Thursday, July 25, 2013

9 Months!

9 months seems so old doesn't it?  IT DOES !!  She is a moving/ crawling/ pulling up/ lifting/ standing/ never sits still toddler!!  JK.  I know she's not a toddler yet.  She's still my little baby Roo.  But man how things are changing.  No more sitting around the park or play dates holding on to my non mobile baby.  Now I am at play dates up and on the move following this little one making sure she doesn't get in to any trouble!  :)  Cute trouble of course.

Let's see- this past month as i mentioned above she's grown leaps and bounds!  We had her 9 month check up.

Weight: 20.3 pounds - 75th percentile
Height:  28.5  75th percentile
Head: 45.2inches (forgot the percentile)

We got a new pediatrician this month (our other one changed professions)  So I was excited to meet her and i like her so much more than the old one.  Andrew went with me to this appointment and thank goodness he did... because at the 9 month appt. they DRAW BLOOD!  From the baby's arm!! it was heartbreaking and so wrong to see. Just a warning out there... no shots on the 9 month... but yeah blood drawn- just as bad.

her poor little arm. 
We celebrated the 4th of July!  A lot of my friends were asking me how she did at the fireworks- and she did great!  To be honest it didn't even cross my mind not to bring her with to see the fireworks.  She was only up a little bit later than her bed time.   And we had a fun day spending time in the burbs with the Chobot's/ Adair's

Momma got a momma hair cut:

10 inches!  And donated to locks of love
Layne is a crawling machine (as previously mentioned)

Lots of fun activities!  Went to Millennium Park for the first time

Cruz and Layne

Went Swimming for the first time (she's an old pro now)

We went to more festivals! Logan Square art Fest and West Fest

She went to her first funeral.  RIP Baba.  Andrew's 99 year old grandmother past away.  She lived a long wonderful life and left behind a HUGE Family!  Layne was apart of the 44 great grandkids.
We love you Baba!

Pulling her self up and standing!

Girl Group! (i picked the picture where layne looks the happiest- it's my blog!) ;)

Lola, Sophie, Layne, Ayla, Mckenna

Lots of pictures!  Happy 9 months Layne.  Momma and Daddy went to NYC and left you with Auntie Aimee but that was technically after your 9 month b-day. I'll do a separate post about nyc.

At 9 months:
we started her on 3 meals a day. and snacks throughout the day.  Still making our own food and giving her finger foods.
Still on a pretty strict napping schedule.  Up 2 hours- nap- up 2 hours- nap- up 3 hours- sleep.
She is still sleeping 12 hours a night with a wake up after 8/9 hours then back to sleep. Mama's little sleeper- thank goodness.  Anyone who knows me- knows i am a SLEEPER.
This weekend we are going Camping with the Chobot's! Baby's first camping trip!
Breastfeeding still going strong! Although our sessions are much shorter and she is much more distracted lately. moving around/ kicking/ pinching my arm.  ha!  I still love it though. :)

ps. Summer is over.

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