Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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So i have been trying to decide what this blog is about. Most of the blogs i follow have a special focus.... fashion, mommy blogging, recipies.. I love all those things, but i'm not that fashionable and i don't have kids (but i LOVE reading about yours!!)  and let's face it, i'm not that adventurous in the kitchen.

So i was talking to a friend last night about my blog  and she said ooooh!  I could totally picture your blog being about reviewing movies!!  I was like... well... yeah, i love movies and giving my 2 cents, but i don't really want to only write about that.  Right?

Then i thought... you know what, this is my blog and i can write about whatever the heck i wanna!  I know for sure that like 4/5 of my friends read it, besides that- I'm sure it's random folk that just might happen to run across my blog when they google... let's say.. TV  hahaha.

Today, i would like to talk about GLEE!  Yep.. GLEE!  Are you surprised?
I have no words for last night's performance from Darrin Criss.  I mean good lord this guy is a star.  Please see for yourself.. i mean.. if you want and if you like musicals... and if you like tv shows about musicals singing a musical.   My mind has been blown.
Until next time, when i blog about ......  my dog? My weekend?  My arm hurting?  My new boots that are a little too big?  ok... awesome. thanks for reading.
now, please enjoy the music:

**side note...this video below might not work - click here if you would like ..or if below link fails- click on the link that says "watch on you tube"

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  1. You blog about whatever you want! Like Bobby Brown before you, it's your prerogative.


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