Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Week

Hi, Remember when i said my week was gonna be slow?  It was anything but! We were so busy this week at work, they were packing in everything  before this holiday!  Thanks for all the internet suggestions, but i have barely even had time to read your blogs!

My friend Adair suggested I read all of Dan Savages columns at
She loves Dan Savage, and i love her, so i need to finally check him out !  Looks like i'll have time today...

So have you guys been tracking this little rumbling in the Gulf of Mexico?  Guess where i am going tomorrow at 5:40am?? MEXICO!  (Holly's bachelorette party has approached!) Please say a little weather prayer that we all make it there and back safe and sound.  I am coming from Chicago, and my other friends are flying from Dallas- my biggest fear is having one of our flights canceled, or delayed and I'll be stuck in Mexico ALONE!!  -- THINK GOOD THOUGHTS.. .THINK GOOD THOUGHTS...
I wanna get to Mexico to see my bff and drink margaritas!  Look at this veil i got her...

Sorry for the bluriness- but yes, those are penis' on the vail.  You gotta do that for a bachelorette party right?  Don't tell holly. haha.

So yesterday was Andrew's last day of work at his old job- that he had been at for 6 1/2 years!  Me and one of his co-workers threw him a surprise and had people show up at a bar to toast him!  It was great, he was very surprised- i told him i was going to a girl's night.  hehe.  His friend got him a cake:

Awesome, Sad Mac cake.  I'm so eager to hear how is first day of work is going!  He's not texting me back!
We are having a little date night tonight before my trip. I am making him lasagna!  (his favorite)- his birthday is on Sunday, so i thought i'd make something real nice.

Hope you all had a great week, can't wait to report back next week with my beautiful, SUNNY, awesome, Mexico pictures!  (THINK GOOD THOUGHTS)


1 comment:

  1. a) happy birthday andrew!
    b) i am so jealous you are going to mexico.
    c) hug holly ho's neck real tight for me.


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