Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Summer is here

I am still unemployed, still writing this blog from my couch wrapped in blankets. Today i signed up for a Basic Skills Test, in hopes that i pass it and i get accepted into grad school for early childhood education. I will learn how to use capital letters before the test.
I also booked a 5 day all inclusive trip to Mexico during the swine flu! I can't wait. My husband and I are going for my 30th birthday. Who would have thought at 30 I would be looking into grad schools because i have been unemployed for 6 months. Which reminds me, i need to check into extended my unemployment.
So no i have 2 things to look forward to for the month of june. getting old in mexico, and passing a test (fingers crossed).
We have gotten to the point in my "days off" that i forget when the last time i showered was. I know... nice. It wasn't too many days ago, but i do forget. I have never had B.O. and my hair always looks clean, so i forget. I am def. showering today. having girls night at my house tonight... it's really one of the only things that keeps me sane. Besides my husband and doggie. So not much else is going on. I have officially decided that we are no moving on June 1st, but after a long process of deciding, i feel ok about it. It would be really hard to leave chicago right when the weather gets good. I am still trying to be optimistic about getting a job!!! (fingers crossed, knock on wood). I watched "The Secret" So i am trying to put positive thoughts into the air... i think i might have written about that last time.. it's pretty funny to really stop and think about your thoughts... most of them are negative. Gotta work on that.
Puppy is asleep on the couch and i need to sneak out and head to the gym, i am starting to think it's not ok if i wear a bikini. I always just wore one without a care... but one glance in the mirror made me think otherwise. We shall see. that's all for now. off for a bike ride to the gym. then to the dog park. story of my unemployed life. (think positive)....

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