Wednesday, April 24, 2013

6 months!

6 month photo shoot.  I forgot to put the panda next to her like in her last photo shoots! Whoops.

Welp, we made it to half a year!  I can't even begin to tell you how fast this went by.  Before our baby was even born, we bought tickets to see the Book of Mormon and it seemed oh so far away.  We thought.. our baby will be 6 months by then, we can have a date night!  That date has come and gone and now my baby is 6 months and 5 days old. WOAH (the show was great by the way!)

I feel like a lot has happened in this 6 months.  Most importantly, she started eating solids which i wrote about here
Side note:  still waiting on the poop ;)  I'm a little worried she might be constipated.  We shall see how it goes today.  She hasn't been fussy at all, so maybe all is ok in that tummy..

She went to her 6 month check up yesterday:

SOOOO Cute BEFORE the shots. She did great!

She weighs: 17.5 pounds
Length:  26.5
Head:  43 inches (big head like her momma)
The dr. said she is healthy and doing great. Thank goodness!
Next Dr. appt is at 9 months with no shots.

At 6 months she is:
Eating solids!
Started rolling over in her crib and now she is sleeping on her stomach every night.
is a seasoned traveller: has been a plane 4 times! (to Dallas and back twice)
Got to wear shorts and summer dresses for the first time in her little life on our trip to dallas.
Still sleeping pretty great, with a wake up about once a night (on a good night)
Sits up on her own!
Plays in her excersaucer and keeps her self entertained while we are eating dinner ;)
Sat in her stroller like a big girl (sans car seat)
Momma & Daddy got a new car!  - New to us, bought on craigslist from a nice man.  I had a 2 door blazer before and it was getting very difficult to lift her in and out of the back seat, so we upgraded to a four door.
Still going to a ton of meet ups and hanging with other babies
She's been napping great!

Some of Layne's friends: L- R: Sophie, Max, Olivia

Bouncing and Playing on the Excersaucer

New Car!  (pic stolen from Andrew's instagram)  Black 4 door Chevy Cobalt 2006 (filter makes it look much more shiny than it actually is.

Cozy in the back seat during a rain storm post shots.

Big Girl Stroller!

More friends: Olivia and Cruz

Fun at target around Easter time. 

Looking forward to:
More food for her.  It's a daunting process considering how easy it's been to just nurse her for 6 months.  I hope she loves all food and  veggies like her momma.

Summer!  Dear god, please send nicer weather soon so we can play outside! Please and thank you.

Happy Half birthday my little Layner Bird.  We couldn't love you more if we tried.

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