Monday, April 29, 2013

Homemade Baby Food!

Andrew and I had a craaaazzzzy Saturday night!  We stayed up till 1am making baby food!  My how times have changed...
We finally busted out the baby breeza and attempted to puree everything in the house!  Everything that was appropriate for Layne to eat, of course.

We are still following the Wholesome Baby Food website for tips and ideas of what are good first foods for babies

We made bananas, green beans, carrots, and butternut squash - that i got from trader joes already cut up into chunks.

We started with cutting all veggies:

Then steaming them in the baby brezza (after washing them):


Then Freezing!

Little containers purchased at the dollar store! Also froze some in the blue ice tray.

More frozen containers not pictured.  Hopefully it'll last her this whole month!  Then at 8 months she can start new foods.  Meat being one of them.  Pureed meat does not sound appetizing......

She is still on day 4 of bananas and she loves them and can eat about 4 of those containers up there in the pic.  I don't know how much she really needs to eat, but i've been following her cues- if she turns away i stop.  If she's bouncing and excited for more- she gets more.

Right now we are a week in with solids and she is eating once a day.  Again, i have no idea how this works but i think i'll keep it once a day for another week or so, then try to add another meal?  Any and all suggestions/words of wisdom are welcomed!

Next up on the menu is the butternut squash, back to veggies.

And! After using this machine (or any machine) to puree - i can really see the difference in the avocado i just mashed up.  Thank goodness we didn't have any tummy issues with that, because I see now that mashing it up was definitely a little too chunky.

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