Monday, January 31, 2011


i am one of 9 lucky ladies that gets to join my friends on what we have labeled Girls Trip- On our first girls trip -GT08 we went to the mountains in California- on the next GT09 trip we went to Wimberley Texas, and the last GT (GT10)- all 9 of us went about an hour away up in Michigan, right on the lake. They were all amazing, and i feel so lucky to be able to spend a week every summer with my lovely girl friends, (shout out to....Adair, Mary, Hayley, Rachel, Jess, Margo, Val, and Colie)... not to mention dinner and wine once a week with my Chicago gals!
I am sharing with you a video my very amazing and talented friend Jessica (not pictured in video b/c she's the camera lady!) she shot this and edited the whole thing of our last trip. Please read about her new company Re:think Post, her and her husband started. Enjoy the video! i love my friends.

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