Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Layne got Baptized!

Hey folks.  I am going back in time here because i finally got some photos on my computer from Layne's Baptism and Easter.  (Easter will be another post).
And i have been inspired to write my birth story.. so hold your hats, that's coming one day soon too.  (not for the faint at heart).

Here are some photos from Layne's baptism that occurred on March 17th, 2013.  2 days before her 5 month birthday.

Andrew and I were both raised Catholic and so we decided that we wanted to get Layne baptized.  As much as I wanted my family to be here, all the planning happened so fast and we all decided to go ahead and do it with them in Texas,  and show them pictures.

Layne's Godparents are:

Mike & Aimee Adair (Andrew's sister and Brother in law)

Photo dump...

Aimee getting Layne dressed

I'm always ready for a camera.. (i wonder were Layne gets it from?)

Priest doing the sign of the cross

Listening closely...

Getting Baptized.


Us and Mike and Aimee

Us and Andrew's parents - (hands in the mouth- tastes so good!)

Aimee and Mike's kiddos.  Check out this girl, she's got sass!  Mason, Alivia and Tyler.  And Andrew's 98 year old Grandmother- Baba.

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