Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bloggers Block/ TV!

**warning**  the lamest post ever - i've had bloggers block....

Yeah, sorry i have been MIA.. turns out when you get back from a tropical mexico vacation, you are REALLY TIRED (and get writers  bloggers block)- ahem..  I have been trying to get to bed early and just trying to relax.

 I finished books one and two of the Hunger Games Series... just started book three....
You guys should really give it a go, if you are looking for a fun read that gives you crazy dreams.

Besides that, i have been watching lots and lots of tv.  oh and PINNING things on Pinterest.. I am obsessed people.

Wanna know what i have been watching? (told you.. lamest...)

1.  True Blood-  good lord did ya'll see this season.. first of all-- best season so far, and the best season finale ever! That is all i will say to avoid any spoiler alerts....... SO GOOD.  - well a few years ago Dexter had a real good one.. but this trumped it!

2.  Entourage-  I have been watching this show since the beginning- i love it so.. i have to say i do not think they wrapped up the entire series very well at all.  I didn't go for it.. way too cheesy...I sure do hope they make a movie out of this so i can get my closure. Series finale did not do it for me.

3.  The House Wives of Beverly Hills-  it's true i am sorry. I can't get enough.  if it's any consolation- it's the only one I watch!

4.  Sons of Anarchy- it's back on!  Hip Hip hooray. i love this show so much

5.  Breaking Bad-  oh lord is it good. i have waited so long for this show to come back.  Andrew and i watched all seasons a few summers ago.  (every sumer we try to watch a whole series of something new)

6.  which brings me to #6- we are working on The Wire in between all this real time TV.  - thank goodness for DVR.

7.  Bachelor Pad.  shhhh.. don't tell -- it's over too now.. (andrew is very happy about that).

8.  Project Runway- i love it so.

- i think this is it for now. Parenthood started tonight, and i still haven't watched it yet.. i am waiting for Andrew to get home, its ONE of the shows he actually watches with me.

I am really looking forward for all  fall tv to start.. good things those summer shows are over! i don't know how i would fit in more shows.  But i am a pro and tv is my job. I am REAL good at my job... (ahem).

Also on Sunday is the Emmy's!  Perhaps i'll do an Emmy post.  Look at me... getting' rid of my bloggers block... already getting ideas for new blogs...  Phew!  I feel better.

Here's a hilarious picture that Holly and I took in Mexico on my Photo Booth.. The picture didn't work that well, but we laughed... and laughed.... and laughed...

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