Friday, June 8, 2012

Spilling the beans!

I am still not too sure who reads this little blog i have been avoiding for the last (almost) 6 months!  But most of you that i know DO read it, already knew my little secret. 
Today i finally spilled the beans on the ole Facebook..


Phew, it feels so good to finally write it here on my blog.  I sort of started this blog knowing I wanted kids one day and hoping to post about being pregnant, having a baby and all that, but for some reason when it happened i was very hesitant to tell the internet.

But today I did!
So here are the facts.  The good bad and the ugly (and pretty cute)!

1.)  I am 22 weeks pregnant as of yesterday... in other words, When i turn 33 on 6/19 I'll be 6months preggers.- crazy.

2.)  A year ago today, we were in EUROPE!  TIME FLIES

3.) I found out i was pregnant on February 10th.  It was the dead of winter and i told a few close friends.  About a week later at 6 weeks i told a few more friends, because if i showed up to a girls night with NO WINE, they would know.

4.)  At 8 weeks (March 1st) Andrew and I told our parents.  We skyped  my mom and dad in Dallas, and Face timed Andrew's family in the burbs.  Everyone was super excited!

5.)  At 12 weeks i told my co-workers and a few more friends out of state. 

6.)  At 14 weeks, I told my boss- and the rest of my co workers. That was a relief!

7.)  Giving up caffeine was really hard.  But i still to this day have only had a couple sips of real coffee and a diet coke. I have been drinking Decaf i made at home everyday, fooled all the folks at work.. I LOVE COFFEE.

8.)  We started trying to get pregnant last September- But I had what is called a Chemical Pregnancy- It was really hard so we took some time off over the holidays and then started trying again.

9.)  The first 5 months, just FLEW by.  Being pregnant over the winter is pretty great, because you hibernate any way!

10.)  I didn't start showing until about 2/3 weeks ago, which is when i started to feel the baby move.

11.)  I started out this journey at Northwestern Hospital under the care of a great doctor, but at 16 weeks i found out my insurance didn't cover Northwestern, so i had to say good bye to him and find a new doctor.

12.)  At 19 weeks I went to my new Hospital - UIC, and met with a Mid Wife, who i loved.  I am sticking with her.

13.)  My 20 week ultra sound - which actually happened on week 21- was a horrible experience.  I had a horrible technician who barely spoke English and didn't talk throughout the entire process.  I had to ask if i was looking at the head at one point - Then we found out that the baby had a little extra fluid in his/her kidney    it's normally 4mm and our baby had 4.4mm in ONE kidney.  And we found out it was a soft marker for Downs Syndrome.  Since we opted out of all of the genetic testing, we didn't know our odds.  So i was able to take the blood test that tests for any abnormalities and we got the results back yesterday that it was negative!  I have a 99.75% of everything being OK with my baby.  THANK YOU GOD! It was a VERY stressful week, thank you to those of you that talked me through it!! Lots of LOVE!!

14.)  We did NOT find out the sex.  But if you read about the extra fluid in the kidney, you will see it's more common in BOYS!  So now our parents think we are having a boy for sure. - we shall see!

15.) I am due October 11th!  Which is great, because i have always loved Libras. I feel good about that sign. :) 

16.)  I have spent the last 6 months (esp. the last week) worrying about everything.  I decided that from now on I am putting it out of my hands and will just hope and pray and feel confident that everything will be OK.  I have been reading on line message boards and they have been scaring the shit out of me.  NO MORE.  I am done with those.  I highly suggest to stay off the internet if/when you ever get preggers.  So SCARY.  Our parents new nothing and we all turned out fine - right??

17.)  Not drinking in the summer is HARD!  I have learned to love my O'Doul's Non- alch. Beer. And did you know they make alcohol free WINE!! It's true, and it's not too bad.

This is a lot of info for one blog post i know. I'll spread it out.  I can't promise you that this blog isn't going to turn into a baby blog.  I'll still post about random shit like i do, but I think it's time to tell my family I have a blog so they can follow along on this journey of mine.  So, i apologize in advance if it becomes too much about BABY- which it might......

I'll leave you with my 20 week ultra sound.  There is a real baby in there! 
I have been taking Belly photos since week 8.  I'll add those too.  That'll be another post.

I am excited to share this journey on this little blog in hopes that i can show it to my little girl or boy one day. 

Here is baby Chobot!  

Pretty cute, i think! 


  1. I am so happy for you guys, Jessica! And it sounds like you weren't really sick in the beginning, which is AWESOME. Yay! And for what it's worth, I only gave up caffeine with one of my pregnancies and she's the only one with sensitive skin and allergies. I shoulda had more coffee, that's the only explanation! ;) You're already such a good mommy to your little one...

  2. YEA!!! Congratulations Jessica, I am so happy for you all~

  3. i have been patiently waiting for this post! i'll start brainstorming names for baby BOY chobot!!!


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