Thursday, October 20, 2011


I am in desperate need of a halloween costume this year!  Andrew and i like to do a couple thing, but at this point i am down for whatever. He keeps knocking down all my ideas!

Wanna know them?


1.)  Jax and his girlfriend from Sons of Anarchy (he's got a shaved head now). - Love this show!!

2.) an iphone... DUH!

3.)  you know... good old fashion hippies??? - no picture needed...

4.)  Some sorta Zombie...

5.)  OH!! favorite!!.... are you ready for this.....  RON SWANSON AND LESLIE KNOPPE - he doesn't want to shave his beard!!  ...

So... I am completely at a loss.  Last year we were the people from the TV show Party Down... no one knew who we were, but we thought it was awesome...

good one right?
and they year before.. my ole standby.. a cowgirl, and Andrew was Steve Jobs..

 He should saved that for this year huh? DANG!!
  Ideas are welcomed!!  i'll report back with photos when we decide!  Happy Halloweeeeennyy.. (almost)

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