post more on this later

She's still just as happy and giggly as always.

She's droolfest 2013 at all times. We gotta keep a bib on as to not ruin every outfit immediately.

She's growing our of all her clothes.. We are moving into the 3-6 month and 6 month range

We are going to Dallas! Just Layne and I are going in April. So I had to go out and get her some short sleeve onsies. Layne is gonna feel warmth for the first time in her sweet little life. Yay Texas!

She's been sleeping pretty good. Momma has even had a couple nights out on the town after putting her to sleep and daddy stayed home with her. (High five!)

I've been going to a bunch of momma meet ups so she's been meeting lots of babies her age. This is good for momma.

She got her first rash. :/ not good. Not sure what it was but it scared me! It went away after a couple of days. Don't come back!

She's a babble machine.
And a cute one at that.

Weight (measured by me carrying her on the scale.)  16 pounds

Looking forward to:
Her first Easter!
Back to Dallas!
Momma and daddy date night: The Book of Morman... Woot! (Be good Layner bird)
Warm weather!
Sitting up by herself (When does this happen?)
First foods! (I'm waiting till 6 months I think we are starting with avocado)

Photo dump:

5 month photo shoot

red cheeks and beating up the poor panda

Auntie Aimee and Layne getting ready for the baptism

During the baptism (disregard my face)

teeny tiny Toms a gift from Auntie Aimee

Just a little tummy time

Busted out this jumpy thingy-  not sure if our base boards in this old chicago apartment can handle it. This might get returned



Here's a pic of the rash.  It CLEARLY didn't bother her.  ;)

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