Monday, August 26, 2013

10 Months!

10 MONTHS!!!!  10 Months feels OLD!  Look at those teefers (teeth) up there... Just the two bottom ones so far, but the top two are breaking through as i type.
I'll tell you what, these photo shoots are becoming a lot harder to do with little miss busy body up there.

Speaking of Busy Body.. we were really busy this past month!  After New York... we went Camping with the Chobot's to Yogi Bear JellyStone Park  We picked the coldest weekend in July in years!    Layne's first camping trip was great, and we were glad it was NOT 100 degrees.
Photos below:

Welcome Yogi Campers!

We've gotten so much use out of this Go-Pod 

Gramma & Pops (and Liv)

Sleepy Camper

Then we went to our friend Nick's parents family's farm in Indiana the weekend after that.... With Steve, Hayley, Nick, and their "Indiana Friends" The boys went fishing, and we hung out and grilled and drank and Layne had her own room! Such a beautiful home and wonderful weekend..... I really should have taken more pictures though.  oops.  

Just the LAKE in Nick's parents backyard with Nick in the Canoe (no big deal)

flying baby! (house in the background) 

Then we had a BBQ the weekend after that with my Stay at Home Mom's Group and all the husbands got to meet and hang out.  It was fun to get all the girls together (and our dudes!)  This is my group that meets every other Wednesday since Layne was about 5 months old.

L-R - Me & Layne, Abby & Madeline, Tina & Mckenna, & Lauren & Lola, Jenn & Ayla, Heidi & Sophie and lots of pink bows!

the babes.  (hard shot to get with a bunch of crawlers!)  Age range 7 mos- 10 mos (Layne is the oldest)

Then we went to the Lincoln Park Zoo with Grandma, Auntie Aimee, Tyler, Mason & Alivia.  This zoo is beautiful and in the middle of the city. and FREE all year  round!

Tyler picking on the little guy


Then we went to the roof top of Andrew's work for our third annual rooftop viewing of the Air And Water Show    It's my most favorite festival and last year I was super pregnant with Layne, and this year..... she hung out like a champ with my crew of Hayley, Steve, Nick & Andrew and I. 

Hayley & I

Layne and my sun blocker contraption 

My new Facebook profile photo. ;) taken by Andrew (my back was fried!)

And a bunch of playmates thrown in the mix....

pool time, in the smallest pool in town

Crawling face off

"where's my menu!?"

Needless to say, this has been a very busy month.  This past weekend was our first weekend all month that we didn't have any plans, and we celebrated our six year wedding anniversary, by have a few beers on our front porch with the baby monitor and our dog Chai.  As long as we are all together right?

At 10 months Layne is:
Still exclusively had only breast milk (momma is proud!)
eating three meals a day. Oatmeal and a fruit in the morning, lunch whatever i have and dinner whatever we eat- she's a good eater!
Crawling like a master champ.
She pulls up and stands and cruises while holding on to the couch.  We are days away from walking folks.  Time... please SLOW DOWN.
Her top two teeth have literally been coming in all month.  But i finally see the right one busting through. Baby Tylenol and Amber Teething Necklace to the rescue.. and Hyland Teething Tablets... so many options....
Today she went to Ikea for the first time.  That's an important first to notate.  We love Ikea.  
And here she is in a shopping cart for the first time... at our other favorite.. Target.

She loved it too!
It's been a busy month and we are ready to slow down a bit, with Andrew starting teaching tomorrow.  He'll be teaching Tuesdays and Wednesdays this semester (he teaches Art Appreciation) and will be working two 12 hour days in a row!  We will miss him, but boy oh boy can we use that extra paycheck. It's been a long summer on lots of credit card purchases ;)  

I have already started planning Layne's first birthday party.  Oh yes!  I booked the place in May to make sure we got the date of her actual birthday (Sat. Oct. 19th).
More on this later.... I have a theme people. WHO AM I?  

Next weekend my parents are coming in to town for a couple of days before they head off to Mount Rushmore (I wonder where i got my traveling bug from?)
Then the weekend after that we are headed to Portland, Oregon!!! CAN'T WAIT! (Layne is coming on this trip)
Then no more traveling till Thanksgiving in Dallas.  By this time Layne will have been on a plane 100 times.... (practically) and she'll be a year and probably walking and driving....

Till next time.... Love you Layner Bee! 

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