Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Little weekend recap

We had a pretty good weekend this past weekend. I know it's Tuesday but I've been busy! Last night Andrew and I took a CPR class. So we can be prepared for the upcoming kiddo. It was pretty interesting although I think I'd be scared to try it on someone in the street, but I could!
I learned that hotdogs are the main food that kids choke on!?! If you want to feed your kids hotdogs, make sure to cut them into triangles or random shapes, not just slices. Lesson of the day. ;)

So the weekend... Saturday was my sweet friend Hayley's Bridal Shower! Her wedding is slowly approaching! Slowly meaning it'll be here before we know it, and so will my baby...ahhh!! Moving on...  The shower was great! Then Andrew and I went to a festival down the street where Dinasour Jr. Played. Awesome. That night I was out pretty late. Did you know preggo ladies at the bar drinking a non alcoholic beer get lots of stares! Oops.

Sunday Andrew's family had a huge family party. His grandma "Bubba" is turning 98 next month. So the entire family got together in our red, white and blue outfits. Haha!

Here are some iPhone pics..

From L- R Heather, Margo, Hayley, Me, Mary and Val
the happy couple!
Green Music Festival @ the Damen blue line stop
Aimee, Anne, Alivia and Bubba
Dinasour Jr. 
preggo at the family party
the ladies
This is the Creepy CPR baby- it's head popped off.

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