Monday, September 30, 2013

11 Months!

This 11 month post is pretty late. I was debating whether or not to keep this blog going after loosing one of my nearest and dearest friends' on Sep. 14th.  All of this seems so trivial now.  
But then i remembered that I am doing this for Layne.  I want her to be able to look back on the inter web one day and see this dumb ole blog her mama started with her in mind. 
 So this 11 month post is very late, and unfortunately I don't think it's going to be a very good one. Because... I have too much going on in my head.  

After the sudden death of a very good (young, healthy) friend, not a lot makes sense anymore.  
But i do know that i love my baby girl, and i want to continue this for her.  
So here we are.  
Layne turned 11 months on Sep. 19th.  On that day, I was attending a funeral.  Unreal.  
I miss her so much. She loved Layne and she was such a wonderful mother to her girls.  
I hope to only be as good a mother as she was.  Love you Colie.

This past month......

My parents came to Chicago!  Nana and Papa took the train all the way from Dallas to see us! Then they continued on a tour of the US by train, heading to Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and so on.  We are so glad they stopped in Chicago first.  It was fun to be a tourist in my own city for a few days.  

We went to the Shedd Aquarium 

Strolled around the lake front

Took lots of pictures

Then we went to the top of the Hancock Building and took pictures in the girls bathroom. Seriously the best view up there.  Word to the wise.  No need to pay to go to the top. Take the elevator to the Signature Room and just go to the women's bathroom.  Fast and free!

We went to the Museum of Contemporary Art. I shot this of my mom admiring the art.

My parents  (Dorina & Jesse) were pretty excited to find this D&J tour bus.

Layne sure loves Target (and riding in the carts!)

On the way to the train station in front of my Apartment.  Thanks for visiting Nana and Papa! We love you!

Little daddy daughter reading night.

We took Layne to her first festival.

She loved it. 

We went to Portland Oregon this month for a wedding and to see our dear friends Sarah, Travis and Ikey.  I'll do an entire Portland post soon, i promise.  It was such a great trip. But hard.  I heard the news about my friend Colie while we were there. But I was with my husband, my baby girl and my friends, and i had to keep going, so I did... and I tried to take lots of pictures along the way.  Portland blog post- coming soon.

On the plane... on the way to Portland....
This past weekend Andrew's cousin Joe and his wife (my friend) Liz came to town for their baby Arthur's baptism.  Arthur is one month younger than Layne and they used to live across the street from us before they moved to Austin Texas.   It was so good to see them.  These babies are growing up too fast!

Liz, Arthur and Layne and I.  They are related.... they can't date. (everyone seems to forget that) :)

Layne's stink face and Arthur looking dapper on his big day.

And a little family photo that I love so much (besides the fact that my popped hip makes my look a little preggers) shh... I am NOT.

This month... Layne has SO MUCH ENERGY.  She is my little nut bag.  
She's crawling with a vengeance. SO FAST.

She's standing and cruising along the couch. 

Just the other day, she stood and kept her balance for about 5 seconds. (I screamed and she fell) ooops!
Walking is just around the corner. 

She LOVES taking a bath.. no more baby bath tub/seat - she sits in the tub and splashes and laughs (and tries to stand) and then she gets REAL MAD when it's time to come out of the tub... it's fun. ;)

Changing her diapers has become one of the hardest things to do.  She cries when i put her down to change her, i have to immediately give her a toy to distract her.. it's like a marathon. FAST, FAST!

Side note:  these all sound pretty dramatic.  They are all new!  Before she was so much easier.  don't get me wrong, she is still a little angel.  Just getting a little more frustrated with all the new abilities and changes.

She waves at everyone. It's pretty adorable.   One handed wave.. Double handed wave, lots of waving. Strangers love it too. 

She talks a lot.  Chatty Mcchatterson in full effect.  
Here are some gems: Mama, Dada, Daddy, No- no- No! Ohhhh NO!  Ohhhhh yeah....

She's discovering her tongue.  Sticking her tongue out all over town. It's hilarious. 

Still going to play dates.

She plays in her new little play area.  Baby proofing is in full effect.

Nursing is still going great.  I happy to say that I nursed my baby for 12 months! (almost) (with no plans of stopping) and not one drop of formula.
I know this isn't easy for everyone, but I am so lucky it was so easy for us.  I know that staying home with Layne made it more possible.  If I had to go back to work every day and pump all day long, that would make it much, much harder.
I am blessed that I was able to stay home for this first year of Layne's life and I wouldn't change a thing.  (our credit card might disagree) ;)

The wheels are in motion for Layne's first birthday party! 
 I emailed out the invitations using a site called Punchbowl 
They turned out great!  Will post the invitation next month.

Oct. 19th.  Pizza Party!  
And the theme is UNO... get it?  Uno... like the card game... Layne is Uno... 
Can't wait.  

Next monthly post: 12 MONTHS!!

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  1. don't you ever call this blog dumb again! i treasure it. layne is lucky to have you. xoxo


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