Wednesday, October 24, 2012

It's a Girl!!

Layne Thomas Chobot
Born at 41 weeks
22 hours of labor (maybe one day i'll tell this story on my blog).
20.5 inches long

It's been a crazy, emotional, wonderful past 5 days.. I can't believe i've had a baby for 5 days!!  I tried to update this blog from my phone app but it hasn't been working- so this is really the first time i have opened my computer. And i really should be sleeping, because sweet Layne is sleeping and i'll be up all night.  But that's apart of the fun right?
Things have been going great so far.  She's lost a few ounces since birth, which is normal, but the doctors have been monitoring her weight gain.  We have gone to check up twice and today she gained 3 oz.  We go again on Friday and hopefully- momma's breast milk fatten's her up!

We are so in love with this little baby and i honestly can't believe she's finally here, and she's mine!  I love her little face and i can't stop starring at it.

Here are a few pictures.  Some have been posted on Facebook, but here they are regardless.  We have already taken SO MANY photos!

More to come, just wanted to get to this little blog before 5 days turns into 5 weeks.

Proud papa

Welcome to the world Layne!


Proud Momma

in my best stripes.

Big sister Chai loves Layne

Grandmas!  Stuck it out through 22 hours of labor. Love you grandmas! 

Welcome to the world Layne! We love you!  And hey- all that worrying about a boys name, during labor- we finally decided on a boys name.  BUT look it that!  We didn't need it.  If/when/IF we have another- boy's name - SET!

Thanks for all the love and well wishes on the Facebook. We are so excited and ready for this incredible ride.

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  1. thanks for making me cry! little layne is perfection.


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