Thursday, July 25, 2013

In New York....

This was a big trip for us.  First official trip without baby Layne out of state, left for 3 nights and 4 days.  Andrew was in a wedding of our college friend Bryan in Westchester New York.
So we flew into NYC on Saturday morning and took the Metra North Train up north about 30 minutes.
Got there and went to one of the most beautiful (fancy) weddings I have ever been to.
The food and drinks were amazing and the view was just as great!

After a super fun night- we were off to the city on Sunday.  We stayed with our old friend Kelly who lives on the upper east side. (she's not old, we have just been friends a long time) ;)

Her street.  

Best bagels ever

We went out to dinner and drinks Sunday night- and then Monday Andrew and I hit the city!  We went to the Guggenheim Museum and saw the James Turrell Exhibit which was great.  Andrew the art teacher says :   he focuses on light as a sculptural medium  
I say:  There is lots of light and it changes colors.  :)

When we walked in we saw all the people laying on the floor looking up. That in itself was almost cooler than the art.  I mean I know it's apart of the art.....Art.  It's all art. ha!  

Andrew the photographer

What everyone was looking at.

Super cool. 
We also went to the Metropolitan Museum and saw a exhibit about PUNK! Fashion. Also super cool (no pictures allowed in that one)

Then we went to Time Square- just to see it again.  I have been to NYC many times but I gotta see Times Square when I go. The theatre dork in me always gets a little nostalgic walking on Broadway!  

NYC Taxi
Thank you again to Auntie Aimee for watching Layne.  I must say I am so blessed to have her here and so happy she loves Layne so much that she can handle her and the three kids she already has !  THANK YOU!  
Also- As i mentioned in my 9 month update. I am still breastfeeding.  So this trip was very interesting for me. I had to stop where I was every 4 hours- and Pump!  
I am so proud of myself for doing it and I saved and brought back on the plane 40 ounces!  (i didn't keep the milk when i was drinking).
I pumped at a bar called American Trash
I pumped in Times Square at Toys R Us.  Note to future nursing mama travellers- Baby's R Us has a "mothers room"  And i sorta remembered that they did, this is why I chose this store when we hit times square. 
I pumped in Laguardia Airport in a corner while people were waiting for their flight.
I pumped at the wedding. 
And i carried my milk all over the city and back home where its now safely in my freezer.  (pats self on back). 
When i got home- Layne latched on just as I had never left.  Thank goodness.  I was worried.  

Back to NYC- It was such a fun trip and I was so happy to be there but even happier to come home to my little one.  

Next big trip- Portland, Oregan for another wedding and to see our friend Sarah.  This time, we are bringing Layne. Sarah had a baby (Baby Ike) A week after me, so I am so excited to get the babes together. 

Till Next Time New York!  Thanks for the hospitality Kelly!

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