Friday, January 28, 2011

Bloggers Unite

Hello Blogger Friends! And by friends i mean Cortney - I have been reading your blog for a while now and it really inspired me to get mine started- and lo and behold I started one back in 2009, (when i was unemployed.) Life is much different now then it was back then. One thing hasn't changed though- I am still living "The Winchester Years" - Yep we moved across the street from our old house. Since then, I did pass that Basic Skills Test- and I ended up getting a job back in the talent agent industry (what i was searching so hard for). I have been in my current position as a talent agent since Oct. of 2009. PHEW!
Now let me see if i can add a picture on here- i am slowly learning this blog world. I'm impressed i figured out how to link to Cortney's blog! I am not sure what kinds of things I plan on talking about on here, but i do want to mention that i just started Bikram Yoga here - I bought a Groupon for 2 months of unlimited yoga and I am happy (and shocked) to report that I have been going 4 days a week for the past month! WHO AM I? It's 105 degrees in there, and i have fallen i love. I have gotten to the point that I cannot wait to go again! After my 2 months is up- I gotta talk to my husband about forking out the dough to continue going.. haha.
This blog can be about- Soup? (always a winner in my book) , Bikram Yoga, Running 5ks, My sweet dog (pictures to come when i figure that out), or photos i take with my phone, stories of my girls nights... possibilities are endless and i am excited to get started.....
Now for a picture....
this is my puppy Chai Luna Thomas Chobot. She's the best.

one more photo:
this is my husband and I on Halloween- we went as characters from the tv show Party Down (not a lot of people got it) but we sure thought we were clever. One more thing I could write about in my blog- TV (and movies..)
Till next time blogger-sphere...xoxo


  1. JESSICA! woohoo! i am so excited about this blog (maybe a little toooo excited). love you and miss you~

  2. woohooo my first comment! love you too cort!


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