Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am back from Mexico- and it was so amazing.  I got home on Monday night at 11pm, and i haven't stopped since. Work has been so busy!  I posted some samples of our photos up on facebook. I wanted to do a whole post dedicated to our Mexico trip.  Hopefully i can get to it this weekend.  It was really a wonderful trip, I had such a lovely time.

We took some photos from one of the hotel photographers on the beach- and  one of the lovely bridesmaids Lindsay paid for it, as apart of her wedding present to Holly.  So sweet.  Here is a sample.

Of course if we are facebook friends, which we prob. are cause i know all of you... haha, (hi friends!) - then you saw these on facebook.

Oh man, i wish i were back there right now!! 

PS.  If you notice my bathing suit... i have it on my pinterest  and i have been trying to find it everywhere!  I finally find it.. 80% off at Macy's, and i love it.  Here is what it looks like on my pinterest page.

It's fall here, and i am secretly real glad about it. 

Chat Soon!

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