Monday, October 17, 2011

It's Fall

and i am sorry i have been MIA over here. Just living life and dealing with some personal things with personal matters.. haha, but why don't i share it on the blog right?  Well, something should remain personal right?  Even though this blog is lots of fun, and i tend to over share...  I'm starting to work on that as we speak. DO NOT OVER SHARE.  another fault of mine....I also ask a lot of questions, did you know that?

Any who, the month of October and fall time is one of my favorites and i sure have been doing fun things.

I went to FRIGHT FEST at Six Flags with my friends!! yep! I sure did, it was awesome.  We got the "Fast Pass", totally worth it. You skip right in front of all the suckers waiting in line. (i am too old to wait in lines)...

I also went to a haunted house!  at first i thought it was weak, but then... DRUM ROLL... - A PITCH BLACK MAZE.  OMG, we were lost in there ya'll.. Then it not only got real scary but a little closterphobic,--- not cute.

Then, i went Apple picking! I was a little sick when i went so i should have had way more fun then i did.  The highlight for sure were the PUMPKIN DONUTS... just put them in the microwave for 15 seconds, with a nice cup of tea on the side... heaven.   now i have one million apples to make something with.. got a few good suggestions on my Facebook. But who am i kidding, Andrew is the better cook in the family- he might make an apple pie, and i'll say i helped!

Here is a few of the photos i took of the events i just mentioned.  Oh! I also went to the dollar store and stocked up on cute fall decorations.. (did i mention i love fall).  (dollar store items not pictured)

The haunted house.. we bought a groupon- waiting in the so called VIP line..

I don't know this girl

My sweet friend Mary and her new boyfriend Bert Man (that's his real name)

On the tractor ride to the apple orchard, this is the Bullock family, they are real sweet.

Andrew- searching for apples (they were all on the ground as you can see)

Colie, Jess and Colie's youngest, Nyla.  they found some good apples!

This is Jackson, Jess's little one (from the picture above this one) he's pretty darn cute, dontcha think?!?!

i love this picture.  Reaching for the apple  is Grace, Colie and Grants oldest with Heather and Margo assisting, team work!

And, our apples in the sink for a quick rinse

then, in a pretty bowl (note my pumpkin table settings).
Happy Fall my friends, i'll promise i'll get better and remember this little blog.. It's slowly becoming winter here so i'll have lots of time on my hands, in doors!

The next few weeks will be fun too with Halloween actual on it's way, then to dallas the first weekend of November for Holly's wedding (eek!! i still gotta write my maid of honor speech..) oh lordy.  
so...can i see some dallas folk when i get there?

If not, Andrew and i will also be in dallas for Christmas.. (ahem) first Christmas in YEARS we are spending together... you know, with the new job and all. 

Adios forrealz this time. 

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  1. i have missed you! i hope you are o.k. and most definitely pencil me in for thanksgiving. they opened a fun new bar on peavy and garland. in our hood!!! say what???


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