Monday, June 11, 2012

Belly Photos

First of all, i am overwhelmed by all the love i got on the Facebook!  Wow!  It was just as fun (if not more) than having a birthday on FB (mine is next Tuesday! btw...) haha! jk.

And thank you for the love on my blog.  You ladies are real sweet.  Cortney, yes- time to brainstorm BOY names! (and I can't wait to hear about your Mystery girls trip!!)

Funny thing about naming the baby- Andrew and I have NOT been agreeing on ANY names.  Not one.  I thought naming a baby would just be something he'd let me have.. I have NEEDS and wants people.. haha! Nope.. turns out he wants a hand in deciding our baby's name.  Who knew?  At least we have a few more months.  I'll be honest, I think i have the girls name set, but boy names??? NOPE. Better get crackin'.

Dwija  - Right after I read about you drinking caffeine throughout your pregnancies, i went out and got rebellious and had a diet coke with dinner.  It was glorious!  Also- I forgot to mention in my last post, no I didn't have ANY morning sickness. Nothing.  My ONLY symptom was being SO TIRED. Like a bus hit me and ran me over 15 times- tired.  I'd fall asleep at work on my desk, go home and sleep, I'm just now getting my energy back. From what i have heard from others, i am glad i missed out on the morning sickness! :)

Since i spilled the beans at 22 weeks, i have to go back quite a few weeks to get caught up.  After this, I'll post more weekly photos and updates.  FUN ! 
I have something to write about weekly!  

Ok,  Photo dump starting at week 8:

Date: 3/4/12- (or 2 months)

Date: 3/18/12

Date: 4/1/12
Date: 4/15/12 - 2nd trimester! 

Date: 4/22/12

Date:  4/29/12

Date: 5/6/12

Date: 5/13/12

Date: 5/17/12

 Date: 5/24/12- Half way there! (5 mos)

Date: 5/31/12

Date: 6/7/12

Ok, Now we are up to date. I'll be 23 weeks on Thursday.
As you can see at the beginning i skipped every other week, i just didn't think i was growing that much.  But now... WOAH!  I tried to wear the same black tank top in every picture but sometimes, I forgot to take the picture and whatever I was wearing at the time had to do. Good thing it was normally black! :)  And my photo from week 22 was actually taken today at work.. OOPS!  I'll start taking them on Thursdays now when my new week starts.
Gotta get more accurate. 

This weekend Andrew and I are going on a bit of a baby moon.  IE:  our last trip with just the 2 of us before the baby comes.  We are driving to Wisconsin to Lake Geneva and staying a resort type place.  There will be a pool and a beach.  That is all i care about!  I need a pool!


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