Thursday, September 29, 2011

ET Phone Home

So since Andrew got a new job, we have been able to spend the weekends together.!! This is a new thing in the Chobot household- he used to work retail, meaning- EVERY weekend and EVERY holiday.  I am happy to tell you Andrew and I are spending Christmas together for the first time in..umm.... 11 years?  We booked our ticket to Dallas for Christmas and i'm super excited for him to be spending the holidays with the Thomas' in Texas!

I got a little off track there, let's get back to the subject of this post.... ET PHONE HOME...

So, the other Saturday, (cause he has the weekends off, see how i got off track?)
Andrew woke up made me coffee, and breakfast (lots and lots of bacon), and we layed around all day watching....

You guessed it: ET!! Of course like all the other kids in my generation- we all saw this movie when it came out.  And we were all mesmorized.  Now i really dont think i have seen it since.

Watching ET as an adult was-...   well..  still mesmorizing, and heartbreaking!
I mean.. (SPOILER ALERT).... why did ET have to die?!?!?  How sad was it when Eliot was crying over him... (as i am sobbing on my couch).. THEN!!  He comes back to life!!  OMG, the suspense.  This movie broke my 30 something (ahem) year old heart.  I hope the kids these days watch ET and can know what a magical story it is.  Oh man, cute little baby heartbreaking Drew Barrymore.  And when they are riding their bikes running away from the cops trying to get ET back to his ship- and them they start to FLY through the air..... and the music get's faster and louder and more intense....  phew.!

Take a look at this trailer below..
And, if you happen to run across it on the tv, cuddle up and give it a go!
The kid inside you will thank you.

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