Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Maid of Honor

My best friend's wedding (ha!) is a week away!! and i am super ready and excited to go to Dallas.  Here's is my check list for the dates of 11/2 -11/6

The Hotel:  BOOKED! for the night of the wedding.... Magonilia Hotel Dallas -just cause it's fun to get a hotel whilst on vacation (even if you can sleep at your parents house for free....)

The car: RENTED!...  i know right?  How expensive is my 4 day weekend in Dallas gonna be??!?!  Well get this... the rental car..... purchased off my American Airlines MILES!! ie.. FREE!!!  I love you American Airlines!!  (maybe someone will google that and give me free plane tickets!!)  that's how it works right?

The Shoes:  Got em!!  Chocolate Brown, open toed heels!  $17.00  (i'm a good bargain shopper!) ie: cheap...

The Dress:  It came in! FINALLY! (3 months later!)  And took it in yesterday to the dry cleaners down the street from my house to get it fitted.  (ie: spend MORE money.. on getting it hemmed).  It's a little big on top, but i dont care!  I'll tape that shizz down.  hehe- picking it up on SAT.

THE SPEECH:  ................... oh man, i am starting to freak out. I wrote some notes... but i dont want to be that blubbering maid of honor delivering a speech in tears, talking ONLY to the bride.  I dont want to keep my head in a pile of note cards while i read...  I DO want it to be funny and charming, and a complete HIT! 
This is my only opportunity to be a maid of honor (been the bridesmaid twice).. So i figure its my only chance at the speech of a life time.  BUT then i remember... this day is not about me... this speech should not stress me out so much, and it should not be too long!!  I NEED HELP!! But i know it'll be what it is, and it'll get done, (splotch or no splotch- see below).

Just breathe, (don't drink too much before speech) and DON'T CRY (oh, and don't get splotchy... i tend to do that when i am nervous).

Ok, wish me luck.! 
Dallas here we come! 

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