Monday, January 31, 2011

Lazy Weekend...

Quick blog for a Monday. Had a nice little weekend, felt like it was the first in a while where i didn't have a PLAN. On Saturday night, andrew and i went for Sushi... we tend to try new places all the time. We had fun with our iphones after dinner whilst finishing our BYOdrinks. Here is some of that out come:
a nice little ring shot- take with the hisptamatic app. love it.

And here is a little one of me:

and - my man taking a picture of me

and yesterday - just lounging on the couch:

Oh how i wish i were back in that position now. Instead i am passing time, and preparing for a huge blizzard that is supposed to hit Chicago (that i'm secretly excited about). Except I was reminded that we do not have a garage.. not cute for digging my car out... hmmm. wake up extra early tomorrow. Off to my 5th week in a row of Bikram Yoga... in my class on sat. i asked my teacher..... "so, um... does this make you skinny".... in her cutest little hippie yogi voice... "oh yeah... it will really change your body.." Uh huh.. it better, shit's gonna get pricey real soon.
xoxo jtc

1 comment:

  1. i love hippies. and i can just imagine you asking that question to the yogi. too funny, jtc!


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