Tuesday, May 21, 2013

7 Months!

The half way point to a year has come and gone- and now my little one is SEVEN MONTHS old!  And it's summer!! and summer always flies by in Chicago, so I am going to blink and we will be at her first birthday!!  (TEAR)  it goes by way too fast....

The biggest thing that happened this month is:

SHE GOT TEETH!  Her two little bottom teeth have poked through.  Although they are still just little sharp daggers at the moment, I am sure they will make it all the way up in no time.  It was a long couple of nights when they busted through, but with a little help from Hyland's Teething tablets and Baby Tylenol.  We made it.  She is still rocking the Amber Teething necklace- which a lot of people ask me about..  You can read about them here

The necklace in action.

She got to swing on the swings for the first time!

At her cousins' house with Alivia pushing her. (And Mason wishing he was.)  They love their "baby Layne"

Then again at the park with mommy pushing- she wasn't too impressed this time.  (baby shorts not pictured)

She celebrated her first cinco de mayo!  (by dressing up accordingly and mama posting it to Facebook/ Instagram)

She retired the baby swing and borrowed an awesome jumpy thingy from her friend!  (Thanks Erika!)  Boy does she love this thing.  We have started to put her in it at dinner time and even though I am still eating at lightning speed, she's making it easier on me to slow down a little and enjoy my food.   But then i just end up laughing at her the whole time.  The jumping is a little too cute!

She went to the Brookfield Zoo with her cousins.  (she's now been to 2 zoo's in 2 different states!)
L-R. Mason, Tyler, Sophia, Alivia, and Layne!
She's still going strong on food.
So far she's tried: (pureed/mashed)
Avocado, Bananas, Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash, Pears, Green Beans, and today we are starting Zucchini.

Non Pureed foods she's tried are:  Steamed Sweet Potato, Avocado, Banana, chunks of apple

In action with a chunk of banana 

Also at seven months:
She is still nursing like a champ
She is sleeping through the night
She is talking a lot!  Chatter Mcgee
She is still going to tons of play dates.
She went to her first free music class!  (no pictures- but it was awesome!)
She is starting to love her big sister Chai.
She sits up pretty well on her own.  I'm still on guard just in case she tips over.
She's a good eater.  Let's me spoon feed her and she picks up food on her own and makes it to her mouth.
Sleeps on her stomach with her butt up in the air.
Not crawling, but scooting a lot.  We are getting close.

Looking forward to:
In June we are having our annual girls trip.  It will be in Illinois, but I am going sans baby for the first 2 nights!  Thank you Auntie Aimee for watching Layne!  (Andrew would do it but he'll be at work).  So I am a bit nervous to leave her for 2 nights, even though she'll be with a pro.
I have been pumping and pumping to get enough milk to leave with her and we have started practicing on the bottle again.  (she's never been a good bottle drinker)
But yesterday, I gave her the bottle myself and she drank the whole thing!  It took a while, but it made me feel much better to see that she will not starve herself.
But, have you seen those cheeks?  I think she'll be fine.

Also in June.. she turns 8 months on my birthday!!  Double celebration :)

Oh!  And my first mothers day was great!

Andrew (and Layne) got me flowers and 2 pedicures, dark chocolate bar and this cute little creation with Layne's statistics from birth.   It has since been colored and will soon be hanging in Layne's room. Inspiration from my pinterest board.  

Happy 7 months my little Roo!

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